Discussion in 'Miller (EU)' started by Pella, Mar 5, 2013.

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  1. Pella

    Random scrim we had last night. Only lasted 1 round.

  2. EvilJollyT

    You slags up for VS tomorrow?
  3. Pella

    That we are see you 7/8pm
  4. EvilJollyT

  5. Ramaans

  6. Pella

    Private peon.
  7. DerMarlon

  8. Ramaans


    Played BAX on the TEST was good stuff.
  9. Pella

    PoV is from a BAX player.

  10. Ramaans

  11. Ramaans

  12. Pella

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  13. Ramaans

  14. Ramaans

    Come on bump it up
  15. Surt

    Why? You dont recruit. :p
  16. EvilJollyT

    Any outfit recruits excellent applicants despite what the recruitment status is.

    They probably just have their "anti-noob" recruitment filters on at this stage. Sounds fair enough to me.
  17. Pella

    Recruitment is open.. Refer to the OP.

    Recruitment Status: Referral Only. Any New applicant must be refered by an INI elite member.
  18. Ramaans

  19. AquaKiller


    Well played INI, shame my squad wasn't there at the time, we were at Eisa fending off some GOONs :)
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  20. Pella

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