[Suggestion] Infiltrators can't have C4 Why should LA?

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Killerdude8, Mar 14, 2014.

  1. Killerdude8

    This is how we Nerf C4 without Nerfing C4, The LIGHT assault Class, Should not be able to Tango with any form of Heavy armour, Even moreso to the point where a Single LA can Insta-gib an MBT, While the Dedicated AT Class cannot.

    Supposed to be a Light Assault class, Should only be restricted to AI based attacks, Either that or Buff the HA Rockets against Armour.
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  2. Riddlley

    Let's take the jetpack too, then it will just be some guy with a carbine... Wait, did I just describe an engineer? Light assaults were intended as fast attack commando's. That's why they have C4. While I don't like C4 instgibbing a tank, it takes a full 4 seconds to do it.

    A lot of people have brought this up. I drive tanks and fly aircraft, but the best way to know you are doing it wrong is by getting C4'd. You have access to a proximity radar for your tank, and tanks also travel much faster than infantry. Don't stay in once place, and don't drive under bridges. Don't sit inside a base. You will die.

    I personally am one of the people who thinks C4 should not ignore a tanks directional armour. But hey, sunderers are more heavily armoured than MBTs at the moment.

    The alternative is an even weaker rear end on the tanks. This was the case back in beta, and tanks died a lot more. 1 rocket was all it took back then. Takes two now.
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  3. CommanderMichael

    I do believe he has a point here.

    So, let's say I am the guy who, Instead of spawning into a base to "Defend" +Points, goes to another base / the Warpgate.
    I'd Spend -TIME & -Resources and then spend more -TIME driving to the base where I'll be attacking / defending.
    Some light assault @$z-wipe who, among spending the last 5 minutes +Farming, sees my tank in the distance. Having no one else to Jump down and kill with their obviously Over-powered (Don't even get me started) Shotgun, The light assault will spend the slightest bit of -Time getting over to my tank, which is inevitably accessible via A rooftop or Tree considering the extremely CROWDED Base structure of ALL Bases. At a mere 200 infantry -Resources which he will be making back through the 500-1200+ XP/Resources for Easy-Moding a tank, that light assault, (Being that he is over level 15-20 and has half a brain) is almost GUARANTEED a Tank kill.

    Also, with the rooftops thing, It's not just LA's. Any medic/heavy/engie that's on a balcony or by a window (with C4) can obliterate a tank.
    Most tanks sit off in the distance with 2/3x Zoom and Spawn Camp or Building Camp because Taking a tank and actually doing anything with it would be against the Farmer's Code. Which makes Tank battles Crappy AF, btw. My AP Magrider takes 6-8 shots on the Front of a Vanguard TO SET ON FIRE. Him? 2-3. Not worth it. If I wanted to waste 400 Resources, There are much better ways.

    Therefore, I've stopped playing tanks. It's a big waste of time and resources. When 1 clip of pods or 2 C4 can make everything you did for nothing, it makes the 200+500 cert combo for C4 a LOT more useful than a "Heavy Tank" And if you've ever gotten your vehicle killed within 30 seconds of getting it out (BR100 No life ESF's are famous for this), you know what I'm talking about.

    Why would you waste your time getting in any kind of Turret or Vehicle to face a Prowler or Vanguard when 2 C4 will wipe the grin right off their face?
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  4. Ravenorth

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  5. DevDevBooday

    Sure, lets remove the C4 on Light Assault, but what would be its point then? Apart from a jet pack it will have no advantage over an Engineer.
    Is JUST a jetpack worth not having Anti-Tank mines, Mana turret, ammo packs and a repair tool?
    Its already the most unequipped class in the game and you want to remove the only bit of kit it has?

    No thanks.
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  6. Killerdude8

    You cannot deny that something is seriously Wrong, when the AI class can Insta gib a Tank, when the Dedicated Anti Tank class cannot do anything remotely as effective as that.

    Besides, If you're ok with the Guy with the JetPack Insta gibbing tanks, surely you find it acceptable for the Invisible guy to do the Same, because the Infiltrators are Recon units that Sabotage and Hack the enemies arsenal.
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  7. Daibar

    enough with the hate, your logic is fail OP, because 1 class doesn't get it, others should have their **** removed?
    geezus christ, do you shower in dirty water to get rid of the filth on your body?

    well.. lets explore the logic of "roles" instead of personal responsability and awareness.

