Infiltrators visible to IR on Low Settings

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by Astraka, Jun 5, 2013.

  1. Astraka

    Just a friendly heads up. Since GU10 Infiltrator is back on the menu for our beloved vehicle friends.

    Low Settings/IR Off

    Low Settings/IR On

    Those seeking more information can check here.
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  2. SLiCKRiCK

  3. Rikkit

    really? naa not again;(
  4. AnuErebus

    This would explain a lot about this mornings play session. Sad Day.
  5. K2k4

    Oh god, they need to stop incentivising playing on low graphics just for perks.

    So now.. if you have the gall to play on low you get :
    • better frames per second
    • infiltrators show as a glowing shadow or a glowing white shape
    • infiltrators show if you are using IR vision on your vehicle.
    If you try to play the game with decent graphics settings, you get penalized for doing so..
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  6. Scan

    Heh... I was wondering how that magrider saw me so easily.

    Remember thinking: "Did they made me visible on IRNV/Thermal again?"
  7. Dr. Euthanasia

    Well, that settles it. If there isn't a 100% invisible cloak introduced with our class update, I'm gone.

    This was bad enough when I could believe it was a bug. Bringing the problem back after it was already fixed is just inexcusable.
  8. IronWarrior

    Well that explains why I been getting killed more often then I should had been on my cloak flash.

    Really annoyed.
  9. Get2dachoppa

    Another patch, another broken infiltrator ability without any fixes to any of the previous bugs. That kind of incompetence takes talent!
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  10. BloodyPuma


    So now we are visible to vehicles and scopes with INRV/Term ? But only to Low settings?
  11. Ztiller

    About time. You've had a ragequit coming for quite some time, given how you're never happy about anything, ever. :rolleyes:

    This is evidently a bug. Just make some noise on the General bug-report forum and it should get fixed in any of the hotfixes.

    And just like the Hacking ejection render delay, adapt to it until they fix it and you will come out an even better Infiltrator for it. I could infiltrate quite well even back when the IRNV spotting infiltrators was standardized, and i'm quite sure that nothing have changed since then.
  12. dirtYbird

    How has this addition to the patch changed the view you get?
  13. BloodyPuma

    On low setting ive got a little bit longer view. I can feel the difference, but still its nothing compared to high settings. I can live with that, just courious about if Infil are really only visible on low, and not on others, cause i cant test it on my rig ;)
  14. Dr. Euthanasia

    As usual, you miss the point completely. This is not about my ability to adapt to the change. It's been around before, I lived with it then, and I've only improved since. It's just another one among dozens of other small grievances that plague our class, and most likely the effect it will have on my gameplay will indeed be minimal given how I never expect my cloak to do anything within the effective range of NV optics anyways.

    None of that justifies this bug coming back. It was fixed already, and I can't see any other relevant change that could have led to its accidental return. You're already well aware of what I think of the consistency of our cloak across graphics settings, but if I can't even count on it improving and staying that way in future patches, there's no reason for me to stay with this class. At least, not unless we get a cloak which is simply immune to these inconsistencies.

    Don't worry, though. Whether or not I quit the game, I'll make sure to stick around here either way. Couldn't just allow you to have this place for yourself, after all.
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  15. Scan

    Low settings has always been a pain in the **** to get right it seems, and they still haven't figured it out.

    I do believe that this isn't intended, or we'd appear on the medium/high settings as well.

    Unfortunatly, this will lead to tankdrivers/pilots to set their graphics down to "low" again, once again making it very easy for them to spot and kill us, without anything much we can do about it, exept keeping your eyes and ears open and staying near solid cover to break line of sight.

    This is a very big hit to the wraith cloak mechanic though.

    I hope it'll get fixed soon.
  16. Zerran

    They really need to just do a quick test on low settings to make sure they didn't break the cloak again before every update. It would take like 2 minutes to check.
  17. DarkDrifter

    Hurry up and fix this broken **** or give me the ability to use my scope to remove Heavy Assault's shield and Light Assault's Jet pack! FFS
  18. Astraka

    I've been sniped off of my Wraith a few times by Reavers/Scythes already today. It's not a huge issue when I'm on foot in bases, but when I'm out in the open...

    And since when did you come to your senses and swear allegiance to the Republic?
  19. BloodyPuma

    Some people adapted to a very XXIcenturish passive life style of observer and serf with no voice, no contest opinion.

    As an adult person I see this as a big warning. Thats not the way as hundreds of previous generations were rised.

    If sameone be design, on purpopuse or accident is giving you something, and then takes away it step by step - It should rise your deepest concerns if you will not rise objection. From my job expierience - I dont want to insult anyone, thats academic matter - such person servilist behavior forces him to sign to the therapy cause it will harm his life/health in near future.

    We all know that SOE is cool company that makes a game that we all adore. Ive never liked anny mmo game before. PS2 just rocks because of the scale.

    Expanding process is simple. They make a change in small steps and observs number and a community. If something is deeply mage-core changing, votes arise to change it. Thats a normal process that I witness here from december. And it works in the big picture, but look ugly in a small picture. I cal live with it.

    Playing a cool-guy card and bashing others is toxic, game-halting and bad for a community.
    We have got many classess, many game options. But only one person ruining all discussions here, trying to kill every constructive process, who dont even play infiltrator.

    Ingore for the sake of beeing "constructive". If he will get back to normal - nobody will min it.
  20. Scan

    Was waiting for someone to notice that.

    Long story short:

    When this game was released, I was very interested in joining the TR. Their dedication, loyalty, honour and goals to unite humanity I found very appealing. I've been part of a clan for about 12 years. They had been NC in planetside 1, and as such I had to be too.

    Things didn't work out. (old issues, low activity, no clear direction) I left the clan. Joined another outfit which I did feel at home, but was split after about two months. I joined another outfit, very large, very respected, but because of its' sheer size, I found them to be abit unpersonal, and I was looking for a group of more like-minded people.

    I found them in the shape of the 2nd Combined Arms Core. Rank 3 on the server, relatively small, but each and every member being mature, skilled and on top of that very cool guys to hang out with. It seems when you shoot people often, they tend to remember your name, and I was very honoured to be invited in so quickly.

    Switching factions is not something I do lightly. Especially not since I had alot of SC and certs invested in that character. But in the end, what matters is that I enjoy myself. And I am enjoying myself more than I ever did within the NC.

    And as an added bonus.... I found NC makes for excellent target practice. :p
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