Infiltrators and the next update

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  1. VoidC

    Nano armor cloak is useless, since you can't shoot out of it (Small duration, and long recharge).
  2. Drsexxytime

    SMGs should be Inf only, but that limits SOE's cash-grab. Unless they give each faction's Inf a special SMG that's better, noticeably better, than the other common pool. Then Inf's will actually maybe start doing their purpose of infiltrating since they stand a good chance against the other classes finally.
  3. CosyPigeon

    Meh, I honestly don't think Smg's will make infiltrators that good at CQC, cloak is quite visible at close range, and infiltrators are more squishy than other classes.
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  4. Xocolatl

    Don't know about you, or anyone else, but I know that I will have about 1 sec load in + another second of stutter after I got hacked out. So yeah...generally I'm dead meat no matter what.

    A "Magnum" , i.e. high damage, high recoil, low magazine cap pistol would work fine for me in CQC.

    The thing that you are missing is that even in CQC, you are still not supposed to just run in and shoot people head on. You still have to be sneaky sneaky, try to flank people, and your real objective will still be to hack terminals and overload objectives. Having just slightly better CQC option to help defend yourself if you are caught by straggler soldiers is plenty good.

    Also, not sure why you would want to keep the rifle and get a secondary weapon that is competent at CQC in the same build. Wouldn't that be..OP? It would be excellent for those who are just out for kills, but I think INF should have to pick their roles based on disrupting the enemy (sniping prime targets in open battle, or playing spy in base, not snipe and then go on a hunt).
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  5. DukeFlash

    Your thread title is " Infiltrators and the next update ", it sounded like you wanted to discuss Infiltrators on the whole.
  6. Fluff

    Why the hell would a infiltrator NOT be mincemeat at close range? The entire power they have is at long range not close range, if you are at close range and you are infiltrator you should be deadmeat point blank, you cannot... I repeat CANNOT play both roles that becomes OVERPOWERED you are either great at long range and mediocre at close and vice and versa but NEVER both.
  7. Ozrik

    They should improve the full auto scout rifles imo, either up the mag size alot or increase the damage so they can be threat in CQC.
  8. Brickwalker

    as an infiltrator,I like the full auto rifles that are already available..

    unless the the smg's are ridiculously better somehow,I dont see myself switching over to them.

    Love my Artemis too much.
  9. Brickwalker

    All other classes can be effective at long,short,and any ranges in between..

    why not the infiltrator as well?
  10. PandoraAce

    You do realize the SMG will be the lowest damage weapon in the game with terrible accuracy? You can't hit anything past 20 meters and if you do you won't deal any damage to it.

    Also, you do realize the armor cloak only works when it's active and while it's active you can't shoot?

    Infiltrators will suck balls just as hard as before.
  11. Drsexxytime

    They will hit at least as hard as pistols as they should have the same ammunition damage value to them. They should be the fastest firing weapons in the game to boot, with good magazine size. It would be a needed buff to INFs.

    They should roll these SMGs out ASAP, not the 30th.
  12. Albatross039

    Give us the backstab instant kill trick and that's all we needed
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  13. Awesism

    There's also the issue that it takes time for you to uncloak before you can shoot and you make a noise that may as well be replaced with you're character shouting "Hey buddy! Turn around quickly, I'm right here!"
  14. MeltingCPU


    It wouldn't be OP because it's not like we don't do it already with point blank bolt action + knife. We'd do it better and suits the class playstyle nicely.
  15. Nephera

    Nano armor cloaking is not particularly useful.

    Personally i have been using the close range semi auto sniper rifle with a 1x reflex for short range work and as a battle rifle. no hipfire accuracy but its a 2-3 shot kill and actually has velocity.
  16. hostilechild

    Semi-auto sniper rifle with a low power scope is deadly at short-med range in the right hands. Yes up super close its hipfire is crap even with the barrel in their face. If you use to run and gun in TF with a sniper you know what i mean super fast twitch, scoping.

    But good snipers even with the bolt action have turned around and shot me with 10x scope, then tried to knife me before i killed them. (a few headshot me :mad:) I need to get the surround sound headset they were using ;)
  17. TheEvilBlight

    I wish I knew why they made an SR *AND* a close-quarter variant when they're basically the same weapon but with different loadouts. :| (for instance, the VS's Spectre and the Phantom).
  18. albeido

    im with ^^ on this one. in the end without a perma cloak no amount of hit absorbtion will make infiltrator work. ps1 infiltrator ftw!
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  19. TheEvilBlight

    Not sure if I miss infil-boomering, but...
  20. CosyPigeon

    An infiltrator at close range with an SMG is still at a major disadvantage due to having 100 less base shield. Also, who made you game designer and said you could pigeon hole the infiltrator into only a long range role? Infiltrators allready have full auto scout rifles, and the recon detect devise is designed exclusively for use at close range. Not all infiltrators want to sit on a hill and snipe all day, some of them actually do useful things, like INFILTRATING. Getting inside enemy bases, hacking important terminals, trapping important objectives, and assassinating enemy engineers and AA maxes. And if an infiltrator takes an SMG, I really don't see how they'd be good at both long range and close range, I doubt an SMG would be useful at long range at all.