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  1. r3su

    Read yama's post, or most of the other ones that have been made.
  2. Rhumald

    Take the compensator, and forward grip off, and try again, you dirty dirty little man.
  3. centurionvi

    Look at that insane recoil, I can see why NC complains so much.
  4. Stew360

  5. Phyr

    I think it shows something that with the best setup, and this "OP, recoil negating" scope, it's only a little bit smaller then a bone stock SAW.
  6. r3su

    It only seems smaller due to random bullet deviation and inconsistent bursts. Still the same CoF, recoil, everything.
  7. Rhumald

    the compensator and forward grip you have on them does that, it makes the spread a little smaller, take them off, and show us a real comparison, both bone stock models, one with the scope, one without.

    he's got a compensator and forward grip on the first one, that's why the spread is smaller.

    edit: all these videos I see are of people doing this at point blank range...
  8. Phyr

    Ok, Imagine The stock spread, but with the IRNV scope. Done!
  9. Wobberjockey

  10. fish998

    If the NV/IR scope is OP, then use it, everyone has access to it for 30 certs.
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  11. TeknoBug

    Not for me, tested with both low and high recoil weapons like the Artemis, Pulsar C, T9 Carv, AMC, SAW, GD-7F, Shadow and GD-22S. I only have the forward grip on the Shadow and Pulsar C and a silencer and laser on the Artemis.
  12. square

    too bad it's broken on low settings
  13. t31os

    Scope works on low settings(purchased one a few days ago, to see what all the fuss is about), have no idea what you're talking about. I run on all low, plus some additional extra low settings in the UserOptions.ini, and the scope works just fine.
  14. square

    it blinds you more then highlights anything useful, you can see some examples in this thread
  15. {joer

    I think the ironic thing about this thread for me is I've gone back to using the reflex scope on everything but nighttime VS fighting. I've forgotten how much better having a bigger fov is ;)
  16. t31os

    I see the difference now, i assumed what i saw was how it usually works, i didn't know there was any difference, lol..

    I manage just fine though, enemies stand out enough for me, beats not having a scope.
  17. Stew360

    You test it wrong lol Because the INRV overlay make it easy to shoot at anything in any situation but also remind me the (( flying camera )) vehicules mechanics from PS1
  18. Scam2play

    Are you trying to troll this thread to a close? or are you simply dense?

    Again, watch the difference between a scope that ENCAPSULES YOUR SIGHT be it 6x 7x 8x or IRNV, note that you can aim better, the stats do not change but the graphical hinderance that happens when you get a view of the scope, arm and gun become obviously harder than shooting from just a crosshair, allowing jump shooting to be more reliable, jetpacking, long/high med range shooting with LMG's. I can't spoonfeed and chew it for you any smaller, read this 10 times if you have to and understand the issue.

    Forget attachments and forget anything but ENCAPSULED sights, that is the problem.
  19. TeknoBug

    Yeah I'm trolling, says the guy that registered on the forums 2 days ago.
  20. {joer

    My video shoes the recoil is EXACTLY THE SAME as well. Be it jumping, or full auto, on carbines and LGM's. I'm beginning to wonder if it doesn't work with the aimbots and some people are jealous they can't get the benifit of NV when needed (night) so they just want it nerfed. Its the only thing that makes since since no one is paying attention to facts.