Discussion in 'Miller (EU)' started by Pella, Mar 5, 2013.

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  1. FendleyFire

    We're pretty sure he is a deep cover NC spy.

    Shared the skies and some beat down ground time with some of the (INI) & (BRTD) dudes on Amerish today. Good fun.
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  3. MajorZbug

    Typical Pella : "DEIM are you there?" "Are you there yet?" "Are you coming soon?" "How much time before you're there?" "Guys come quicker!" "Oh wait no we got it, it's alright now."

    I thought we were quick, then Pella started talking. Did you get rid of redeploy timers somehow ?
  4. MrK

    Mossie deploy + SL swapping, etc...
    Watch Pella's stream ;)

    Always dropping at the worst times, it's horrible

    from my NC perspective.
  5. Pella

    To much stream sniping :p
  6. MajorZbug

    Tonight was awesome. Just. Awesome. On even days we have one, one and a half squads, and they'd rather do what we did tonight than just farm randomly, anyday. So that's whenever you want mate.
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  7. Pella

    Best outfit EU. Come join.
  8. EvilJollyT

    GG yesterday. Was a lot of fun.
  9. Felkuro

    *must get better PC so i wont get destroyed by you guys anymore* ;(
  10. Pella

    We all play on Pentium 4s.......
  11. Dominus

    Are you jobless IRL? Do others consider your gaming habits to be "unhealthy"?

    If yes, you probably aren't #winning IRL - but you can do it in PlanetSide!

    Join INI Elite and leave your real life unresolved!
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  12. Van Dax

    So stoked to team up with you guys in the EU hossin showdown
  13. diLLa

  14. Captain Flowers

    Sadly this to me sums up all INI pilots :C I am yet to see one of you not using A2AM these days.
    [IMG]I feel bad saying this as some of your guys can really fly but they never try to dogfight or have any real competitive fights in flying :/
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  15. FendleyFire

  16. Raiche

    Im still learning to avoid flying into trees, even on esamir now i manage to hit trees.
  17. Emitz Devil

    Nerf terrain
  18. diLLa

    no competitive fights in flying huh. so that's why the NC had to get 30 reavers just to get 10 of us out of the sky.
  19. MajorZbug

  20. Akaan

    I remember winning a 2v1 against you and some other guy the other day. In a Galaxy. I conclude: 1 NC aircraft without guns > 2 INI aircraft with guns.
    My logic is sound.
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