Discussion in 'Miller (EU)' started by Pella, Mar 5, 2013.

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  1. Dotz0r

    My balcony tactic HOW DARE YOU! was going to patent it and everything. :(

    also : You may want to align the galaxy to the left - side facing, and just slowly strafe it in. Once you hit the wall - press E and the galaxy is easily recoverable. Plus with everyone in a galaxy dismounting left-side of the galaxy, everyone will make it.

  2. Pella

    Yeah, Just under the left wing. Hence why everyone made it as i shoved the nose in.

    And didnt know it was your tactic lol. We have been perfecting Gal drops since beta :S
  3. Dotz0r

    Only kidding about the patent, very nice video. Probably taken one of our platoons twice as long to accomplish that. :)
  4. Pella

    Seriously if your looking to get the best out of this game. Put an app in.
  5. Dignity

    Really like seeing you guys around. There's always a decent fight.
  6. Pella

  7. Pella

  8. IMTasty

    Bump! Special thanks to Suikoden for keeping my Max running on several occasions while all other engineers where busy shooting with their turrets, grenade launcher or just running past me. :)
  9. Pella

    Tbh he is a XP Hoe.
  10. IMTasty

    Oh, well, can he my hoe then? I mean he already offers his services on a pretty regular basis without me even needing to ask.
  11. Pella

  12. Pella

    Boss mode activated.
  13. IMTasty

    Bump, because the logo is awesome.
  14. Luzario

    bump because you guys are annoying... in a good and challenging kind of way ;)
  15. PeaSum

    I second that :D
  16. Ulysees

    First time in a long time that I have had a WASP squad so quickly neutralised by an enemy squad like these guys did at Aurora Materials on Saturday. Luckily for them we were playing "Last Man Standing" which means instead of spawning to carry on a fight we keep fighting until the last squad member is wiped out then recall to WARPGATE to do it all over again so by the time we headed back to look for a bit of revenge we only faced randoms then repeated the whole process with BRTD, though they took longer to win against us than you guys did.

    Good teamwork and good play, well done fellas and looking forward to our next encounter under normal conditions for a little payback :)
  17. Pella

    Yeah was good fun. We knew you was in that building. And we had absolute no idea of how many of you there where. And most of all how many maxes you had.

  18. Pella

  19. Amorphium

    bump for awesomeness
  20. allelujah

    Due to it being last man standing, there would've been 12 and it would be unlikely that a MAX was present. (was not on the session, can't speak for the squad though)
    MAXs are only normally pulled only for AA or if I rage due to being killed by shotguns!

    Though.... I found the counter to the uppercut and nighthawk! I take your 1 barrel and put 6 of my Hacksaw barrels on the table.

    Much respect to INI, one of the few outfit I will take my hat off to.
    Great play, would be amazing to be more vocal with you guys.
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Not open for further replies.