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  1. Jawarisin

    SMG guide time.

    This is meant to be a guide to play SMG infiltrator. I put whatever I could think of at the time, the basics of what you need to know and what's most likely going to happen. I even added a few videos! (no comment on the non-existing editting).

    This will be separated in chapters, so here's the table of content:
    0.0- The infiltrator
    0.1- Cloak
    0.2- Defence slot
    0.3- Implant
    0.4- Grenade
    0.5- Utlity
    0.6- Tool
    0.7 TL;DR build

    1.0-Which SMG fits me, and what are the key differences?
    1.1-Attachments on an SMG
    1.2-How to use an SMG

    2.0- To the field!
    2.1- What to look for
    2.2- Choosing your battles
    2.3- Target priority
    2.4- Winning your encounters
    2.5- What's next?

    3.- Extra skills that come in handy:
    3.0-Mastering the dance
    3.1-Parkour or how to emulate light assaults
    3.2-Crosshair placement
    3.3-Negating Fall Damage
    3.4-Gravity Lifts Control

    ====================Guide Actually Starts Here======================

    ________Section 1.0

    0.0- The infiltrator
    Is the most awesome class. That sums it up pretty well. I assume you know the class, but if it had to be summarized quickly; It's a class that features very varied playstyle revolving around it's ability (cloaking), and available weapons. It has access to recon tool and is capable of hacking enemy terminals/turrets.

    0.1- Cloak
    Alright, there's 3 different cloaks for you to choose from. Well, really there's only two since the Stalker Cloak will disable your primary weapon (an SMG infiltrator without an SMG isn't much!)
    Nano Armor Cloaking-> Reduces damage taking by small arms (read regular bullet weapons) by 35%. Recharges slower and is shorter than the regular one. We'll not delve too much on this one since it's not worth using that much since they removed the ability of having it stack with nanoweave armor.
    Hunter Cloaking-> This is the default cloak and the one you'll be wanting to use. It lasts 12 seconds and recharges in 6 seconds, it's easily visible within 35 meters, and still well visible at 50 depending on the terrain background.

    Cloaking has multiple states; running, walking and deep cloak. The faster you move, the more visible you are, and if you stop moving completely and crouch, you will go in "deep cloak" which is basically near-flawless invisiblity (rotating will not change the state of the cloak, but it will make you easily visible due to how the eye perceives movement/change).

    (There is currently talk about removing the shimmer when you get shot with Nano Armor cloaking, which might make it worth look back unto once it's out. I'll update this as need be.)

    0.2- Defence slot
    There's a few different options here, but I'll only list the most "viable" ones.
    Nanoweave Armor: This one will reduce all small arms fire damage by 20% (effective hp/shield goes from 900->1125).
    Advanced Shield Capacitor: It will drastically reduce the time for your shield to come back up.
    Grenade Bandolier: Allows you to carry 3 extra grenades.

    Alright, so for this one, we can mostly ditch Advanced Shield Capacitor. The reason is simple, in between your "fights", you can cloak and wait the timer out so that your shield is ready to regen when you de-cloak. You're not as vulnerable as the other classes during that time-frame.

    Now, here's the harder choice: Nanoweave Armor or Grenade Bandolier. I would suggest Nanoweave Armor for now, since Grenade bandolier will make you rely more than needed on your grenades, and it's not always ideal unless you're doing room-cleaning. Also consider the nanites cost.
    So if you're planning on trying to clean rooms or certain areas, throwing grenades can be a great way to start the fight off on a bunch of enemies. This option might become better soon as the EMP grenades will get buffed (to remove heavy shields/Medic AOE heal).
    Nanoweave armor is pretty much useful in all situations. In a face-to-face, it will help you absorb more bullets. While running away, it will allow you to absorb more bullets. It's just a perfect fit for everything right now.

    0.3- Implant
    Battle Hardened is the only viable option right now. Pick the level you can afford energy-wise, but remember that rank 1 is billions of time better than no battle Hardened.
    It will help you stay steady while shooting, reducing flinch and all the earth-shaking from explosives.

    0.4- Grenades
    Decoy is nearly useless, and as far as I know, it's prone to bugging and not working most of the time. Avoid it.

    EMP: This one will disable HUD (remove crosshair, minimap etc) make it digitally-blurry-looking. It will also remove all the cloak from any infiltrator, and break down any motion spotter/dart/medic regen field/mines. It's other big advantage is it removes all the shield. It explodes on impact and goes through walls.

    Frag: Well I don't think I need to explain this one, but just in case: You can't cook it. You throw, wait a bit, and boom. It's best used to be thrown through windows or to hit maxes.

