Discussion in 'Miller (EU)' started by Pella, Mar 5, 2013.

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  1. EvilJollyT

    We've been doing some matches on the PST just amongst ourselves as I said to the guys on Mumble and its been quality fun. In many ways more fun than the actual game.

    We'd discussed throwing out some invites to other outfits for some matches and I happened to be on your Mumble re. the Hossin event so I thought I'd mention it.

    PST is best in my opinion, because you can find a nice quiet corner of the map, set up some AMS's and play around with the format as much as you want. You very rarely get disturbed, and when you do most people leave you alone if you explain what is happening. It runs much smoother than trying to run it on the live server.
  2. Pella

    Makes sense. Lets arrange it for the start of Sept. As currently we can barely get a squad online due to holidays.
  3. EvilJollyT

    Same. I'll jump on your Mumble and we'll get something sorted.
  4. Pella

  5. Lucage

    I've been here for a while. :)
  6. Pella

    Knife camping

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  7. SRMetalWolf

    Weak... >.<
  8. SRMetalWolf

  9. Pella

    weak Metalwolf, You missed the squad play today :(
  10. Pella

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  11. MajorZbug

    Friday, 7pm UTC / 8pm Rosbeef / 9pm CEST, PTS, 12 v 12. What do you say ?
  12. Pella

    Done. Mate cant wait.
  13. SRMetalWolf

  14. Pella

    Recruitment is now closed.
  15. Surt

    Not in your Sig. ;)
  16. Ramaans

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  17. Ramaans

  18. Ramaans

  19. Emitz Devil

    Had some good bumps with you guys Today, looking forward to the next one!! :D
  20. Luzario

    Nice hold up in the biolab....
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