Discussion in 'Miller (EU)' started by Pella, Mar 5, 2013.

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  1. Ramaans

  2. Mastachief

    It was good fun looking forwards to the next one.
  3. EvilJollyT

    Good times guys! See you next time!
  4. Ramaans

    Was good playing vanu for change. Quite enjoyed the standard MAX.
  5. EvilJollyT

    So I see from your video. Nice kills.
  6. Versuchender

    Chapeau. Impressive squadplay on Esamir today, especially at Octagon. JNJ has still gotta learn something and further potential to improve.
  7. MajorZbug

    I might or might not have footage of the whole fight ...
  8. MajorZbug

    It might or might not be a terrible quality because I streamed some Rome 2 for friends and forgot to revert to local settings. No sounds also. Sorry !

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  9. Ramaans

  10. Ramaans

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  11. MajorZbug

    Owee. Scary how it looks like us playing, primarying stuff, beacon dropping on sundies, everything. Just, in english. Could be an indication of why we manage to do good stuff together ^^
  12. Ramaans

  13. isilyan

    INI holding a point, get your smoke+nades+darts out:)
    And btw go for the engis+medics first, ignore the maxes in that Tetsudo, if you can:p
    And btw always a good fight,no better cure to get your **** together than running in to INI...........
  14. Ramaans

  15. Pella

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  16. MajorZbug

  17. SirIBON

    Sorry, but is this a fake?, or partly a fake?
    I see the first half, after the 2 VS in the begining i see many, nearly only lowranks (4,7,14) fallen by you gun.
    I checked this again and complete the Video.
    At 4:16 you meet up with MCY. A BR94 from MCY, EvilJolly is the fist, then 4:25 Veca(84), 5:04 MrK (64) looks like a good fight.
    At 6:00 you rush a house (in that you fight before) with 3 LSD inside non of them shoot.

    Where and on what time you found this masses of new players?

    Pella most time we meet, in the past, i was exicted of fight against you.
    You have a lot of skill and in addition the small bit of luck that let you standing with one or two bars while i lie down.
    I am a bit disappointed, about a player i count to the best.
  18. MajorZbug

    Tbh LSD aren't new players but it's ridiculously easy to kill them from behind. They have a lot of qualities as an outfit but situational awareness is not one of them.
  19. Pella

    Sorry to disappoint you... All the footage captured is on the lead up to the Aux medal. And i only needed like 50 Kills from the start of recording. So i had to Edit & Capure the whole thing in the space of 2 hours. Once i got the medal i finished recording.

    So i wasn't in a position just to fight higher BR players all the time. Just take what i could. From each fight i was in.

    And that 6:00, They didn't shoot because they took a direct concussion nade i threw.
  20. Pella

    This is a recruitment thread. Not a place to moan about balance. Join the rest of the mugs in general discussion for that.
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