    Your choice over here should be EMP. Frags have their usefulness, but EMP will provide way way more utility and they are very fast. Allowing you to follow up quickly with a wall of bullets that will kill the already half-dead enemies.

    0.5- Utility

    Restauration kits are like less-good medkits that are useful for heavies and don't work during cloak. Forget they exist for an infiltrator.

    Medkits: 4x medkits at max rank. This one's the best one for a few reasons: 1- it will allow you to heal completely after an engagement, to go after the next one fresh as can be. It's a great help to escape, popping them while running can make you survive very intense fire.

    Claymores/Proxy mine: 2 proxy mines at max rank. Lazy kills. useful to set to prepare a base defence or a point defence. They are a lousy choice most of the time as they will get you kill here and there, but they won't help you get those awesome killstreaks or strike terror behind the enemy lines.
    Their one worth-mentionning use however is the big packs of infantry. When you see 10-20 players all in a tiny ball behind a hill or something, running in there and dropping both of those as well as a grenade can have devastating effects (that are shortly repaired by any enemy medic afterwards) and it can allow your team a small time to push.

    0.6- Tool

    Motion Spotters Versus Recon Darts.

    They both have their pros and cons, but one point holds true for both of those, max them! It makes a HUUUUUUUGE difference.

    Motion Spotter: It's a stable-destroyable-spottable little device that you place at your feet. It will reveal the position in real time as well as the direction they are facing and if they are max units. They last 4 minutes. Only 1 active at a time.

    Recon Darts: This is the one you start with, it will light up enemies that move (they all move all the time, except in tiny scale fights but you can usually find them before they decide to stop moving; enemies not moving is so rare we could say it never happens). It will scan every 2s at max rank, and display a red dot on your minimap (for enemies) and lasts for 45s.
    It's advantage is that it doesn't require you to put it at your feet, you can have multiple active at the same time, and it's like a gun (you shoot it wherever you want the dart to go). I find it to be the best choice for an SMG infiltrator because most of the information spotter gives you is going to make you second-guess yourself (because someone going in a bit of a zigzag is always pertubating).
    Also, the direction they are facing/going can easily be seen by looking at the map layout and the direction of the red dot, so that information you can already find out with a pit of practice. It's great to scout ahead an area where you want to go to find out where you can enter safely from or which side is vulnerable etc.

    in short, Recon Dart it is!

    0.7- TL;DR build:
    Hunter Cloaking device
    Nanoweave armor defence suit
    Battle Hardened Implant
    EMP grenade
    Medkits (NOT restoration kits).
    Recon dart

    Due to character limit, the next part is below
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  2. Jawarisin

    ________Section 1.-

    1.0- Which SMG fits me, and what are the key differences?
    Alright, time to decide which SMG you want to use. Except the NS ones, all the SMG's are a little different, but the can still be grouped together. In this case, we'll group them into 3 groups:

    NS: NS7-PDW, MKV
    2nd Gen: Blitz, Sirius, Hailstorm
    1st Gen: Cyclone, Eridani, Armistice

    Those are all quite similar, NS will feature wet slap damage and rate of fire in exchange for accuracy(25 rounds per clip). 2nd Gen will still have the low damage but will have a drastically higher fire rate, and twice or more the clip-size of the NS (50-60). 1st Gen will be stronger than their 2nd gen counterparts but will feature a lower clip size (25 rounds) and a faster reload, it's a damage upgrade on VS/NC's case, and a Rate of fire in the case of the TR.

    So, so which one is for you? The usual progression is going from 2nd gen which are more forgiving with their bigger clip size to 1st gen once you're quite comfortable with the first one. It will improve your TTK but it's not as forgiving.
    If you've played other classes a lot before coming to infiltrator, you could skip and go directly to 1st gen, but be aware that to use those to maximum effectiveness, you need a good aim, and awareness of what you can take on/not take on.

    As far as the NS ones, I would suggest moving unto those last if you want to auraxium them, but I personally (and most of my friends) hated them. They can be quite deadly, but require you to aim at heads. Some people swear by them though, so if you really want, you can give them a try, but I still suggest starting with a 2nd gen SMG.

    To summarise, forget the NS one unless you're an NS fanatic; 2nd gen is more forgiving and a good place to start, but if you're more experienced, a 1st gen is good too. You'll eventually want to gradutate from 1st gen to 1st gen, which will seem natural and an improvement. Going 1st gen->2nd gen will seem like suddenly you got a slap-giving weapon though. If you're not sure, pick a 2nd gen.

