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    recruitment is closed

    INI has been running ops on Miller since release, and intend to carry on for the foreseeable future.We've been around since Ultima Online. In PlanetSide 1 we became INI Elite, and have carried on to this day.

    Our focus is on developing teamwork by fusing skilled players together with bonds of practice and experience. We're looking for skilled individuals who can apply their talents to a team, and who are willing to strive in individual and group efforts for the greatness of the outfit.

    - You are above 18 years old
    - You have TeamSpeak 3
    - You are able to speak English
    - You meet our Cert Requirements

    - Have above average situational awareness
    - You need to be open for criticism as a player. We all have areas we can improve, and feedback from others is vital to that.

    - Understand & know how to play your class.
    - Communicate important in-game information, and know when to be quiet (this is in the rules).
    - Be willing to listen to a SL (this is in the rules too).

    - Respect everyone, and at very least listen to their words.
    - Treat everyone in a well mannered & polite manner.
    - Sometimes you're gonna get shouted at - e.g. "YOU! You've got SL, place the beacon! Place the ******* beacon! We need a ******* beacon!". As SL's, we try not to, but sometimes it comes out. It's not meant as a personal attack or insult, just the result of being passionate. It rarely happens, but if you feel you'd be offended, don't apply.
    - If you have a problem with them, except for in extreme circumstances, talk to them first. Most arguments seem to result from misunderstandings.
    - Be active in the game and try to take part in the community and forums.

    Application & Trial Period
    If you apply and meet these requirements we'll ask you to play with us. You'll be considered an Applicant, and your forum rank will be changed. If we like you, we'll give you a Trial which is when you'll get invited to the outfit.
    As an Applicant you won't have any access to our main boards, but we will let you squad up with us for the majority of events.

    Completing the Trial
    What we really want to see is players improve. This might be getting better as an individual, or becoming a reliable part of the team.
    There's no fixed time on how long a trial takes, but simply as long as it has to. You'll be expected to play with and against our members in practice scrims on the test server, and to identify and improve on aspects of your play.

    To apply, please register (with your in-game name) on our forums here, and then follow this link or click "Apply to INI!".
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    Thanks guys! Recruitment is closed from today, we'll open in maybe a month or so.
  7. Dominus

    Recruitment is open.
  8. SharkliteTR

    eeny meeny, miny mo,
    wtf's a t16 rhino?
    A new PC, and what's this game?
    Some vanu conglomerate, to put to shame?
  9. Dominus

    Awesome to see you around mate! Funnily enough I've spoken to Stellerence a while back, but I think he's still sorting out getting a new PC. When do you think you'll be in PS2?
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    Already here. Bit shakey on my feet though, to be honest. Game's a lot different, and I'm US-based now, so mostly just footing-it and figuring out what cert goes where. This aint the same monster we used to spank, not by a long shot. Base layouts are weird, and needing certs just to get your armour in gear is a bit... eh. I'll give you a shout if I feel confident enough. Got some serious learning to do before then, unless you offer hand-holding lessons thesedays.
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    Only for you.
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    for anyone looking to join, below vid are examples from my pov on our last op night and the sort shenanigans you can expect if you sign up.
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    Recruitment is currently closed.