[Suggestion] Infiltrators can't have C4 Why should LA?

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Killerdude8, Mar 14, 2014.

  1. Boomotang

    Sure they are. I've killed so many tanks, Harassers, and Sunderers with my Decimator.
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  2. quatin

    It's not that RL aren't good. It's that C4 better up close and RL is better from a distance.

    For most tankers, who just camp 300m away from the base and shell, C4 provides no real threat. It's the people who drive their lightnings into a tech plant that have to watch out for LA roof hopping.
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  3. nubery

    Here's an idea, try paying attention to what's around you and moving abit. Failing that invest in the proxy radar.
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  4. NeonNoodle

    What is the discussion? I've been reading thinking you've been trolling. Do you want Infs to have C4? Because if you thought it was bad now...Having the invisible man dropping explosives on your vehicle is not going to be fun for anyone. Also why would an Inf want to insta-gib vehicles up close, when they can insta-gib infantry from range with snipers and AI mines??

    Suggesting LAs are some how better than HAs at being AV is too funny. There are only a few specific circumstances where the jet pack actually has an advantage. A tanker has to worry when around cliffs, bio-labs, towers, and bases in general. If you decide to tank actively in these areas you should probably invest in scout radar or at least 3P and take a second to look around every once in a while. Of course if you just want to tunnel vision pew-pew at the spawn, a HA has just as good a shot of dumping C4 on your vehicle...and rocketing it for free to boot.

    Also I think the actual 'only argument' is LA has no other utility. Sure the JJs can get you to those high areas, but when you're only weapon is CQC, what does it even matter? "But you can use a shotty with slugs." Yes, but at that point I might as well pull an Infiltrator load out. The Dev-team has successfully blocked most of the base entrances that would give the JJs an advantage over other infantry. You cannot ADS or shoot from the hip with any accuracy while jumping anymore. While they have made other classes more versatile they've been making the LA class role more specific. If you hate taking stairs, LA is still the best class.
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  5. Killerdude8

    Give LA a Standalone Grenade Launcher akin to the UBGL, except not **** and AR's, A Fair tradeoff, Wouldn't you agree?
    Either that, Or buff AT rockets, 4 rockets to kill a completely Stock MBT is a bit much.
  6. JonboyX


    There IS no dedicated anti-tank class.

    There are several classes (and vehicles) with abilities that contribute towards ant-vehicle. Maxes get AV projectiles. Heavies get rockets, AV nades and C4. Engineers get Mines, C4 and AT Turrets. Light assaults get C4. Other tanks get AP, planes rockets, and liberators get the shredder or dalton.

    Two C4s are hardly an instagib given their placement time. If you're going to claim instagib, then 3 tank mines are just as fast. One C4, and a rocket up the bum to detonate it is pretty rapid also.

    If you mean to say that C4 is overpowered, then that's not anything to do with Light Assaults ...other than you're too near a base.
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  7. NeonNoodle

    New weapons sound good, but no one wants to see light assaults have any weaponry that's not CQC though. I can see their point I suppose. You wouldn't want some one who can fly to the top of a third story building shredding you with an AR.

    Buffing rockets is also dangerous. There are already players exploiting the rocket launcher as it is. Squad up with an engie and a couple more HAs at warp gate and have a Galaxy drop you on top of a high point and spam for days. This kind of exploitative play got the Striker nerfed into uselessness.

    I would actually trade C4 for something more set it and forget it like AI mines. Suicide runs on armor is not all it's cracked up to be.
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  8. Killerdude8

    I suppose it could balance out if only Dumbfire rockets got a buff, You'd have a choice between Ease of use and raw power.
  9. TheBlindFreak

    xD I nearly passed out laughing there.

    But seriously, if you think the difference between a tank shelling from 2 towns over (being useless) and a tank up close to the action (being useful) is only about distance, then you aren't much of a tanker.

    If you're that close to the base, then you should be prepared for infantry trying to take you out. You're a high-priority target. Knowing that, you can be careful where you stop and be aware of your surroundings.