    1.1- Attachments on an SMG

    Alright, the first one would be sights. Those are a personal thing. I'm personally a fan of all the 1x because they don't hide as much as your screen. If you don't know where to start, I would suggest 1x and maybe try a 2x if you ever want. Anything higher than that is a bad idea (no night vision, forget that for SMG's).

    Soft Point Ammo is a must, they'll increase your max dmg range while lowering your muzzle velocity (bullet speed). But that's not as important in cqc, and it's easily compensated for.

    For the barrel, a silencer is a must also. You're an infiltrator and will most likely be behind/in enemy lines, or at least, somewhere around the front. So you don't want to show up every time you kill someone. Not only do silencers reduce the sound your weapon makes, but it will also remove the red dot from the mini-map.

    This last one is where a lot of people disagree and have their personal favorites. The most common one is the "Advanced Laser Sight" and it's most likely the one that will fit you. For 1st Gen SMG though, the "Extended Magazine" will extend your bullets from 25 to 35 which is quite noticeable. So that can also be an option.
    I also like foward grip, but I seem to be a loner in this category, so unless you've tried all the other options, I wouldn't suggest it.
    For now, your safe bet is going with Advanced Laser Sight, it will provide a noticeable advantage on hip fire which is one of the SMG's strong points.

    1.2- How the use an SMG

    There's 3 things to remember when using an SMG
    They are beasts at cqc but mediocre at long range.
    They got a 0.75x move speed modifier while aiming down the sight (right clic usually)
    Their hipfire is quite good.

    So, depending on your playstyle, both aiming and hipfiring will be effective. If you're aiming down the sight though, you have to aim for the head. Otherwise, you might as well hipfire to get a similar result with more ease.
    Hipfiring at heads is also a good thing, don't get me wrong, but let's work one step at a time. You should focus on hitting people first.

    So, with an SMG the key thing to remember is to go close to your enemy. You don't have to be extremely close, but usually, the closer the better. Hipfiring is a good option and should be used whenever you get the chance. ADS'ing might be better to aim at a moving target at close-medium range (moving sideways when they haven't noticed you).

    ________Section 2.-

    2.0- To the field!
    Alright, so you got your set up, your SMG in hand and you're ready for some action. Here's a neat little secret about infiltrators, every fight is a good fight for them! Though ideally you'll want to avoid the ones where the spawn room is getting shelled.

    Small fights will still be good because although with other classes you might be turning in circle, the infiltrator recon tool will allow you to find the enemy every time. And it turns the small battlefield into a man-hunt field.

    Big battles are ones where you can also shine obviously.

    2.1- What to look for
    So now you're at a fight, now what? First thing you want to do is find which way the enemy comes from. Then, shoot 2-3 darts out of the spawn room in that direction, on buildings or well located towers. Once you got a little idea of what's ahead, ressuply quickly to refill your darts (the old ones won't disappear!) and head out.

    You'll be looking for a few things mainly:

    Sniper Nests: where a bunch of snipers thought it would be a good idea to shoot from. They are usually completely oblivious to their surrounding and ill equipped to face you.
    Mostly static dots at the back of the enemy line or on a hill, you'll see tracers coming from there when they shoot.

    Lonely Loner: That's the guy that's taking a different path from his team, maybe he's trying to flank, maybe he's lost. In any case, he's alone and an easy target. Recon darts will spot those for you once again.

    Joe & family: This is usually a little group, a medic or two, maybe an engineer and a heavy. It's a little group of friends or half a squad. They don't know it yet but you'll be there to ruin their day.
    You can spot those as they are a tight knit group of dots that will be moving together and probably stopping here and there to wait for the last crew members. They usually end up going behind cover somewhere and camping that area (I don't know why they always do that, I seriously don't).
    Those guys can be a bit tricky since they'll be a small group. But with a bit of trigger discipline, and if you follow the target priority as well as maybe an EMP in there, it should be a piece of cake and leave only bodies to attest they ever existed.

    "I iz helping": Those guys are usually in between two areas (indar ex->quartz ridge for example). They hide behind the little hills. They are usually far enough for snipers to hang out with them. They'll be shooting LMG's or their engie turret. Sometime they are a bit closer than the snipers, but they won't do much. They are mostly a protection for whatever's behind. They feel insecure about going up, but well cosy behind their hill they feel like they are good.
    They will panic and run like chickens once you start shooting them. They can be dangerous in group though, beware.
    (NOTICE: hill isn't really a hill, it's more a slight elevation of terrain (1-3 meters))

    Then there's the Infiltrator that goes for a point. Not much to say there, you go wherever you're needed and storm the place with all your awesomeness, this happens also; it's not only the categories above. There's other scenarios, so keep adapting. For instance, a little family of Joe could be on a point, this isn't set in stone, but it's most of what you risk seeing and be looking for.

