Infiltrator update pushed back again

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by Snowkea, Jul 31, 2013.

  1. Corezer

    bring back the phantasm!

    no nose gun plz, we already know how that went lol!

    Make it so it can only cloak if the pilot is infiltrator.
  2. Sneakier

    That was a big mossie, am actualy suprise that the "oiled killing machine" had blood in it
  3. Bape

    Another month this is the 3rd time they pushed it back now I don't even feel like playing game is seriously boring without any fun updates.
  4. Hobosapien

    Recon drone Should have "weapons." by weapons i mean something like a recon dart, maybe around half the damage of a pistol round, sticks to the character (or wall) for say up to 7.5 seconds max rank? (testing needed, duh, 2.5,3.5,4.5,5.5,6.5,7.5? or maybe 5.0 inc to 7.5 over 6 lvls by .5 per?) and maybe reveals other enemies out to 5ish meters? (or less, 2/2/3/4/5/6M progress? test moar! check it out! maybe 25/75/150/250/500/1000 certs?) Hell, infinite ammo on say a 3-4 sec CD per shot wouldn't be all that nuts, especially if the drone is the size of a torso, or maybe 2.5 or so heads. Possibly increase fire rate with cert level, but I think it should stay static with the other upgrades factored in. (Yes! A VS player not wanting a new toy to be OP, Holy auraxium!). Give it a recon peashooter of sorts, would be way more worth the certs than just a spotter cam, that's what stalkers will be when they get that perfect vantage point. I should have to run away as a drone instead of stay 200m up at an amp station mashing my Q. I'm thinking flying engy turrets with **** damage and a recon flair. People getting a hit marker will definitely look up more as well, increasing the risk of detection with every enemy you tag, meaning you egress routes will become much more important as you plan your recon runs.
    PS: ALSO! something for the art department to consider: faction based sounds of recon darts! We have faction cloaking, why not darts? Who's listening in on my team? When I hear a dart now I get paranoid, but when I hear a non faction cloak I'm a tad more fearful.
  5. Jkar

    Personally I'd like to have an EMP pulse with slow recharge where you have to risk the drone by flying near enemies to kill their shields and special abilities. It would be very useful if the EMP pulse could also disable repair and medic tools for a moment so you can actively do something against those medic balls and MAX walls. The EMP pulse should have limited use against vehicles (perhaps only remove their crosshair for a bit so they're less effective) but in any case it should at least reward you with assist exp for everyone / everything affected.
  6. CuteBeaver

    yeah see... Id go for a giant flash light. Maybe something with a nice flash gernade effect on it would be really funny. Spots everything within a certain radius of the light if in LOS when the flash effect goes off.. It might be a good idea to have a toggle for the flash light, otherwise it would probably die in like 2 seconds. The beam itself besides bring bright, could be used to direct friendlies towards a target or illuminate where they should be going.

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  7. Astraka

    As long as I could shout proximity chat through it too.
  8. Syphers

    Too late. They just throw these dates so ppl keep faith and linger on but infact they were probably not even working on it back in may - the initial release date and june.

    ******* hell programming an ability like the stalker cloak takes a day or two. A few hours to tune in the coding and then a few more to play around with the visibility, unless their engine is a ******* mess which is certainly not the case add a few more.

    Release that cloak already Devs, release what you got so far don't wait until no one is playing anymore. The drone and the new dart can wait trust me.
  9. PhilDun

    You act like those are the only two alternatives: either late or bug-ridden. In reality, if they had dedicated more resources to the task, it probably could have been accomplished sooner. Or they could have been less ambitious with their initial release estimate.
  10. Shatters

    You couldnt be further from the truth. Just because you THINK sometthing is easy to code (which it almost never is), doesnt mean its actually easy. But you will learn that once you get a job at a (semi) big company and not your local store.

    Also, SOE is doinga wonderfull job on keeping the community informed about upcomming updates, they have a test server and they are listening to feedback from the forums and players pretty wel. The game, atm, is pretty balanced. Sure, there are some things that annoy me from time to timme, but nothing so unbalanced that you cant counter it. Which is a pretty hard job with 3 different factions, 3 different classes on a HUGE map where every fight will be unique.

    Everyone by now should know that the roadmap (and release dates within games in general) are almost always going to be pushed back. Its not just SOE doing this (hell, SOE has the best communication to its player base i have ever seen foor big company's).
  11. DocteurVK

    Curious to know your programming skill level to be sure coding one ability may take so little time...

    And the fine tuning of this kind of ability should be the longest as it relies on graphic settings / visibility and not only on raw fixed values, such as the HA shields.

    To add one last thing, not having news about stuff doesn't mean nothing is done at all.
  12. Syphers

    Dont say non sense, nailing down a single ability doesn't take 4 months and thats my point, mostly when you're working somewhere like at SOE and get a quality toolset for sure. They are doing a fine job at keeping us informed essentially because everything is constantly pushed back.

    The communication is alright ( well not that much on the official forums ) but the delivery is not and I dont want to bash these guys because it's a F2P ( yet not that much ) and they're probably dealing with limited team ressources but they can't afford these bad priorities if they want this game to be truly successful. For example Hossin can wait people aren't gonna stick around for long due to a new swamp map if everything else is basically the same old, we just had esamir overhaul and indar is still as entertaining after all these months.

    So yeah instead of waiting to do a cute little class update package they should release and test the good, completed stuff on the flow to keep people entertained imo
  13. Syphers

    Okay I didnt do justice to Hossin it's really an amazing map from what I've seen so far but still
  14. Stoick

    Just combine the deployable radar and the scout drone. Voila! It takes two items that the majority of infiltrators will never equip and turns them into one thing that some infiltrators might equip. Problem solved.

    Now, as for the myriad other issues with the infil class...
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  15. Astraka

    That's actually a pretty good idea. It would be great if you could also idle it in mid-air and switch back to your Infiltrators POV so you could use it yourself.
  16. Aimeryan

    So, it would be like being able to put radar anywhere we wanted? Imagine that!

    At the moment, any additional recon device to our arsenal is largely redundant as long as we have spammable long-lasting large-area-covering radar darts. If the drone had a laser pointer for bombardment purposes (artillery, long-range missiles, etc) then that would be useful assuming they also put in the necessary counter-parts, but pure recon at the moment is redundant in every possible way.

    Even weapons on the drone would be largely pointless given that death isn't a problem in this game - why use something expendable instead of something that is expendable? If the weapons were better than what the infiltrator itself has access to then I could see a point, although it would seem a really bizarre way of going about it. Maybe if it could be detonated like C4 that damaged vehicles... but then we would just have a slightly different version of the Phoenix launcher the NC Heavies have.