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  1. Casey B

    The thing I hate about guides like this is it suggests there is only one effective way to play the game. Thankfully this game isn't a full on MMO where raid leaders are inspecting your gear and build to make sure you are 'meta'. For instance my loadout suggestions are the opposite of yours:

    Ability: Nano Armor Cloak because the distance cloak actually helps, is a distance most players are too ****** to kill you from. However being able to cloak in CQC while being shot at, and not shimmer, thus instantly shaking your attacker is priceless. Also good for pizza deliveries.
    Suit: Flak armor or Grenade Bandolier
    Tool: Motion Spotter, be a team player!
    Grenade: EMP (ok ok this one is undeniably OP)
    Utility: Proxy mines, for the lulz!
    Implant: Regeneration, because you are using Lulz Mines!
    Weapon: ANY SMG, none of them are that different from each other. Go for Auraxiums, kid! Then you can sport a slick Directive SMG.
    Side arm: If you are using a low capacity smg; pistol. If you are using a high capacity smg; crossbow.

    Strategies: Run in and shoot teh bad guis! If someone shoots at you, cloak and run 10 feet to the left or right, aim at who shot at you, uncloak and fire. Nano cloak means that when you cloak while bullets are hitting you you don't turn into a bright white neon ghost. If you see lots of enemies, run in and give them a pizza! =D they will surely invite you to their camping party! If you see a max, give him 2 pizzas! And a EMP granola so he doesn't get constipated! Those fat bastards sure can eat!

    Oh! and if you die, don't cry. Crying is for heavies! Respawn and be happy because now you have another belt full of emp grenades and mines to do the above all over again! Don't forget to set down a motion spotter (must be maxed to be worth anything, hope you got 2k certs!) so you can see where the bad guis are and which way they are facing.

    Advanced tactics: Cloak before you slice a corner. Crouch immediately, aim, uncloak and fire. Crouching causes you to go into deep cloak, which will confuse a enemy who saw a ghost pop out from the corner a moment ago and then just vanished. "Maybe he went back, maybe I lost sight of him mayb- AH oh **** there he uiehfiusfhdhsf dead. "

    Moar advanced: If you play this game more then a week you really should spend some money on it and the best thing you can buy is a good camo (or keep being a dirty welfare gamer, idc). Good camo > cloak most of the time. All of my advice regarding nano armor cloak assumes you already have a good camo or 2.

    Anyway that's my 2 certs, hope it helps!
  2. Jawarisin

    I got the shinyest brightest yellow camo possible (shatter) with yellow neons (lumifiber) straped on. But hey, here's what annoys me. Players who try to tell newer players to try their wierd stuff when most of the time, it doesn't work.
    I personnaly have a few preferences I didn't mention. I actually like foward grip on my SMG, but I don't suggest it here because I know most players won't get much benefits out of it or won't like it.

    So instead of going point by point on why whatever you just said has flaws, and that I hope no new player will read this and think it's true. I'll simply ask for your stats page. If you're somehow doing similar/better to what I can do, I'll link to your post, and call it an "optional" build.

    But for now, I feel like you're trying to confuse new players into doing something dumb they will regret and have to change. The same way I did and it's why my NC had more relevant certed stuff at BR 40 than my VS at BR 70. It really annoys me, sorry if I'm a bit harsh. But I'd still like that stats page.
  3. Leivve

    I think the Armistice is better then the Cyclone.

    Not only does it have slightly higher DPS, it also has a slightly larger mag and a better rate of fire. All these are traits that complement CQC. I will admit the Cyclone is more useful in LA/Non infiltrator hands, but for infiltrator v infiltrator Armistice is built to embody the CQC SMG combat style (CQC dueling).

    Also I don't think Silencer is a must have. It's helpful if you have armor cloaking as you might need to kill some people while you hold up in a hole somewhere, but with hunter you don't need to bother. Kill, cloak/reload, decloak, kill his mate, cloak; and only the corpses will tattle on you.

    Speaking of Armor Cloak. People don't give it enough credit. If you are that the point that you have completely mastered hunter and the only time people see you is when you want to be seen. THEN you can upgrade to hard mode. Once you get reacquainted with timings and such you can use it to be just as effective.

    Ammo belt, is a good choice if you find your self avoiding damage, but putting out to much.
    Adrenalin pump, complements armor cloak very nicely as you can go further with the less time you have, so not only do you get the extra health from the cloak, but you also get extra speed. It's also very strong on Hunter.

