Infiltrators needs C4

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by ArcKnight, Dec 29, 2012.

  1. Ztiller

    We usually refer to those as AP-mines.
  2. ArcKnight

    are you doing this one purpose :mad:

    I was talking about getting different explosive options
  3. Sockpuppet

    Infiltrators had the ACE in PS1, and it wasn't insane then either. All it meant is you had to not be a dumb@$$ by parking your vehicle in one place and firing over and over like a moron. Made sense then, and it makes sense now. Here's a link for those of you who have NO idea what I'm talking about....check out the possibilities. An infiltrator could hold 5 in inventory at the cost of other items like health or ammo:
  4. DexterDanielA

    Cant agree more, I mean quite litrally im a sniping-C4 kinda guy, When I found out that C4 isn't for infiltraitor I FLIPPED. C4 is basically a guide to the game, I mean c4-Sniping (Anyone heard of it) is basically one of the only ways to win the game. Shure we can hack stuff and our abilitys are cool and all but we (and the max) Are the ONLY ones to not have C4. We are a crappy class in genral besides the OCASSIONAL sniping and all that. But befor anyone does add it it better be MAXED because we are the WORST class there is when snipers only have a pistol for a good gun in genral.
  5. salembeats

    C4 on an Infil would be OP.
    Giving Infils C4 would lead to either Infils being nerfed, C4 being nerfed, or both.

    Infils could use some sort of AV option, like an AV EMP device and/or vehicle hacking.

    C4, however, is out of the question.
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  6. Rikkit

    Give my Infiltrator c4, and there isn't a sunderer, or tank safe from death. it is incredible easy to sneak up to a tank as infiltrator.
    But i would love to have something like a dekonstruktor-tool,
    this thing could for example disable the eninge, and than slowly damge the vehicle, till it is gone....
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  7. MajiinBuu

  8. Takoita

    Of course they do! Boomers for everyone!

    Just to give it an extra twist, make their class-exclusive explosive kill all the crew inside the vehicle without actually blowing it up - to better hijack the vehicle if that ability ever makes it into the game.
  9. NowBreathingManually

    If Infils were given C4 it would be a replacement for their prox mines,
    then all land vehicles given motion scanner as a passive.
    I'm in favor of this specifically with both those conditions.

    Related input:
    - Engis don't really need C4.
    - Light Assault could use prox mines.
    - Medic shouldn't have any explosive utility, rather a deployable healing device, one users hit E to use.
  10. BillHaverchuck

    C4 would be OP but i would vote for tank mines. Imagine setting up tank mines in a passage and waiting for infantry to come. Remote detonation with sniper. BOOM!
  11. Stinneyt

    This is the compromise I would be happy with:

    Before they removed all the Infantry terminals, I was happy to have infiltrator with no C4.
    I could hack a terminal, switch to engineer/LA, lay Mines/C4, and switch back.

    Now they have removed many of the base infantry terminals, I believe that an infiltrator having the ability to carry 1 C4 is OK.

    Out of the 2 options though, I'd rather have more terminals to hack, and no C4.
  12. Bl4ckVoid

    Yeah they also need a deployable base turret, orbital strike, shotguns. And do not forget a death star!

    Cloakers are already the #1 annoyance on the battlefield with their ranged OHK weapon. They need a nerf not buffs.
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  13. Astraka

    Yeah, lets nerf things because they're annoying. :rolleyes:
  14. Wobulator


    This thread was created in 2012.
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  15. Vostogon


  16. GlueHead

    Why should infiltrators need c4? Just hack a terminal and change to what you canna do with the c4 and then go back to the terminal and change back to infiltrator. The end.
  17. Stinneyt

    I agree with this, only if there are more terminals to hack.
    but in a relatively recent patch they removed many (almost all) of the terminals, that were not in a spawn room.
  18. KnightCole

    Infils get C4? oh mother fn no they dont....

    Lets give the HEavy Assault Stalker cloak with his primary then...and he gets to keep his shield lol...

    Or, hell, let the heavy shield heal and block damage....along with stalker cloak and a primary...

    Infils with C4....cant see the million and 1 ways that would be absurdly OP as all hell.
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  19. Bl4ckVoid

  20. kingskorpio80

    As a BR72 with over 95% spent as CQC infiltrator( mainly Nynx, now Vandal, but once auraxiumed Nynx again ) I can tell you that we do have something against vehicle, no great options, mind you, but something. my two favourite are Crossbow with explosive dart and my fully certed on stealth suicide flash( the flash dies not me)