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  1. Pella

    Why not join us?

    Free Giro for all new members.
  2. Pella

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  3. Dotz0r

  4. Ramaans

    Scrim with FCRW. We won 2-1.

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  5. Mastachief

    Excellent casting.

    Well played guys congrats.
  6. ChipMHazard

    Aye, well played indeed. Y'all brought honour to Miller:D
  7. Pella

    After decimating Future Crew in our last scrim. We are now pondering our next moves for the outfit. And currently INI leadership feel 48v48 is where we need to compete. While still doing 24s/12s Respectively. But we want to get to that level of activity. on a weekly basis on live.

    If you have any interest or thought about joining INI now is the time. And i will be completely honest with exactly what we look for any any potential players. If your Below BR40 hit one of us a tell. And come join in the fun.
    • Activity, Should be everynight / or every 2 nights.
    This Keeps a solid core of players, And a strong community. We are not looking for weekend warriors.
    • Stats, Yes we judge players on your stats. But mainly your play style. If your Infantry we expect an accuracy level of your main class/weapon to be above 20%.. If your Air focused then K/D comes into place. And if your support SPM is something to take into account.
    Its quite easy to tell even from new players, How they will turn out as a solid infantry player's. And once you start playing with us. Your KD will go up and your all round knowledge will explode. So in theory you will become better.
    • Have a decent Rig. If you cant maintain decent FPS in big fights your are essentially useless.
    PS2 is like a hobby, And having a rig that runs the game smoothly increases your ability. Hopefully OMFG will address lots of peoples performance issues.
    • Blending in. We don't expect much from members out of game. But we do expect you to make friends and blend into the awesome community we have.
    We are in the process of making a Natural Selection 2 team, And we have BF4 players also. So there is a place for everyone. With our forums being extremely active. For some fun and banter.
    As of now the hierarchy of INI elite is as followed. So speak to these if you have any questions before applying.
    • Furiosus [Outfit Leader]
    • Pella [Right hand man]
    • Merrin [The all seeing eye]
    • Raumance [Tactical warlord]
    • SteelDragon [Makes everything look pretty and work]
    • TheFletch [Community Leader]
    That is all.
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  8. FendleyFire

    Footage from Cruniac and Scarabe of our scrim with Future Crew, one of INI Elite's many top quality liberator crews.

    Final death toll caused by their Lib:
    • 31 Soldiers
    • 5 Scythes
    • 4 Lightnings
    • 4 Sunderers
    • 1 Harasser
    • 2 PELLAs
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  9. Pella

    Lol. Considering our airwing was low. They did a awomse job
  10. Pella

    Cruniac PoV Of the first round. He crashed and missed the 2nd one.
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  11. Tywar

    Nice job guys! You played very well, in second round perfectly.
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  12. diLLa


    Still recruiting awesome and active players.

    Just wanted to find out, would you guys consider a player that doesn't use a mic. Also my TR on miller is under BR60 but as you can see my main is fairly decent (I also have a BR61NC/Woodman)
  14. IronWarrior

    Aslong you can use mumble still and listen to orders, I don't see a problem but it's not for me to say for the final word.

    Any reason you don't use a mic? They are pretty cheap.

    Reason being I playing in office hours. I play at work. As I am a graphic desinger and DTP artist my hours are my own. 50% of my day consist of work projects sometimes only 20% of my day. I sold my home rig as I got married recently and will be getting a new one in 2014 and will them have the proper set up for comms too. So as for now I just play and have to be able to take calls and fit in small projects.. And yes my job is great.
  16. Pella

    Seems legit. But we require microphones i'm afraid.

    I dont mind you squading with us, And see how it goes initially.
  17. diLLa

    During what hours will you play though, cause we have our ops during the evenings. If you only can play at work, and I assume you work during dayhours, I assume you don't play a lot in the evening?

    I play CAT time during 7am-4:30pm I noticed only a hand full of INI guys on tday while I was playing. But like I said I getting a new rig for home built in 2014. So maybe ill just fill in a application then when that's sorted. And for time being if I see INI squads ill just see if I can join in for some fun.
  19. diLLa

  20. Pella

    Lots of new recruits. And some exceptional Colbalt Pilots joining our ranks.

    Recruitment will be pending closed soon to deal with current apps.

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