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  1. SarahM, ofc, a completely overdrawn title for this topic, but on Miller, I encounter unusually high concentrations of infiltrators lately.
    It feels like there's seldomly a fight without infiltrators sneaking around all over the place.

    So, what about you? What server do you play on and do you encounter more or less infiltrators lately?
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  2. NinjaTurtle

    Funny I see HA running all over the place mostly. I think the most common classes I see in order are

    1. HA
    2. LA
    3. Medic
    4. Engineer
    5. Infiltrator
    6. MAX
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  3. Liquid23

    considering how enamored kids are with their whole stupid overblown ideas about "stealth" and "snipers" I'm actually surprised I don't see more Infiltrators
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  4. Regpuppy

    Not a lot more than usual, but I see more higher BR players taking advantage of latency + nano cloak + smg's for some cheap kills lately. :p
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  5. IamDH

    Unless its Otaku running around with his little SMG... not much
  6. Czuuk

    Definitely heavies and medics.
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  7. Simferion

    I meet a lot of them on Woodman, usually on my side :mad:
    Especially useful against a tank colum o_O
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  8. Metal Insomniac

    VS Waterson have an absurd amount of infiltrators (compared to the other two factions). Mainly being snipers. TR have the least, I'd say. They pretty much all roll as HA. I'd also say they probably have the most LA's as well.
  9. Liquid23

    well at least the scale of this game helps... I can't count the times I've played other online shooters just to start a match and headdesk because 7 of the 8 people on my team decided to play sniper
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  10. Sworaven

    It's usually newer player who have some misconceptions about the class. Sometimes even more experienced players don't understand how to play the class well.
    Hardly cheap kills ..
  11. Regpuppy

    Considering how often on your screen you're hitting them before your cloak is down on their screen, it's pretty cheap. A large reason it's done is for a reaction time advantage.
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  12. Sworaven

    That may be the case 1v1. But situations like that hardly happen.
  13. Regpuppy

    The thing being, cloak allows you to be more able to choose your battles. Find someone in a room and gun them down.
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  14. Simferion

    Toying sometimes with my 9 SMGs is really funny especially because, while I like to be a jack-of-all-the-trades player, I love my SMG infiltrations.

    I'd be more happy if people really knew how to use recon darts and they stopped to play snipers when tanks are on the field.
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  15. Inu

    I have found more SMG infis lately, has made me go max more is all.

    Although i did play infi the other day, i got 7 head shots in a row, and none of them were kills.... was quite displeased. Not even using a suppressor.
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  16. Sworaven

    True enough but isn't chosing your battles part of learning how to play the class well? I may be wrong but from your initial post I get the impression you feel the CQ Infil is as cheesy as something like the UBGL while that is absolutely not the case.
  17. Regpuppy

    With lag compensation, it pretty much can be.
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  18. DeadliestMoon

    Easy explanation. INF and LAs are the montage classes.
  19. Mustarde

    This! You pretty much nailed on the head why I racked up 2000 Armistice kills last month. Nanoweave has made sniper rifles weak and has pushed me into the SMG role almost by force. I love to snipe and still do a healthy bit of it, but it's hard to keep up when I keep getting nanoweaved by BR10's who invested 11 certs in rank 2 NW. It's practically easier to kill them with a knife than land that follow up body shot on an erratic target.
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  20. Brainpan

    I have seen more infiltrators lately, but most of them are the short range submachine gun kill me dead before I can react kind.

    I am all in favor of more infiltrators who don't know they stick out when they're on the mountains attacking Esamir Munitions and continue to stand there long enough for me to countersnipe them with a quick stealth, slip to the balcony, line up headshot, and pull trigger. Got a lot of infiltrator kills that night. Got TKed and teabagged by a BR7 at the end. I must've ticked someone off enough for that spoilsport move.. That is high praise.
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