Discussion in 'Miller (EU)' started by Pella, Mar 5, 2013.

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  1. FendleyFire

    Guarantee I've killed more INI members with my gal.
  2. diLLa

    nerf NC galaxy then
  3. Dotz0r

    Anti Air galaxy, best galaxy.
  4. YamiNoTenshi

    F you dolphin and skywhale!
  5. FanBoii

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  6. Mastachief

  7. Amorphium

  8. LordMondando

    See this is why I don't have pictures of myself on the interwebs.
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  9. SebDollar

    I would think twice about camping the mountains at our warpgate when ABTF is around

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  10. LordMondando

    Going to need to work on that if there going to mergula next year.
  11. FendleyFire

    Galaxy is the hard counter to INI.
  12. Pella

    Dog fighting died 6 Months ago.

    Get over it.
  13. LlamagoMmmm

    *cough* i forgot your an mlg pro *cough*
    Mlg pro words of mlg wisdom
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  14. GigaClutch

    Oh so thats your justification.
  15. Pella

    Justification on, being a above average on ground & Air.

    Not many people do what I do on a daily basis. And yet I don't go swanning about claiming I am the "dog fighting ace 2013".

    Squad lead some of millers best players
    Be above average at infantry
    Not to shabby at dog fighting

    But congrats, on being in the small minatory of dog fighter's on miller trying to seek fame.

    PS: Speak to Bobbyshaftoe / Xale about dog fighting. Head and shoulders above everyone.
  16. Akaan

    Pella Mode: Engaged!
  17. ValorousBob

    Just because I shot your mossy with an invisible Liberator doesn't mean you have to tell me your a "Pro7 GM", threaten bans and quit dogfighting. Don't be sad friend. :(
  18. GigaClutch

    This is just completely wrong, laughably so. Anyone who has played with us will agree, we are a rather casual outfit, whose primary objective is to have a good time. Fame is a stupid goal. Speaking of which it seems a bit rich coming from a player who is keen on being the best and playing for MLG, just some food for thought.

    Next. "Dogfighting ace 2013", I presume you are aiming this at us. If so, again you are wrong. We have never claimed to be the best. We do what we can to what our outfit is based around, provide air support/cover. I firmly believe that we are far from the best and am glad of that, I enjoy a challenge and would hate to always stomp any opposition.

    So please, stop making accusations without a %100 valid reason for them.

    And I still am yet to see a reason for your claim of dogfighting being dead. Just an inaccurate jab at us and you trying to justify yourself as a player, not your point.
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  19. Pella

    Nothing todo with you as an outfit. Yet im proud, You think of it that way.

    If you want to attack me, be my guest. But honesty if it's epeen your after seek elsewhere.

  20. Pella

    Bob you was like a bother until you wrote this sentence :(
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