[Suggestion] Infiltrators can't have C4 Why should LA?

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Killerdude8, Mar 14, 2014.

  1. PastalavistaBB

    A single Infantry shouldn't be able to take out an MBT or Sunderer. It should require at least 4 bricks of C4 to kill an MBT. Then it would actually require teamwork. In a perfect world LAs wouldn't have C4, but it's their primary tool atm. They have the Jetpack which is actually their primary tool, but people seem to forget it.
  2. iller

    Infiltrators will get C4 .... once it's nerfed. (but not before MAX versatility is)

    And it will get nerfed. ....Sort by "users" and then look at the KPH, etc stats if you don't agree:

    For those who can't access the actual leaderboard: all board toppers with 5000+ kills also average over 100 KPH.
    It's the most overpowered explosive in the game, even after factoring against its resource price
  3. lawn gnome

    in most cases a tank is more than capable of murdering infantry long before they even get close. C4 charges only work if NO ONE IS PAYING ATTENTION. heavy assaults don't get to survive tank shells. and light assaults can't kill a sunderer with 2x C4 (that will leave it burning if it is unarmored). to fully kill an unarmored sunderer it takes 2x C4 charges and a rocket (armored sunderers require an additional 3x AV grenades for a complete kill). in any case for every other class besides light assaults you are required to run up and touch the heavily armed vehicle, and even light assaults must get VERY close because their jump packs have limited fuel.

    speaking as a heavy assault who specializes in murdering armor with C4, a decimator, and 4x AV grenades: getting close to plant C4 on ANY sort of vehicle when the vehicle or anyone around it could notice and rapidly end your day is already hard enough. i have to be better at stealth than most infiltrators i have seen or i will die.

    i think i deserve to be rewarded for going up and slapping a tank on the rear without being spotted.
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  4. eatcow0

    infiltrators already have c4 to use nonbeliever
    1: get engi w/ 3 c4
    2: put c4 on wraith cloak flash
    3: drive your stealthed bomber to enemy tank
    4: trigger the c4 to go off with the fury
    5: nom nom nom
  5. Rafutela

    Hmm How could I play Duck Hunt with my lightning if you remove C4 from LA ?

    My opinion:
    Ok it pisses me off when I get C4ed but then I realised it was my fault because:
    1- I parked my lightning too close of a tree/building and get greedy,
    2- I didn't pay attention and watched a stream on twitch (too confident),
    3- I didn't run scout radar,

    But I somehow changed my playstyle: when i drive my lightning, it's with my infiltrator, dropping a motion spotter lvl 5 when I am parked. Running Fire suppression & NAR allow me enough tempo and there is always a greedy engi somewhere running to repair you.
    That fit quite well my playstyle and always spot those fairies :)
  6. Copasetic

    KPH is a useless stat for this because it only counts the time you have the C4 "active", meaning you actually switched to it and have it out and ready to use. As soon as you switch to another weapon the time no longer counts to the KPH stat. So of course if I only pull out my C4 right before I'm going to use it its KPH is going to be much higher than a gun that I have active all the time when I'm running around.
  7. iller

    No it's not useless... b/c Rocket Launchers calculate the same way too and are the best barometer there is for a "Balanced" explosive ... yet none of them even come remotely CLOSE to the performance of C4 despite having a much more convenient "delivery system"

    Dropping a Prox mine next to it would work in theory too?, without forcing you to blow yourself up ... right?
    I mean the entire benefit of it Cloaking is that you don't have to panic ghost-ride it right into the Sunderer since no one is going to see you coming usually, which means you can more carefully park it right where a fresh respawn is guaranteed to trigger the Proxies too?

    I don't have C4 unlocked on my Engie but I might just try that tonight if there's a good chance it can work
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  8. Copasetic

    What makes them more balanced than C4? They're a different weapon meant for different circumstances, it's like comparing SMGs to sniper rifles.

    IMO C4 is the most balanced AV in the game. For one thing it costs resources like vehicles do. 200 resources nets me 2 kills if I'm lucky, while 450 resources can net a tank driver dozens of kills if he's smart about it. It's very effective in areas that are infantry dominated and totally ineffective everywhere else. It doesn't get in the way of vehicles fighting other vehicles like rocket launchers and MANA turrets do and can't be used outside of infantry render range like they can. I'm not sure what more you want from a balanced AV weapon.

    As for launcher KPH, it seems to be roughly half that of C4. Factor in time for reloads, acquiring locks and running around with them pulled out and waiting to be used, all of which add to the 'active' time much more than typical C4 use.
  9. lawn gnome

    my accuracy with tank mines is 1100%. should we nerf those too?
  10. MajiinBuu

    Is this thread seriously still going on?
  11. Koliup

    You can remove C4 from light assaults, IF they get the ability to hijack vehicles.
    Fair trade, eh?
  12. Niller

    Sure, give us a non-underslung grenade launcher to compensate.
  13. Niller

    In fact LA should get a tool slot, properly anti vehicle. After all LA is the other "Assualt class" I think LA should acces to a free type of cqc AV weapon making it a little more disireable class. Right now HA is spammed everywhere, due to extreme versatility, give LA a weaker light AV weapon and we can maybe be a little more usefull...
  14. Sandpants

    A swarm launcher - a rocket that splits in many more rockets. Low damage per rocket but covers a large area. Effective against infantry and vehicles and allows LA to harass groups of people or tanks.
  15. Regpuppy

    I honestly wish they'd just get rid of the C4 on LA, just so people can stop using it as a reason to hold off LA improvements. When you set aside C4 and stop pointing towards the jetpack like it's some overpowered god-rocket, it doesn't have much to it compared to the other classes. Engineer and Heavy assault most of all. All closes should feel as loaded as those two classes.
  16. lawn gnome

    honestly as a heavy assault i think i would be ok with LA getting a rocket shotgun as long as it had very limited ammunition and took about 2 hits to kill infantry.

    this is more than a little off topic though and probably needs it's own thread.
  17. WildCatNL

    I don't fully agree with the OP, but he does have a point up to a certain degree.

    Being able to carry two bricks of C4 spells doom to pretty much all ground vehicles with the exception of an armored sunderer.
    But the exact same can be said about other classes who can carry two bricks of C4.

    C4 carried by a medic, heavy assault or engineer might be just as deadly, but its the combination of high mobility what makes it an even more lethal cocktail in my opinion.

    9 out of 10 times my tank or sundy gets blown up with C4 by a light assault, the other one time I lose a vehicle to C4, is from a non-light assault class.

    Instead of complete removing C4 from the light assault, limiting it to one brick would be a better choice.
    *didn't read the whole post, so might have been suggested already*
  18. Whatupwidat

    Being C4'd is annoying when you've only just spawned a tank, but it's part of the game and quite realistic. Easiest way to take out a tank irl is to rush it with infantry, hence why tanks without infantry support don't tend to last long.

    Light assaults are not invisible, and tanks that get popped by them only really have their own inability to maintain battlefield awareness to blame.
  19. reydelchicken

    C4 is annoying for sure, but as long as you move around, even slightly you shouldn't have any issues with LA C4 fairies.
    If someone does land some C4 on a tank that's moving, then they definitely deserve the kill.
  20. PastalavistaBB

    There are skrubs that camp on top of towers or Amp Stations waiting to C4 newly spawned Tanks. Infantry is actively hunting Tanks when it should be the opposite.