Discussion in 'Miller (EU)' started by Pella, Mar 5, 2013.

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  1. pnkdth

    We need more love in this thread. Cheers from DWG, always a good fight against you fellas and lasses.
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  2. Pella

    It does Hurt. Now move along please. We dont care.

    Your just terrible. And use anything as an excuse to cover that up

    "The OP faction actually. Our guns have less accuracy, less dps , less dpm, less RoF and less magazine size"

    Thats just amazing in itself.

  3. Pella

    Yeah Good fun indeed. We only ever met though with one of our squads at a time.
  4. Loui5D

    As much as i like giving you ****, I've had a lot of fun fighting you guys.
  5. Pella

    Yeah good fights to be fair. Nice to see you guys on the ground now and then :p Saves us from pulling A2A Missile swam.

  6. MajorZbug

    Gun accuracy has nothing to do with getting shot in the back half of the time. Funny to display that much ******** and concluding by "the truth hurts". Indeed it does ! ;)
  7. pnkdth

    Morale is higher these days though, with the injection of new quality members, which has the pleasant side effect that people seem to be online more and play for longer. As you probably have noticed there has been rather messy on the VS side for awhile now, and we hope that if we step it up a notch others will start to think "well, if they can do it, so can we!" Also, as the nexus gets closer to a release, having a tangible 48v48 fight in an instance will get more focused on the competitive spirit. I am probably way to optimistic but I hope I'm right.
  8. MajorZbug

    Not only it's false, but still the best gun in the world will make no difference if out of 12 guys, 12 are facing forward at all times.

    If you still wish evidence it's here : https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet...IU1NKenEzNzZOSWNaanFqSUVxLWc&type=view&gid=12
    Look how it's funny 5 NC lmg out of 6 have 0.03 cone of fire or less while only 1 TR lmg out of 6 has it. Not speaking about the 0 cof of the NC6 Gauss Saw.

    So you're bad and you should get out of INI recruitment thread anyway.
  9. Dotz0r

    All you see is hate, all i see is free bumps.

    like this. Its a recruitment thread - this is for INI eeeepeen - NOT YOURS. :)

    *runs away for more popcorn*

    j/k <3
  10. Pella

    I think i have allot more idea about balance then yourself. You have about 6 Jaguar kills. Considering its the best gun in the world!!

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  11. ReformerTR

    Nice group, and one of the best outfits on Miller
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  12. ZaltCW

    Yeah, INI always give DL a good fight regardless of who wins

    Your becoming my nemesis Pella, then again I think I've killed you twice so were about even I'd say

  13. Pella

    13 Deaths to 2 are not even :p But i sense sarcasm.
  14. SirIBON

    This night we join the TR BR100 Meeting in a Biolab.
    Was very funny and we had a good fight.
    There were only few of Vanus Revenge but they enjoy the fight.

    We start a game who has 3 Times BR100 as killer will win.
    It does not happen. I had 2x 100 and 1x 84.
  15. GSZenith

    fine i give up, what does INI stand for :( been trying to figure it out since launce.
  16. Ramaans

    It's not an abbreviation it's a word in some ancient languange.
  17. Ramaans

  18. Versuchender

    Get yourself teamspeak overlay or "something like that". The first guy('s voice) - whoever is talking - reminds me of the author of these tutorials.

    I am also fairly impressed by the calm & calmness your communication/leaders emit. Nice coordination aswell. I'm craving for something like that, since we still use "brute force" too often. (Improving, though. Go go platoonleader Soregg.)

    Waving my pom-poms for [INI]. Seeing your red tags in the distance always means a great challenge and chance to improve & learn. /me appreciates
  19. MrK

    Pella is nothing :p See, he hides behind his mates with a puny pistol in hands ;)

    That Furiousus guy, OTOH :( He's furious.

    Bump, btw.
  20. Ramaans

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