    Seriously, "knowing is half the battle".
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  10. K2k4

    You got it. Of course I would whine about tank vs infantry balance. There is no balance. The tank has every advantage over infantry. It is a stupid argument to Nerf anything that has a remote chance to take a tank out. It's like somehow the sense of entitlement has clouded rationality. Don't like getting c4ed? Get a Gunner. You don't even need a gunner if you don't put yourself in harms way.
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  11. Malcmodnar

    No, I do not agree. Anyone who remembers what things were like before the C4 and HE AoE nerfs will tell you that explosives spam is not fun. I've said it before, I'll say it again: Light Assault does not need to be able to kill more. We can already do a fairly decent job of that already (though why we lack ARs is beyond me). Turning us into an easy cert machine will only ensure we get nerfed back into the ground.

    We need more disruption tools, not raw firepower. C4 provides targeted disruption of enemy forces, much like sniping in infantry combat. Unlike sniping, however, it requires that we get to point blank range mostly unseen and forces us to pay 200 resources per shot, hit or miss. This is balanced by the relative value of targets. C4ing a Sunderer is much the same as sniping a Medic: both remove a key part of the enemy strategy quickly enough that it is difficult to counter. Sniping is less risky, but C4 can remove a higher value target.

    That's why I support C4. It's not a mass-murder weapon (its AoE is too pitiful to kill more than a few people, and only that with plenty of luck). It's a disruptive tool, designed to cripple the enemy strategy. A grenade launcher (or similar explosive weapon) would allow us to simply slaughter an attacking force, which would go well into imbalance.
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  12. SenEvason

    Oh god no. You don't want LAs to be running around with dedicated GL's. The UBGL's were bad enough before, you don't want to give someone who can jumpjet onto different floors the power to decimate squads from range. I say this as someone who has had a lot of fun with a GL loadout on my LA.
  13. bonkfire

    Bottom line. If you don't want your tank to get c4'd stay away from objects taller then you. Or maybe have a gunner on your tank to protect you from infantry Thats why tanks can have secondary guns
  14. Ryme

    It's not their fault. Compared to what SOE deems "fair" for Air, tanks must look like suicide wagons.
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  15. Tenebrae Aeterna

    Don't know why this thread still exists...Light Assaults get C4, no reason why they shouldn't...
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  16. KnightCole

    Or nerf tank armor.....It was kinda better back when tanks didnt take 10 rounds to kill...

    Oh and the tank didnt take 10 rounds to kill an infantry cuz the blast was much bigger.
  17. Skylight

    Okay, you're right, Heavy Assault can't instagib a tank. But it can engage a tank at more than 3 meters.

    If you're letting infantry get close to your tank, then it means you're either not paying any attention at all, or you're taking the tank into an area with lots of cover where infantry have the advantage, and playing to THEIR strengths.

    This thread is a "I got killed because I made a mistake, nerf pls" in disguise.
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  18. Killerdude8

    It's more an observation in a disparity between 2 classes, Not much else.

    All I'd like for is the Shape Charge Rocket to be more effective at killing armour, rather than a brick of fiery poof.
    Giving LA this Brick only amplifies it's ability.
  19. RebelRanger

    XD The idea of this is asinine. Light assaults need C4, they're underpowered enough as they are. And there is no designated AT class. Sure, how about we make the heavy rockets kill a tank with a few shots, but let's take away their LMG too, so they're an "AT" class. The heavy is a great all around class, with the best grenade for infantry combat in the game, plus their LMGs pack a punch(Oh did I mention they have a shield that pretty much doubles their health?). I play LA a lot and pretty much the only tanks I take out are ones that have themselves in a position the makes it easy. We can't exactly fly over the battlefield dropping C4 as we please. If you get blown up by C4 it's because you're in a bad position.
    Honestly, if you get blown up by C4 you should try the LA class(with C4). See what they can do so you'll know how to avoid them.

    If anything the LA class need a buff, not another nerf.
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  20. lawn gnome

    i don't think we should take C4 entirely away from the light assaults, but i would like to see a slightly nerfed version of it for them. maybe give them 3 charges to carry that do the same job as the standard 2. they would still be able to do the same jobs with them but it would take slightly longer. it would also make them a little more flexible in how they could use the charges as light assaults.

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