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  1. FoolishLobster

    planetside 2 is the only thing making my life worth living. if it is flawed, i have no reason to exist on planet earth.
  2. Stew360

    WOW ok

    it doesnt change thats the IRNV scope is still the cheated scope and its used more and more everywhere on my servers ;)
  3. FoolishLobster

    I love you. You are the general of the NC on Matherson.

    Look Stew, I get what you're saying. I still have a few questions though like: When using the IRNV scope jumping, you might SEE more accurately, but do you SHOOT more accurately? Thats one thing the video never showed.
  4. Stew360

    The thing is thats even if you raw data remain unchange the actual visual feedback of the sigths itself make it more accurate ill explain

    If for a exemple i jump ads or jumpjets My sigths will be all over the place it will be impossible to land a singleshot on a mooving target (( on purpose )) if its not a (( lucky shot ))

    With the IRNV scope you will land many shots so basically even if you land 30 % or 40 % or 60 % shots on the target it will remains much more accurate than 0 or 5 % ( lucky blind shot )

    Hope you get the point soldier ;)

    PS : ive notice yesterday a little attempt to change the IRNV scope while jumping but the change was so subtiles and just effective on the first jump and to little to be a (( conter )) by any mean the bouncing need to much more more exagerated than thats
  5. HyperMatrix

    If it's so hax...just use it. It's 30 cert points. If there's a reason you don't use it, that means you've found another scope that gives you an overall better benefit/advantage. So you're saying that it's not good enough for you to use it, but you still want to make it weaker for anyone who did want to use it. Next you'll come up with "4x scopes are unfair because they have better zoom than 3.4x scopes."
  6. Zer0range

    Too late. They've nerfed it.
  7. HyperMatrix

    They didn't nerf anything outside of changes to cloaking. They made cloaking naturally more visible. And removed the ability to instantly see cloakers with it as a result. This is fair as cloakers are so much more visible now as it is. And since it's not a perma-cloak ability, having it completely destroyed by IRNV was unfair to them. IRNV is still my #1 scope for the reason it was my #1 scope before. The high contrast makes it easier to see and follow targets with less distractions. And of course so handy during night time.