    Medics are healers, therefor, no weaponry at all, just bandages, and LOTS of them.
    Engineers are mechanics, no weaponry, only a pit in the warpgate where they can repair vehicles.
    LA is an assault class that's light and therefore should not get C4.
    heavies should get extra rockets but to counter the whole Mana-turret effect, should be unable to move when using the launcher/heavy shield and have a 4 second delay.
    Maxes should not be able to be ressurrected by medics, because they are machines, but since Engineers can't leave the warpgate, they are just S.O.L.
    infiltrators should wear a disguese, but only as an engineer of the opposit faction, because they are spies.....

    OR.... you could stop trolling when you got blown up and grow a pair and take some responsibility for your own failures as a gamer and get better, instead of trying to have the entire game altered to suit your failure.

    i would say, have a nice day, but right now i'm just thinking.. go away OP.
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  8. Killerdude8

    The Dedicated AT class is incapable of instagibbing Tanks.

    They didn't give Infiltrators C4 because it has invisibility, Which would give it the same advantage LA has over tanks.

    It's just so damn baffling when I watch an HA take 4 Rockets to kill me, when an LA Instagibs me in less time than it takes to Reload a single AT rocket.
    This is how we "Nerf" C4, without actually Nerfing it, Either this or they can Buff Tanks resistance to C4, because quite frankly it's a bit ridiculous.

    Maybe to replace the LA C4, Give the class a Proper Grenade Launcher, Akin to the UBGL, but more powerful.
  9. CommanderMichael

    Let's just make sure we bring up the Fact that MAXes and Tanks are just as boned. You spend all this time / wait all this time for Resources (350 for a max, 400 for a tank, Something is definitely off there) for half of them to be gone and the very, VERY likely chance you will be C4'd.

    When they messed up the resource cost of vehicles and maxes, I thought it was "Just for now" and "For testing Purposes" or something.. Haven't seen a VS Max Crash on Connery that WASNT during a Bio Lab Alert or a LAST STAND when a base is completely over-run and the "Magical Tunnels" are being camped.

    The problem here Looks like it's the LA with their C4.. but really it's things like Phalanx Turrets taking 4-6 shots to kill Tank, and because Turrets have this weird "+5 seconds on fire but I can keep firing" thing before they blow up, you're going to be either A) Dead , B) Mostly Dead or C) On fire and about to be Dead.. and that's just 1 turret. Not to mention the camping tanks and heavies, AV turrets, C4, etc. This is no game for tanks, :/
  10. Daibar

    last time i checked... the heavy class also have access to the C4 weaponry? did this change?
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  11. CommanderMichael

    You lost me here. Didn't even finish reading your post. Play more, then come talk.
  12. CommanderMichael

    Yes they do. Deci + C4 loadout = Vehicle / Infantry DEATH :)
  13. CommanderMichael

    My bad OP, this is your thread.. I was just browsing while the servers were down and I really related to your problems. All of the Crappy "additions" to the game started on the forum, So Instead of just complaining about them in-game, I wanted to bring up the issues here, where they, at SOME point, are brought up and dealt with in one way or another. Not saying certain things haven't been swept under the rug.. Remember when jumping on an incline gave you a Jump "boost"? Remember Every Class being able to Scale up Perimeter barriers (The outer walls of Amp Stations) ? Those were silent nerfs that were VERY, VERY LOUD to me.

    See you on the other side?
  14. Daibar

    my point was, simply working with the idea that because 1 class has a "role" as defined by any random dude on any random forum, then we should take it to the extreme to point out how idiotic an idea the original argument of LA not having C4 is using the same logic.

    so i took the medic to the same extreme, they have c4, of course they shouldn't if we follow the logic of the original idea, because their "role" is to heal.

    (now, this is where you realise that of course i don't believe that medics should get this bullocked change, but sometimes you have to use big letters and paint a picture for those who fail to not fall into the trap of tunnelvision)

    every class except for the infiltrator gets the C4 option, every tankdriver who knows his worth does not offer anyone a chance to get close to his vehicle, to me this OP sounds like a "i got taken to the cleaners because i was not paying attention to the game around me and i'm looking to blame ANYTHING but myself" and i'm calling bull on the argument.
  15. Killerdude8

    Well alright, Let's not define the Classes by any specific role, Let's give Infiltrators C4 as well.
    Fair enough.