    2.2-Choosing your battles
    So you've spotted what you want to go for, you sneaked up to them, maybe killing a few people on your way, maybe not. But you see them. Most of the time, the fights are going to be good, but here's what you want to avoid:

    Big empty spaces with no place to take cover. Esamir river for instance.
    You don't want to fight there unless it's absolutely needed.

    Also, you don't want to come from in front of people if you know your cloak will give up mid way. Either it makes it nearly all the way, or you find another way around. Don't run in the open in front of enemies.
    This one might of sounded stupid, but a lot of people do it. If your cloak is up, don't hesitate, in front of them or not, they won't notice if you can get to a cover before it runs out. But if you're ever stuck with no cover and no cloak, you usually end up dying fast.

    Don't fight vehicles. This is the Mr.Obvious one, but I've seen enough people shoot small arms at a tank or at a liberator to mention it here.

    Do not go alone in a big room filled with enemies if there's nowhere you can retreat to. It's worth doing for fun, but that's not something you'll want to do if you're trying to be productive. Yes you might kill 4-5 people as they all desesperatly shoot each other trying to get you down. But any damage will be mended by medics in less time than it took for your death-screen to appear.

    2.3- Target priority

    Alright, so there's different priorities, the first one is class priority.
    Medic>everything else. Quite simple, the exception would be when there's maxes, then Medic>Engie>Everything else.
    The reason is simple, if you kill every enemy but one medic, all he needs is a res grenade or his medic tool to revive them all. They also got dangerous weapon and AOE heal, everything to be hated basically.

    Then there's the positionning, if you're undetected (flanking) shoot the person at the back first, so that the ones in front don't see bullets or people dying. If you're detected and they know where you are, aim for the closest person to you.

    And ultimately, if you aren't detected, always aim for the one that could detect you first while you're going somewhere or positionning yourself. Beware light assaults on roofs.

    2.4- Winning your encounters


    That's the one thing that will make you win nearly every encounter, regardless of other factors. Alright, but aside from this wonderful advice what else?

    Starting with target priority, flanking is a good thing to do. And when you start shooting, you must keep moving. The famous ADADAD. Especially with SMG's, you'll move fast while retaining a tight CoF.
    Don't do it too fast, but not too slow either, having a good rhythm is key.

    Unless in a desesperate situation, AVOID CROUCHING at all cost. It might seem like a good idea at first, make yourself a smaller target or throw off the person's aim. This is true against a more experienced opponent who was aiming for your head. His aim will be thrown off a little bit (not much). But you won't be able to strafe much more.

    The worst though is when you come against an average/low end player. They will be aiming at your torso, because that's the easiest and biggest target they can see. Here's the problem though, if you crouch, you lower your head at that level. You successfully just gave them free headshots. So avoid crouching.

    Master the dance, that dance is what happens if you end up reloading while your enemy's still shooting, it's what happens when you try to run away while being shot. The trick is to look like a headless chicken with no precise direction except cover.
    I suggest you go look at Elusive's videos when you have time, you'll see him do the dance quite frequently.

    THE MAX: Now this fearful unit. Most players don't know what to do when encountered with a max, so here's the 3 ideal options:

    1- Shoot it, if you're with a bunch of other players or flanking it while it's shooting friendlies, shoot it (in the head for way more damage!) It will go down surprisingly fast.

    2- Run. Let's say you just turned a corner, and you see a max coming, turn around and find another way, quite simply.

    3-Here's the one most people don't know about. Maxes turn slower than regular units and are not as mobile. So if you're in a room beside a max and running away is no solution, shooting won't kill it and you're in trouble. Run beside it, (normally you're already quite close). Up close and personal. Then cloak and turn around him a few times. Do really tight circle, imagine he's a pole and you're a pole dance (I couldn't find a better analogy, I suck with those) then when you get your exit in view, take a sprint towards an escape (remember that unless he's got SUPER high mouse sensitivity and a huge mouse mat, he's going to have to lift his mouse to even follow you considering he's got to turn in the same direction the whole time). Doing this should give you a few seconds before he can find you back and starts shooting. He might even be reloading because he shot most of his bullets at a wall.

    Well, I get killed in the end, but just notice how much the max did of damage to me. Could normally try to shoot the enemy or do things differently, this was just to show the concept.

    2.5- What's next?

    Here's what you should be doing at all the time, and should of been doing during the previous encounters. Look at your minimap! With darts up, it should give you a good idea of where enemies are and if there's reinforcements coming.

