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  1. The Shady Engineer

    Your arguments fall flat when you consider that snipers in most (all as far as I'm aware) other pvp games do not have cloak yet are still very effective and sometimes dominant.

    Hell, games like Battlefield punish snipers by putting a big glint in front of their optic that can be seen by anybody on the map. Guess what? Snipers are still great.

    Planetside cloakers have it easy in comparison to snipers in any other shooter.
  2. LordKrelas

    In other games, do you have vehicles mauling them, and the environment has no actual cover past solid objects to hide with?
    Or do they have some manner of terrain parts to hide with?

    Add in, the reduced health of this infiltrators, the range compression, and it starts to make sense.
  3. Campagne

    Snipers in other games also usually don't require headshots, can fire while moving, don't have projectile drop, and have hitscan rifles.

    Long-range sharpshooting in PS2 is much more difficult than in Battlefield or CoD and plays by different rules.

    Snipers have it much worse in PS2.
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  4. The Shady Engineer

    Yes and sort of. Depends on the game. Also, the definition of cover is something that is solid and hard enough to stop bullets, the word you're looking for is concealment, but I digress.

    Reduced health on infiltrators means dick all. They require just as many bullets to kill as other infantry except the range of damage models is slightly extended. Oh wow I can kill infiltrators with 7 bullets up to 13 meters instead of 10 meters, what a huge problem, woe is cloakers.

    Yeah they do. One-shot-headshot is a theme that carries over most game. Usually accompanied with two-shot-bodyshot which Planetside 2 also has.

    I'll give you CoD, sniping there is mostly down to twitch reflexes and quick scoping. In Battlefield all the things you mentioned exist AND you don't get to go invisible by hitting F AND you get a big *** glint on your optic that lets everyone know where you're hiding AND after you kill a guy he gets to see a killcam highlighting your exact location.

    To snipe in something like BF you actually need move often, acquire targets quickly or the glint will give you away and you have to have an escape plan because you don't have a get out of jail F card to hit and bail when things go sideways.
  5. Campagne

    Can you name some examples? It's not that I don't believe you, I just don't play very many multiplayer FPSes. Only games I've played in the past few years have been PS2, Red Orchestra 2, and Warface. Of the two non-PS2 games, in RO2 every weapon in the game can OHK without headshots or heartshots, and in WF all bolt-actions instakill with bodyshots and all semi-autos are underpowered because that game is Pay2Win as ****. As far as I'm aware bolt-actions OHK in both BF and CoD.

    I'd recommend trying a bolt-action from a good range in PS2. If you don't use the cloak you won't kill anyone over BR30 and if you're lucky you'll go through more than one magazine before something comes to wipe you off the map. I can't say how it is in Battlefield but I'm sure it's absolutely nothing like in PS2. We're special. :p
  6. The Shady Engineer

    Battlefield is the only one that comes close to PS2 in terms of scale and genre (sandbox-y objective oriented shooter). Pubg kinda sorta maybe, but it's an entirely different genre of shooter.

    It's been a while since I played CoD, last one was probably the WW2 one (not the latest one) so my memory of how snipers behaved is kinda hazy but as far as I remember they did one-shot-bodyshot unless the target was using a body armor perk.

    In Battlefield sniper rifles can one shot bodyshot up to 12m if I remember right. So technically yes you can gib people with a bodyshot but you have to be pretty in your face to pull it off. Also if you miss, the automatics in battlefield kill twice as fast as in PS2.

    There are two exceptions to the rule. First are the "battle pickup" snipers introduced in BF4. Those kill in one bodyshot regardless of range. Second is "hardcore" mode where everyone spawns with 75% regular health so the one shot bodyshot range of sniper rifles extends to ~65 meters. Hardcore is terribly balanced and barely anyone plays it though.

    I've been using the Dragoon a lot recently, does that count? :p My response to your suggestion would be of course you will be killed dead because you have to pop your head up from cover to scan for targets, cloakers can do it while invisible. If nobody was invisible however, I think sniping and counter-sniping would be more fun for both shooter and target.
  7. Campagne

    Kinda counts, depends on how ya' use it. :p

    I don't agree. Shooting would be no fun at all because the only way the player could maintain accuracy would be to sit still for a moment before firing to reset the strafing CoF, which would open them up to shots from anything and everything. And that's only when assuming nothing shoots at the sniper before he stops!

    I really like the current game of cat & mouse between two snipers. Sometimes ya' lure the other out and try to fire faster than they can, sometimes you wait for the other sniper to shoot someone else while the two of you trade shots, sometimes you sneak over and flank their hiding spot and pop them when they back off to reload. Fun stuff.

    If snipers could never cloak they'd just be hiding in spawn rooms because otherwise every little shot would be giving them screen-shake while they try to aim as a stationary target. :confused: It'd just be really annoying. Maybe the player could hide somewhere and fire a single shot every so often, but they'd be at a huge risk and wouldn't ever perform nearly as well as they could with a cloak. And most snipers don't kill very much.
  8. PlanetBound

    Some snipers get a good spot and don't move. You can switch to infil stalker suit. Watch for the red blip on the mini-map away from the action and mark the spot with your waypoint. Begin stalk mode.
  9. That_One_Kane_Guy

    People here are comparing sniping in Battlefield titles to Planetside and the relative difficulty of each so I'm going to weigh in since I'm not unfamiliar with sniping in Battlefield. I'm going to use BF3 and 4 as examples since people are probably still familiar with them.

    As a sniper in Battlefield your targets are generally fewer in number, move more slowly, and take much more damage from your weapons than they do in Planetside. Your weapons carry more rounds in the magazine, have no restriction on the range that they can OHK, and as gravy, you can even OHK with a chest-shot within 15m. Your tracers are less obvious giveaways to your location, but scope glint makes up for that.
    That is not to say you have everything your own way, because you fight proportionally the same amount (or greater) of vehicles and aircraft in Battlefield, the likes of which make the ones in Planetside look like stand-ins from an Army Men game. You do, however have anti vehicle options, which is something we have never been graced with in this game.

    In contrast snipers in Planetside are able to remain hidden much more efficiently a Battlefield sniper could ever dream of. You can ambush targets more effectively and can generally open a fight on your terms, which is good because your terms are more restrictive. You have a capped OHK range on a headshot (go ahead, list the number of games that do that for their BASRs), a three (not two) shot kill at max range against targets that move faster and regenerate more quickly than in Battlefield. In addition unlike in most titles you are never fighting a set number of enemies, and as such you can be flanked and killed by enemies that weren't even in the same hex a moment ago.

    There are a plethora more examples, but you should get the idea. Neither has an "easier" time than the other, they each have strengths and weaknesses that work within the context of their respective arenas.
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  10. OldMaster80

    Unless the sniper is a skilled one I usually die to snipers once: then I get a Stalker cloak myself and go backstabbing with the OHK knife and maxed Sensor Shield.
  11. Scatterblak

    So, then, nerf the player class you don't like so they're easier for you to kill?

    I'm a career inf - basically the only class I play - and I can tell you for a fact that there are *plenty* of players who don't have any problem killing snipers. I suspect your issue isn't a lack of skill, it's likely a lack of patience. Outfit a stalker, pay attention where the shot came from, take your time, creep over there, and kill him. Happens to me all the time.