Ingame voice comms down!

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by velie12, May 13, 2017.

  1. velie12

    Ingame voice comms down! plz fix ASAP!
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  2. RadarX Moderator

    We appreciate you reporting it. We are working with our vendor to make improvements.
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  3. velie12

    OK an update: it seems like the voice chat still works for some people, but not for others
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  4. NoTwitch

  5. breeje

    on my TR it's working but not on my VS character
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  6. Direlithe

    Same thing happens to text chat, specifically faction chat.
  7. velie12

    I had this problem on multiple days so in some sense I already restarted the game. This only seems to work for some people
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  8. KrankyKrapHands

    Based on the symptoms and how it affected players, especially for me on Emerald, i can assume that this happened at server level, not the client. When test on microphone test, your ingame does capture your voice.

    My guest (with limited knowledge), it could be the voip servers and how its affected the client-side game where it does not sent/receive voip traffic and trigger the ingame voice notifications (proximity, squad and platoon)
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  9. NoTwitch

    This problem is still on-going. I've had the time to test a few things....

    A "game restart" seems to be the most useful tool for testing different results. The results seem random.

    Sometimes you'll join some voice channels but not join others, i.e., you'll join the 'Squad' voice channel, but not 'Platoon' or 'General/Proximity'.
    Disabling the re-enabling the in-game voice option does NOT seem to provide any help. (This has been a common "fix" to past voice bugs.)
  10. NoTwitch

    Any updates? Not having voice is impacting game play and overall squad cohesiveness. IMO, the game needs voice chat to be playable.

    Do you need anymore details about the symptoms?
  11. Towie

    I haven't had voice for the past two nights and didn't realise just how much I enjoy it / need it.

    The talking to squad mates, the proxy chat to tell the gunners where to shoot, hearing when Sm0gy is going for a smoke etc. etc. :)
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  12. ThatDanGuy

    Is there any update on this? I admit that those of us who play in Team Speak are having a good time vs. the disorganized masses, it is still really damned annoying. Can DayBreak at least acknowledge the problem?!
  13. FLHuk

    Really annoying not being able to communicate "You're being C4'd!"

    Update please.
  14. NoTwitch

    After today's maintenance/server-reboot, the voice comms on Emerald appear to be working normally again.
  15. restaurant

  16. JibbaJabba

    RE: restarting the game … in many cases would not be necessary.

    DBG is using some SIP protocol API from a 3rd party, some dev kit for VoIP.
    You can see the SIP registrations (kinda signs an endpoint in) takign place on the wire over TCP.
    The subsequent SIP commands to join the channels etc also takes place over this "signaling" channel that is separate from the audio streams.
    All of these are also separate from the main game networking.

    It's the reason why you can still hear ingame audio when your client is otherwise crashed.

    So in most cases simply toggling in game voice on and off resets all of this. If this doesn't do the trick, sure, try restarting the whole game. Beyond that and it's likely something server side.

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