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  1. Pella

  2. Sjdeany

    Been playing planetside awhile now and the most frustrating part when leading or being part of a squad is people don't work together.

    You guys know what your doing and by the looks of your videos you have a real emphasis on teamwork.

    I'd be very interested in joining looks like alot of fun to work with a tight knit group of people and to hear your getting into NS2 is great would love to play competitive on that.
  3. Dominus

    Take a look at the 101 on our Recruitment forum, here. Also, another recent video of us! -
  4. Mastachief

  5. variablez

  6. Fara

    Bump & Watch INI play MCY or REBR on April the 23rd for the EU CommClash Finals.

    twitch.tv/planetside2europe @8pm UK, 9pm CET
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    Locking this up for the time being due to the thread no longer being needed. Please create another one if necessary. :)
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