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  1. Tnsr

    Why do I feel so ******** as an Infiltrator in this game? I played snipers (and all sorts of classes) in many, many FPS, but in PS2 they feel so underpowered, even at what they should be good at, the sniping.

    I am playing as NC and start of with a bolt action sniper rifle. That's fine, but instantly I recognized the HUGE delay between holding the breath and the more stable crosshair. Bolt actions are supposed to kill enemies on extreme ranges and this often results in a guessing game when the enemy is going to stand still or what movements he will do next. The delay until the crosshair stands still with hold breath is a neckbraker for 80% of all attempts to snipe at very long ranges. Mostly the enemy is moving again until I can attempt to take the shot. Seriously, when I hit holding the breath the crosshair must be more stable INSTANTLY. Everything else makes bolt action sniping a mess.

    The cloak detector....well.... after playing about 20 hours I didn't have a single situation where I needed it. Maybe something more usefull?

    The melee weapon. A single shot pistol and no real alternative. Well, this is a tricky one, but I really hope there are also coming semi and automatic pistols like in BF. I know Infiltrators are no assaults, but a little more versatility and sometimes making something uncommon is also nice, I like to go melee from time to time or take over a point is definetely what I also want to do. You know... people will start to cry about snipers only sitting around on range and being useless very soon. The hate on snipers happen in every FPS. But mostly the truth is because we snipers don't have any other chance. So please give us (semi) automatic pistols.Or even SMGs if you are going to play a (semi) automatic sniper, which brings you nearer to the action anyway. I can't remember when I played the last action orientated FPS where snipers didn't get any automatic secondary. BF3, BC2... Firefall even has SMGs for us.

    Why can't we Infiltrators use that sexy jetpack to reach higher places? Especially our class should get that thing to hide in trees and other sneaky places. This is our job. I would gladly exchange my cloaking device for a jetpack.

    And why don't we get more points for intel? I get 10 XP for something that gets killed. When I play medic I get a ******** of XP for healing. 75 for reviving and then more XP for healing them afterwards. Why do you guys make the same mistakes like BC2 and BF3 where the medic got his XP for healing, where the assault got his XP for droping ammunition and the engineer for repairing stuff. And we snipers? We get XP for kills. The same amount as all the other classes do?
    HELLO? Do you guys at SOE live in your own little universe where you didn't recognize the faults of other FPS so you could avoid them? No, you just copy them. Seriously, I can't understand this one.
    Wake up please! Give us more deserved XP for playing scout sniper roles. Giving intel to my team is sometimes more fun than sniping around. We should get automatically 5 XP for every enemy and vehicle we spot for our team, If it gets killed or not. Or give us bonus XP for every headshot based on the range, 1 extra XP for every 2 meters of range.

    Overall I feel you guys at SOE missed the last 10 years of development of the Infiltrator/sniper classes. Barely seen a more dull attempt to implement the sniper class into a FPS. Give them a sniper rifle and we are done with the class?
    Overall I made the same amount of XP in about 5 hours of medic as in more than 15 hours Infiltrator. Just fail.
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  2. Aktarus

    looks like you want to be chuck norris ....

    Srsly you start with the most powerfull and accurate sniper rifle from the 3 factions how can you QQ about it , L2P.
    the NC bolt action starter rifle is probably one of my best XP income from every class ... with the headshot bonus , killstreak bonus etc you can make more xp than a base cap and really fast.

    Btw you didnt even notice that the shadow gun if you're NC is an auto rifle, you are QQing about getting things that are already in game......

    there is actually multiples probs with the infiltrator but your thread is just a wall of QQ about things that are fine.
  3. Tnsr

    Ok, you are not the brightest of them all, it's ok. Just for you:

    I don't QQ about the sniper rifle.
    I don't QQ about the automatic rifle, but if you show me how to us it as a secondary I'd be glad.

    Learn to read before you want to troll.
  4. Timeraider

    yeey for infiltrators being able to have 25+ killstreaks consisting out of only headshots easily and still have people complaining about them being bad.. yeey!
  5. Imperialus

    You want to see something scary. Team up with another (decent) infiltrator. Find a nice little hidey hole and time your shots together. You will be able to shred entire assaults, lock down spawn points, ect. Like most everything else in this game the experience is improved immensely even if you're playing with one more player.

    Also, consider how to make every shot count more. Plink a medic who's in the middle of rezzing someone, drill a hole through the head of an engineer repairing a vehicle. Bonus points if it's the vehicle owner, don't waste your ammo firing at a HA who has his shield up, aim for the support targets.

