[Guide] Infiltrator SMG guide

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  1. yeHHH1g

    Silencer just no, if you want silenced go MKV. I personally don't use laser sight on any of the 30 round smgs, extended mags offers much more killing potential and you don't give up much in terms of hipfire.

    Recon darts, just no. Proactively placing down dildars will let you see everything on the minimap in real-time within a 50m radius, which is much more valuable than waiting for the pings. Plus adding in the fact they last for 5 minutes at max level means its a no-brainer.

    NS smgs aren't bad rofl, my favorite smg besides the Cyclone is the NS-7
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  2. blzbug

    Like every weapon in PS2, NS weapons have their tradeoffs. They aren't as good at cqc as the Tier 1 SMGs, but their extra range gives you access to targets that the faction SMGs can't touch.
    For flanking, NS weapons draw less aggro because of their generic sound and white tracers.

    +1 for motion spotters over recon darts. No need to start a debate though...there are plenty of existing threads for that.
  3. MarkAntony

    I agree with almost all of this.
    Silencers just don't seem worth it to me. And not just when using them on SMGs. But that's just me.
    And setting up my hunting grounds with the motions spotter makes ganking with SMGs so much easier.
    The only thing I don't really like are the NS SMGs. But to each his own I guess.
  4. Jawarisin

    Tell you what, I'm going to use the set-up you said right here:

    And auraxium the NS-7 PDW once again. Right now I don't agree, but I can't deny that you're better than me, so I'll play it and try it out, let's see how it turns out. :)

    Sorry for the late reply, was forum banned for 5 days.
  5. MisterSlim

    I'll jump in on this too. As another writer of guides (especially since I watched this specific guide form from its primordial phases), I have to offer some input here, even though it is settled.

    I certainly agree here. I spent hours and hours working on my Sniper's Guide, and am currently in another revision and expansion phase. I try to stay as unbiased as I can, but I'm human, and I can't blame anyone else for being human too. I watched this guide form from its infancy, and I can hardly blame him for wanting to defend it. He put a LOT of work into it!

    I actually like the PDW myself. It feels more like a carbine than a SMG, and more controllable than a carbine. I just love the 'feel' and sound of the weapon.
  6. Leelania

    I must say, a fantastic read , especially for new players (like me!). I must ask - what about sidearm? Any preferences? Perhaps those sidearms that have greater range?

    Also, what is your opinion on those pre-suppressed SMGs (sorry forget the names). Are these viable?

    Again, great guide!
  7. Moz

    Sensor Shield 4 on SMG Infil.

    All day every day...

    I'm guessing this guide can only have been written before level 4 implants were released?
  8. Jawarisin

    Sidearms can be just about anything. I personnally took a liking to the blackhand, but otherwise the default work wonders.

    If any, I'd say blackhand, but it's really not that needed. It's definetly a nice perk that gets often used, but any em them can do the job. Wouldn't advise the crossbow though, doesn't really suit the smg.

    About the pre-suppressed smg. Yeah, those are definetly viable. But they usually require a better player to fully take advantage of it. It's the "MKV" which, like the PDW, has bubble-gun level of dps. So unless you can get consistent headshots with good accuracy, those guns aren't the ones I'd start with.

    Not really sure, it's been a little while. But I still dont think sensor shield is a great idea. It only works when not-running, which is basically 90% of what you'll be doing. Battle Hardened helps getting more headshots which helps you win your fights. That's more useful to me than the occasionnal use of sensor shield (most players dont even look at their mini map).

    Hell to be honest, I'm even doubting the use of a silencer sometime. It's definetly something I'd suggest to 99% players, but if someone's about to get a 40% HSR, might as well take it off and get that extra accuracy from the compensator.
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  9. Moz

    The sensor shield 4 stops you being detected while sprinting up to 20m (or is it 25m?) from the spotter.

    Means you can do some full speed flanking. \o/

    There are of course other options, this is just my fave....

    The silencer thing is a funny one also, I tend to run one on a SMG Infi..... I just feel that when you get up and close in those clusters of bad mans it helps you to not get detected as fast... I honestly don't know if that is actually the case but it feels that way to me. :D
    Just something about being sneeky and not running suppressor doesn't seem quite "right"..? You know what i mean?
  10. Ximi

    Sorry,but what about autoscouts???? I mean SOAS-20,AF-18 Stalker and the Vanu one???? This guide applies to those weapons too????