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  1. Pella

    Recruitment is closed.

    Invite only.
  2. Ramaans

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  3. Pella

    PEW PEW.

    Furiosus on a rampage.

  4. Ramaans

  5. Felkuro

    Dudes just wanna say i appreciate you guys having me around at some points. Even though my TR is a lowly BR 11, you people are definitly the most fun TR outfit i tried to play with: tacticswise and just general funwise. ^^ Hope to see you around on other days aswel and if i dont see you people in the meantime Merry Xmas.
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  6. Pella

  7. Pella

  8. Ramaans

  9. variablez

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  10. Pella

    Recruitment is closed as of 3 weeks ago :D
  11. variablez

  12. huller

    INI's only warcry that I would accept would be 2MLG4U
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  13. LordMondando

    I was running around (non-sober) in a max with Mattocks + slugs on some tower on Esamir last night, had at one point 4 ini LA and heavies after me.

    Something about MLG is what I was imagining they were screaming. Very close run thing, I felt MLG.

    ******* shame proxy is empire specific.
  14. Lonny198

    We are so MLG. We even TK our own mates to deny you the kill.
  15. Pella

  16. ForumSidePro720

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  17. huller

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  18. ForumSidePro720

  19. Pella

  20. Pella

    Recruitment open
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