    Another fun thing to try as an infil is to put your cloak on, flank a group of enemies and use your pistol. The NC pistol hits like a truck and 2 or 3 shots will drop anything short of a max. Put your cloak back on and run for cover.
  6. Analord

    Cloak is good when someone is firing you at a distance and you don't know where they are. Cloak, and crouch and that will save your sweet ***.
  7. Gray Olson

    I like most of this. I agree with the XP part immensely and I think the jetpack idea is key - see my thread "the real problem with infiltrators." However I don't agree with the pistol and rifle part. The pistols and rifles in the game currently are definitely balanced well... the thing that's not balanced well is the melee. We need to have some kind of cert that allows us to OHK (one hit kill) melee from behind someone.
  8. Aktarus

    that a huge priceless QQ about bolt action when they actually are Easy to use and one of the most easy way to get insane Killstreak

    i knew it before this hilarious answer dude , basically as i said you want to be chuck norris , a jetpack in the back , a sniper in 1 hand and a smg in the otehr one . you're the only troll here .

    you're a bad sniper just deal with it
  9. Tnsr

    Thx for telling me how to play sniper classes.
    All I know is the amount of XP is just a glimpse to what other classes can make. All I want is to get the desved XP for the work we do. And giving intel to the team as a scout sniper is often the difference between winning and losing. So I think we should get something for doing the job. Not only for killing.
    And I am a bad sniper? Dude, my aiming and skills are good enough to know I am the best around, and if I feel there's something wrong, even if it is just a little thing with big impact, I can name it. The delay between holding the breath and the stable crosshair is just too big.
  10. Gray Olson

    That's the worst attitude ever. If you can't see that snipers are useless for everything except getting long killstreaks then you're not so bright. Oh, wait, LONG KILLSTREAKS ARE ******* USELESS IN PLANETSIDE 2.
  11. Scorponok

    thats all that acually counts in the game..kills and exp, rest isnt.But if snipers are such a issue why not just remove it and problem is fixed nothing to argue about.
  12. Tnsr

    Remove the sniper class calls are as old as the sniper class itself :)
  13. Aktarus

    you should read the end of my first comment , when i mention that yeah infiltrators got many prob , the OP just dont point any of them and QQ about things that we already have and just need to be tweaked or things that we dont need to have like jetpack

    i mean this one : "there is actually multiples probs with the infiltrator but your thread is just a wall of QQ about things that are fine."

    i start to see why some people QQ about things that are fine, you guys are just to blind to read everything so how could you snipe.
  14. Gray Olson

    How can you say that? All that matters in PS2 is taking territory.... kiss caring about your K/D goodbye and actually help capture bases... that's what's important, THAT'S THE POINT OF THE GAME!
  15. Gray Olson

    Not my thread bro. I think that increasing exp for class-specific actions would be great, would you not agree?
  16. Scorponok

    really? and what does terf do for you? nothing....the resources are so easily gained its not funny...keep terf gives no XP..no XP no Certs...no certs no new toys,only point is to attack bases and cap them get the XP and move on.

    And the best part is that you can just randomly attack bases on the map no need to follow any guidelines like ps1 its free for all :D
  17. Aktarus

    long range heashot is 150+ xp per kill and you can easily chain them for a killstreak bonus , over 30 xp per hack + spot xp + sunderer spawn xp if you drop one at a good spot near a biolab you get a rain of xp falling down while you camp your sniping spot , how could i whine about the xp. ofc i got the xp bonus because i suscribed ,but keep in mind its a Free 2 Play game wich mostly mean Free 2 PAY , they are not designed to give you the best gaming experience for free ......

    i approve at 200% that infil need some changes but it mostly need things like various types of mines and the abilty to be effective as an aggressive recon with a decent CqC/mid rifle ( NC already have the Shadow rifle for that buts its a piece of **** ) hacking vehicles ,or the abilty the inject various type of virus like it was in PS1....

    OR at long range with some snipe boost or lets imagine stuff like laser targeting for missile launcher or stuff like that , but not both at the same time as the OP suggest it.
  18. cyadra

    My problem with the sniper is the lack of any useful addons to the weapons. A flashlight on a sniper rifle? A grip that is useless on a bolt action? A muzzle loader is ok if your by yourself, but in the middle of heavy combat its useless. The scopes are a joke, you only really need the 12X. You could do just as well with any bolt action and about an hour's worth of practice.
  19. Incarnadine

    The delay time on the hold breathe is pretty annoying granted, but snipers themselves are fine. INFILTRATORS on the other hand are gimped. Infiltrating requires some CQC work, and they fail at it. Cloak is too visible, the scout rifles blow... there needs some work there, but not on sniping aside from removing the hold breathe delay or lowering scope sway in general a little
  20. Aktarus

    i dont find it annoying , it mostly let you the time to adjust your aim on 1 target and try your shot , wich is realistic , + when you are used to snipe its still not so hard to drop an headshot when your not holding breath.

    with a longer breath holding we would be OP