    I see this guide as a "Welcome to Sooper Shneaky SMG Clooker" guide. Not saying anything about your skills mind. I just mean this is a very basic loadout when there are more "advance" (<--- note the quotes) loadouts.
  4. Jawarisin

    Well, cyclone/armistice/eridani are all quite close, so I guess it's preference at that point. My personal favorite is the Eridani, but that's personal preference. Cyclone is objectively the best though, it's not my favorite but it has more damage potential per magazine, kills in fewer shots too. But as I said, this is really about preference.

    Silencer IS a must have on an infiltrator, there is so many reasons, one is that you don't show up on the minimap. So when you kill players at the back, the ones at the front don't turn around.
    I personally will run out of ammos usually around 10-12 kills. So unless you get close to 10/12 k/d, ammo belt is a waste. Not to mention, there's usually opportunities to ressuply (enemy ammo packs?!).

    Adrenaline pump is too small of a difference to be any useful, it's completely useless. One of the main reason is that not only is the run speed barely noticeable, but there is NO walk speed bonus. Meaning no strafing speed bonus or anything of the kind. The only place I can see it being useful is on stalker. But I don't want to talk about stalker too much, some people are WAY more qualified than me to talk about it.

    and yeah, "advanced" isn't the right word. There's too possiblity here there are other "possible loadouts", there are "alternative". But you won't find much better than this. There's small adjustments you can make, as I said I'm personally a fan of foward grip, though I do like extended mags too, I juggle between both.
    But as far as defence goes, nanoweave is the best suit slot. And although as far as cloaking goes, in the state it is right now, hunter cloaking is the best one by far. NAC is not useful enough. The no-shimmer is actually nice, the problem lies in the fact that shimmer or no shimmer, I still see you, and so do most experienced players. It won't even throw them off a little bit.
  5. ReconTeemo

    I guess I'm the only one not using a silencer. :p What's the best SMG to put a silencer on?.
  6. Jawarisin

    All of them. Literally. Though I would advise against using any NS smg, they are bubble guns.
  7. Casey B

    You missed the part where my entire post is a humorous parody of yours. lol...

    Second, don't ask for a stat page unless you post your own first. You take yourself way too seriously. I mean, did you really type all that out because you want to help new players? I'm not trying to be harsh but...really? Cynic that I am, it's much easier for me to believe you made this for the sake of aggrandizing your own ego. The tip off is your attitude "This is what I use and its great, those other things OTHER people use are crap. Oh and look at my stat page, that's total proof right there". Because you know skill and experience don't factor in to stats at all...nope... Oh and I hope you don't think that's being too harsh, right?

    Speaking of stats... you say the MKV is a 'bubble gun'. MKV http://stats.dasanfall.com/ps2/item/2314 vs Cyclone http://stats.dasanfall.com/ps2/item/27000

    Ouch, that bubble gun sure has good stats compared to the cyclone. Think, maybe just maybe, you are biased toward the Cyclone because its the gun you use? That the concept of the 'best' is purely subjective?

    That's the point I'm getting at. 90% of guides are just biased pieces of crap when it comes to load-out selections. Yours seems no different. Again no hard feelings right?

    Now assuming you aren't already furiously typing out some blowhard response to my biting sarcasm....I will concede you give great tips on strategies and tactics. There is a lot of nuance to actually playing a infiltrator that takes a long time to learn.

    And as to load out, I tell people to use what works best for them. Nothing more and nothing less.
  8. Jawarisin

    Forgive me, here are my stats: http://stats.dasanfall.com/ps2/player/JawarisinNC

    As to why MKV performs better on paper, it's the same reason it's one of my top kph weapons. It's because it's the last one I tried to auraxium. Thus, when I had the most experience, and most importantly, my infiltrator was all certed up. Cyclone on the other hand, is something I bought with SC when i created my character, and thus, started with way lower stats that I had to pull back up to where they currently are.

