Discussion in 'Miller (EU)' started by Pella, Mar 5, 2013.

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  1. Ramaans

  2. Ramaans

  3. Ramaans

  4. Pella

  5. Pella

  6. Rook

    Good fun teamdeathmatching you guys tonight! Looking forward to seeing YT vids of it. Good games!
  7. Pella

    Yeah awesome fun to be fair.
  8. Corruptlol

    Was fun, we need to do this again asap.
  9. EvilJollyT

    GG yesterday guys!
  10. Mastachief

    Excellent fun. Looking forward to Saturday. Well played.
  11. Pella

    Gonna try combined arms, Some what like we did with iron wolves.

    And JT there is a meeting soon with outfit guys for the EU ladder, That Pro7 WIll be hosting. Just to go over rules and so forth. Il hit you up the date in advance.
  12. EvilJollyT

    Sounds good mate.
  13. Pella

  14. Corruptlol

    Nice vid pella.
    Sadly all my footage got corrupted because i crashed everytime i finished recording...
    But to be honest the first base was a bit **** ;)
  15. Loui5D

    I still have my footage, but dxtory didn't record any audio.
  16. EvilJollyT

    Got any footage of the rounds we won? :p
  17. Pella

    I used that magic bullet on it also. Looks great. Cheers

    Same here with me.
  18. Pella

    Nope, Scarabe stopped recording after that death. And crashed allot. Hence why there is about 2 other rounds we won and the 2 you won missing. I have footage but its LQ ingame footage. forgot to set to high.
  19. Pella

    INI Have a new MLG sponsorship.

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  20. Redzy

    Played with you guys on the test server tonight and it was great fun! Especially the initial stages. A nice break from the boring Live server routine.

    Recommend these guys to anybody looking for a very well organized outfit with skilled players on Miller TR.
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