    A 200 Resource endeavour with no cooldown, Should not be able to instantly destroy a 450 Resource item with a 20 minute cooldown without any true risk.
    Just fly into their blind spot, and they'll have literally no time to react. At least with MAXes/HA/AV Mana turrets, You have time to react and perform evasive maneuvers.

    On other classes, You have to run up to the target, well within their LoS and place it on your target, High risk, High Reward. On the LA class, You completely bypass the Risky part and head straight for the reward.
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  16. Riddlley

    Yes, I agree that c4 is a bit ridiculous. I've stated already that I believe it shouldn't be that easy to kill a tank. The problem as it stands is that light assault doesn't have any other utility available to it. Given the trend on AI weapons the grenade launcher wouldn't last long before it got nerfed though. Personally, I think mine guard should protect against it. Similar to how composite armour for libs protects against Dalton's now. Could also make it so that its placed similar to ammunition packs and has a placement timer.

    I don't know. Its a bandaid covering up the massive accessibility that tanks present. Everyone can get one easily. That's the problem.
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  17. AuntLou42

    Dude it's bad enough LA has no tool and has been nerfed to kingdom come. Now you want to take away C4? It's the only thing that the LA has going for it even though it's been nerfed itself.
  18. Daibar

    no, you're missing the point again, i'm not advocating for infils to get C4, there is still a balance issue to maintain.

    it's 2 seconds per c4 bar you throw, you need 2 to get rid of any vehicle except the flash.
    (anyone riding a harasser without the blokade is asking for trouble imo)
    there is a cooldown, the cooldown is 15 seconds for each failed attempt, often you only get off 1 bar before you're shot to hell
    suddenly, that 200 infantry ressource (IR) now costs 300, fail again and it's 400, fail again and it's 500
    trust me when i say, it's not that easy, i play infantry mainly, if you see me in a vehicle, i'm using it for transport, nothing more, i'll gladly sacrifice an ESF to get anywhere, the vehicle holds no value to me since i'm more dangerous on my infantry char.
    the 20 min cooldown you can cert into, should bring it down to 5 minutes, it did last time i checked anyways.
    but 5 min cooldown.
    for each of those attempts we fail to get a tank, he collects resources, xp and certs.
    there is a risk even if you're not willing to acknowledge it, it's all a matter of view.

    since i major in the LA class, i have to tell you, that's seldom the case, now and again it works, mostly it doesn't.
    again, you have your view, i have mine.

    again, everyone of us have to run up to our targets to place the c4, if you jumpjet around, you stick out like a soar thumb.
    you become target #1 for anyone and because of the slow speeds on the JJ's thanks to the constant whining of people who DON'T play LA, you're a sitting duck.
    the fastest way is actually getting a flash with cloak, place c4 on that and have a buddy deliver it for you and detonate on his word.
    so no, there's no bypassing the risky part, it's all risky for all of us.
    if the LA was so awesome, why are there so few playing the class?
    most don't even know how to use the class in a group, a good deal of squadleaders and platoonleaders simply ignore the class because they don't have the imagination to use it.
    so when you're spouting LA-Nerf songs, it gets my piss boiling because it's frankly enough. the class have suffered so many nerfs, directly or indirectly that removing the C4 would cripple it and people would abandon it for good.
    there's no tool for the LA, the devs have no ******* clue what to do with it. because their suggestion is to give it dual vield.. pointless in this game.
    play the LA class more than any other class you play and see for yourself, it's powerful in some situations yes. mostly due to people not paying attention to the 3rd dimension, it's not the class or the C4, it's lack of own awareness that makes the victim cry out.
    anyone sees us and we're toast most of the times...

    but like i said.. play it more than any other class and you'll see
    more than 4% (12 minutes) anyways...least played class on the char killerdude8

    when you have more gametime on your LA compared to all other classes, then come back and lets talk how you feel then.

    have a good night and try not to cry nerf every time you get wiped by someone who got the better of you.
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  19. DerEchteSpatz

    Oh man! Go trolling somewhere else.
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  20. Tentakewls

    I think we got the winner for dumbest thread of 3/14.
    I'm looking forward to reading your post about removing all guns and explosives from medics and engineers.
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