    You can say stuff born of ignorance, sadly I won't be falling for it.
  9. Casey B

  10. Leivve

    I don't use them either. You can't make corpse disappear and that's how most people figure out there is an enemy in the tower. plus in a huge battle there's so much going on the minimap that only the most experienced players will notice you're there, and most will be to busy to actually mess with you, if you play right..
  11. Jawarisin

    Someone that's being so polite deserve only praises on this forum. For the sake of it, here's my first character:

    I also very strongly suggest you make a dasanfall stats account. It's simple, and oh so useful. I don't think you need an invitation code anymore, if you do, send me a PM and I'll try to get you one of mines.
  12. Corezer

    MKV is good for teaching you to get those headshots! It's recoil is low enough to make it easy enough for someone who otherwise doesn't, and it's damage is low enough to keep you from getting away with going for body shots if that's what you're used to.

    Very good weapon for that... for being competitive when DA/AC are gang banging all your base and you need to take the kid gloves off... no, wrong choice lol.
  13. Jawarisin

    Got to give you that. I learned to aim for the head with the PDW. There is no freaking way to get kills with it if you don't aim for the head. It's such a piece of garbage it actually helped me improve. But I woud never never suggest it unless you at least auraxiumed 1-2 smg before.
  14. Corezer


    cyclone is 2nd best

  15. Jawarisin

    for having used the tempest... 1- no attachments.
    2- the recoil is horrible, that's the biggest flaw. The cyclone is so easy to control, the tempest on the other hand is horrible for that.
    3-no attachments
    4-no silencer
  16. Iridar51

    Looks like you guys already has sorted this out, but I can't help but jump to the defense of a fellow guide writer.
    As all creations, he poured his soul, his essence in creating this guide. Of course he'd be defensive to people finding imperfections in it.
    Isn't "aggrandizing own ego" the reason all people do everything? Absolutely any effort, no matter how altruistic, can be brought down to this.
    We're all just individuals. We don't have access to other people's experiences, and we see the world only through own eyes. There really is no way to create an objective picture.

    And that's how people learn anyway - be reproducing other people's success. You learn from several different people, combine it with own experience, add your own developments, and create a personal playstyle.

    Stats are there as a proof of that success, credentials. Nothing more, nothing less. We all can admit here we'd be skeptical to read an infantry guide from a guy with 0.1 K/D.

    EDIT: Though I agree that Jawarisin should probably have given NS SMGs more than just "they're bad, period".
  17. Jawarisin

    <3 Straight to my heart. Though I got to admit I wish I could edit it. I'm a kind of perfectionnist when it comes to this, and I'd be adding a bit to it every day, correcting the magazine/clip mistake and more. Sadly, it does not allow editing, and even to write it, you can't make the box any bigger.
    Although it was sorted out nicely, I really appreciate it. You got yourself a special spot in my heart now, regardless anything else <3

    This is so true. It is easier to follow people who figured out a bunch of the mistakes at first, and from there move on to your own path or stick with the one that worked for you.
  18. Iridar51

    Yeah, forum is kinda not the best place for it. Like I said, you guys should get your own website, and post your guides there. Then you can edit them all day long and not be worried about text / media limit.
  19. Casey B

    "We're all just individuals. We don't have access to other people's experiences, and we see the world only through own eyes. There really is no way to create an objective picture."

    Actually, it's easy. You just have to *try*. Great example is Wrel. The secret to his success, other then his sexy voice, is that his reviews are very balanced. It's not like "This gun sucks cuzz I say so." it's "Even though I was not able to excel with this weapon, I could *see* where a player with better accuracy or different play style may do better." So, when people create guides that are basically "play the way I play and you'll be fine" I feel compelled to remind readers that his way, is not the only way. There is no meta, and god fukkin forbid this game ever develop one.

    Almost Every suit slot has its merits, every cloak does (well with the exception to Stalker in regards to SMGs..), the difference in TTK of all the SMGs is not that huge. Certainly not like the difference between say...a Corvus and a HV45.

    So anyway...I feel this way about 90% of the guides I read on the internet. In every game I've ever played. I just picked out yours to **** on because I just happened to be in the mood to play Forumside wars today.
  20. Jawarisin

    Oh don't worry about it. I'm used to it. I'm more defensive than usual because obviously it's a guide I made.

    And honestly, I'm not such a fan of Wrel. Not because his content isn't good. Don't get me wrong, he's a great source for numbers, and other videos like the one on lag, clientside and other stuff like that. But as far as playstyles are concerned, if you look at his stats, you'll notice that he used something a little bit, and makes a review on it based on that little experience.
    Of course, this is better than nothing, but I don't feel like he qualifies as a source for any real debate outside of what he actually used a lot.

