[Suggestion] Injuries mechanics

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  1. Dargadon

    Greetings, Comrades.
    Another possible improvement to the game, that can diverse our, let`s be honest, shallow gameplay.

    When character receives large amount of damage, let`s say about 75% of HP pool, at once - there is high probability of receiving Wound state. Concussion, internal/external bleeding, broken limb, multiple shards wounds and ect. (one active state at a time, so it won`t have heavy impact on engine). Wound state will slightly reduce character`s combat ability and can only be healed via Restoration Kit (it will take time) or via direct intervention of Combat Medic in person.
    Wounded characters will be displayed by special icon on Medic`s minimap and "operating" them (shove applicator in face and stay like that for 5-10 seconds) will yield is small amount of additional "Field Surgeon" EXP.

    I hope this idea can add more tactic element in gameplay, as well as increasing support role of Combat Medic.

    Dargadon out.
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  2. Hammerlock

    sound good to me ... and triage mean something for medics because nobody use it
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  3. Xiad

    That sounds complicated.

    Complicated means plenty of dev time.

    More dev time means less money.

    Less money equals no.

    Someone had to say it. Plenty of good ideas get shot down on the basis that they aren't nearly novel and exciting enough to drag in the required revenue to cover implementing it. Even far more simplistic and gimmicky ideas suffer.

    Sorry to put a downer on this thread. If it means anything, things like this and more nuanced vehicle damage is an interesting idea to me.
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  4. UnDeaD_CyBorG

    Or you can shoot them and revive them, thereby spawning a new player entity, taking far less time.
    No offense, but this sounds like a whole lot of programming for very little gain, and I'd sure prefer the devs to spend their valuable time on something else.
    Edit: Ninjad by Xiad, though he said what I would say in more detail.
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  5. Dargadon

    So adding 4-5 possible status effects and corresponded triggers taking whole bunch of developer`s time? I think i missed something then when educated on programmer o_O

    By the way. If you want to see Complicated - take a look on ARMA. I tried keep this as simple as possible whilst adding some new colors to gameplay instead.

    Oh, and about money - they losing them already. Prior to population leak from SHALLOW GAMEPLAY (Sorry for Caps).
  6. Pikachu

    This is the kind of stuff you decide when you're in design stage. ;)
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  7. Dargadon

    For more simplicity it can be reduced to plain "Wounded" state with fixed penalties. But i see it as "last resolve" card...
  8. UnDeaD_CyBorG

    Seeing that they haven't even managed to implement damage over time to allow PS1's Plasma grenades and give Flamethrowers a niche, I have to assume so.
    They should spend their time on finally getting the resource system finished that they promised two years ago, and the rest of time on netcode (like non-working medkits, or clipping C4, or...).
    As long as they don't finish that, I sincerely hope they don't start anything new, especially as in my opinion it wouldn't add anything to gameplay.
  9. Xiad

    Anything requiring more effort than creating (marginally) unique inf/vehicle weapons (or shameless reskins), balance passes, optimisation, bugfixes or new hats/shiny stuff would be considered relatively "complicated", in relation to how much new revenue it would bring in. It's not that it would be difficult to develop (not that I have any experience in development), but there are far more cost-effective uses of dev time, is what I'm saying.
  10. Demigan

    You are saying that to prevent shallow gameplay, you want to restrict people to play close to Medics because the option to lose combat ability after losing a large % of your health, which is highly likely when fighting equal classes, is annoying and means you'll lose almost any battle due to the fact that you are already at low health and impaired?

    Why don't we try to improve gameplay with new game-modes inside the game? CTF? VIP? Transporting stuff into or out of the base? destruction of specific parts of a base? Activating a certain number of switches/consoles across an area? etc.
  11. Turiel =RL=

    I think the overall concept got implemented for vehicles -> fire.
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  12. IronMouse

    I don't think the game-play is shallow. Ok, maybe it is, who cares. It's FREAKING FUN! Complexity =/= fun. It could be fun, it could be the opposite. Same goes for simplicity.

    It's SO FUN killing people in PS2. For me, personally, it's one of the best games ever. Literally. If it's really losing players and money, reasons are to be looked for elsewhere.

    No1 thing putting me off is camping. So, so many campers inside their tanks, inside their air vehicles, or simply hiding somewhere far away sniping. The problem aren't vehicles by themselves, it's using them in tiny 1-12 battles. I'm sick of 2-3 ESF farming low populated battles, but as soon as AA appears they're off to the next hex, farming the unsuspecting few. Snipers? Don't even get me started. Fully geared Galaxy with BR100 manning it, camping spawn-rooms. Etc.

    I don't want the game to become a frantic shoot-em-up. I enjoy it for what it is, and wouldn't want it any different. EXCEPT, for some sort of "fix" for shameless, persistent camping, killing the game tempo and fun factor.

    No2 thing - increase in cheating. Yes, it's quite noticeable and it's game breaking. DB needs to deal with ASAP and long term, if they want to keep the game alive.

    Everything else is just perfect. As I said, best game ever.
  13. OldMaster80

    I'd love a little bit of realistic features in the game but unfortunately ps2 has been designed to be an easy game very casual player oriented.

    I'd like for instance to have to grab ammo from the ground manually instead of magically increasing my ammo pool as I step on ammo boxes.
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  14. Obscura

    yep throw that one in the "would be nice, but wont ever happen" pile with the rest of the player suggestions
  15. FieldMarshall

    Well that certainly sounds annoying.
  16. Dargadon

    *in shivering old-man`s voice* I remember good old First Planetside when you had to shove applicator right in people`s faces in order to heal them. Not to mention it had ammunition and was pretty slow on healing and reviving.

    OFFTOPIC: Currently Planetside 2 mechanics looks like rip-off from Battlefield franchise.
    Develop game up to something unique and interesting? Nah, SOE preferred to milk their "money cow". DBG? We`ll see. Taking in attention their increasing support of this game - i have high hopes for them.

    If we re-read my OP post - we`ll see another options. You don`t like hanging around with medics? Restoration Kits are your choice then. Injuried in gunfire? Drop back behind cover, inject and after ~10 seconds you`re good to go. Oh, and "equal class" opponent will more likely do the same thing on his side too ;)
  17. Taemien

    TTK is too fast for something like this.

    Maybe if they changed the TTK from .48s on average to something around 3s. But that won't ever happen.