    Here's the thing though. When you make a guide, you want to give people an optimal build at first for them to know what to go for directly. Yes I could talk about where this and that are usefull, and I did mention a few. But there's usually more elaborate answers as to why for instance, NAC isn't a good cloak right now. But the forum already forced me to deal with the worst kind of text edditing and a tiny box to write. I did what I could with what I had. Sadly I can't edit it, but trust me if I could, I would. I did made a guide for something where I could edit, and I could show it to you if you ever request the link but it was for another game.

    There's things I left beside in this guide. I gave a good point for anybody to start from. But is this how I play myself? Hell no. Same thing with this other guide I talked about. Despite getting a lot of people asked me about it, that wasn't even close to what I was doing. I just know that this is a standard anybody can follow, and it's a good one.

    For instance, I'm not much of a flanker, I like to go head on. If you squadded* up with me, you'd see me running up front directly. I'm going to do minor flanks when I can, but I won't ever take a long route to go around. I'll blast my way through 3 heavies before I have to spend 30 second to avoid them. But I know most players can't take two heavies head on. I also know my playstyle might not be the most efficient for certain tasks or other things.
    I am personaly a lover of foward grip on my SMG. It's what I used the most. Sometime I feel like extended mags, and I'll use it a bit and return to my foward grip afterwards. But would I ever suggest foward grip to an innexperienced player or someone starting up? No. You can read it, I'm mostly suggesting Advanced Laser Sight, however much I loathe the thing.

    Of course, a lot of this is based on my experience, and it's something I did. But there's things you just can't write in a guide, especially a short un-edittable one.
    And once again, is what I wrote what I think? Yes, it is definetly what I think. But there's minor difference in playstyles that you can't expect anybody to follow. That's how it goes for most other "alternative" builds. Can you use Flak Armor? Yes. If that's what you want to do, you can do it. Is it the best choice? definitely not, and I could talk about it.
    So I gave what is, yes, most of my build, and a few things I learned along the way, things I think are essential. But I'm not the kind of person who's going to try to make new players waste time/effort on my own little play style variation. Especially when I know they can be tedious to get at first.

    I literally love helping new players or anybody who's got the balls to ask for help. And I'm usually getting annoyed when someone tries to miss-inform them, or try to tell them to do something when they themselves are performing more than poorly. Because I think those new players should be told information to get their full potential out.
    If you look around, you'll see I'm always willing to give a hand to players asking for help (except on tomcats). There is also a difference between a guide, and a comprehensive guide. This is a guide, I'm not going too in depth, I'm mentioning most of the key points, a few more precise things, but I don't delve on the cloaking too long, or anything of the sort.

    So as I said, this is not the way I personally play now, I've adapted a few things, I'm going to try bolder things I would never suggest to someone else. But, when you create a guide, you don't want to just give the users a fifty choices, you want to give them one that works as well as you can make it work for them. And tell them how to use it. You got to remember that when you make a guide, you need to remember that players looking at the guide are usually not as good as you, and thus, you can't expect them to do everything you do.

    You can't tell a new player that his escape strategy is "kill everybody and leave no one standing". You got to tell them how to go with target priority so they are able to take them down a bit slower, but without putting themselves in as much risk. You got to realise that they are most likely not headshot masters, that they probably don't have a perfect awareness yet, and all other kind of things like that. Of course, I can't say I'm all those things either, but I know that if I see 2 players coming towards me, instead of letting them pass and get the solo guy behind, I can kill them both and them ambush the last third one with only my HP bar left.

    There IS a meta. You can do all kind of stupid thing like put a spur on a liberator. But the meta will remain TankBuster regardless of what you do.
    You can put a halbert on your TR harasser, but the current meta is going to stay vulcan.
    You can put a halbert on your magrider, but the meta is still Saron.
    Hell, tanks in general have the "AP round" meta.
    Infiltrator has the Hunter cloaking meta.
    As far as long range sniping goes, the 3rd gen (parallax, longshot, rams.50) are the meta.

    And that's just some of it.

    I went on longer than I thought. But here, if you want, I can stream a gameplay session. It won't be in the best quality, but it will be watch-able. That way you'll understand what I'm talking about when I say, that what I said is for the best but it definitely does not reflect my personal play style. Hell, there's no way I'd sustain that high of kph if I didn't do something different.
    Err I guess if you want my to stream a little session, you can send me a pm to tell me or do it in this thread. I think I've made this post already long enough like this.