    So here, you can either leave and go for another group, kill reinforcements incoming if they are coming.
    Going to kill another group is quite simple, you just leave the area. But to kill reinforcements there's two ways.

    Leaving a dart, backing out a bit and coming back in their backs is a good way. The other one is ideal if the enemy is not too high in number, 2-3 ideally. You simple find a good spot near (not in) a corner, or in the middle of the room, and you crouch and cloak a little bit before they turn the corner/come in your sight. You stay in deep cloak till they turned their backs to you and then you eliminate them.

    One of the key things doing this is not to turn. Once you're crouched, do NOT move not even to rotate. Unless they've already all passed behind you and you don't think they can see you anymore. Rotating won't remove the "deep cloak" state, but it makes you more visible because they can see "movement".

    ________Section 3.Extra skills that come in handy:
    3.0-Mastering the dance

    I mentionned it a bit earlier, but it's moving erratically per say. Go look at "Elusive01" videos, you can see him dance every time he gets shot. Sounds dumb, but it's better than running in a straight line!

    3.1-Parkour or how to emulate light assaults

    This is kind of a peculiar thing, but a lot of the walls you think are straight can actually be climbed because of the wierd physics. CuteBeaver's videos feature it a lot where you can see her climb trees and other objects. The trick is to run against the surface at a certain angles and spam jump.

    Look up "CuteBeaver", she does plenty of parkour videos, and can show you way more than I could explain here. There's also specific really nice spots. You know how to check for them, so just try it.

    3.2-Crosshair placement

    There's videos that explain it in more depth, but to say it simply, it would be to place your crosshair at head-level all the time. And look at where your enemy is going to appear all the time. For instance, when you come to turn a corner, instead of running off the corner and then turning, make it so you're already looking in the turn-direction before you peak. That way you're ready to shoot, and your reaction time increases.

    3.3-Negating Fall damage

    You can use side of cliffs or trees, anything "climbable" to cancel fall damage. It comes in handy. Vanu Archive is a good place for that for instance. Well in any case, I just took some cliffs and did it. It might take you a few times before you find the right spot, and some cliffs are better than others. But there's usually always a way.

    3.4- Gravity lifts control

    This one's about being able to control yourself in gravity lifts and knowing how to use them. Aside from making you go up and down, you can use those to make big jumps, and they negate fall damage even a few seconds after you landed, allowing you to follow up with normally killer-jumps.

    Drop pods also have that same effect.

    Here's a little video of something you can do to practice to get it right, you don't have to get it perfectly, but it's nice to be able to get a minimum of control. This is something you can do while waiting at the Warpgate or simply pass time during a conversation.

    Yep mid air that's me freezing, it's been happening recently, just ignore that :)
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  3. ezaroo

    Good guide but I would suggest that sensor shield is actually a viable alternative to battle hardened. The ability to hide from sensors is really useful although less obviously useful from looking at stats.
  4. Skiptrace

    Nice guide, but for me the MK-V Suppressed is almost my ideal SMG, though it's the only one I currently have. It's one of the best SMG's for surprise attacks because of it's built in Suppressor that does less to hinder the Velocity of the bullets. And, with extended mags, you can have 40 rounds per mag, which is enough to kill 2 targets at about a max of ~10 meters. I could see the Blitz or the Cyclone being good (i'm NC primarily), but, If i was running infil more often for SMG (I prefer the Shadow for most close engagements) I would be running the MK-V Suppressed mostly, if not only for the increased bullet velocity while being suppressed.
  5. Jawarisin

    That implies you'd have to walk all the time. Otherwise, you'd appear on the map and the whole point of it would be lost. Might be usefull for a stalker cloaker, but definetly not for an SMG infiltrator.

    Cyclone's the best SMG in the game by far. The mkv is inferior in just about every aspect except velocity, which is not really important up close.
  6. MisterSlim

    Awesome work, Jawa! Absolutely kickass job! Well worth the immense amount of scrolling through the PM area, eh? ^.^

    This is a HUGE step in completing the Comprehensive Cloaker Guide Series! It feels good to see progress being made toward a big goal. Glad to have ya on board for the project!! Don't know what I'd be doin' without ya!

    Expansion and revision work on my Sniper's Guide is coming along wonderfully, I'll start uploading my progress for review in the PM area soon!! ^.^
  7. Iridar51

    This is surprisingly not bad. A few nit-pickings:
    • Damage or DPS? They're not the same. NS SMGs do up to 125 damage per shot, which is the same as 4 out of 6 ES SMGs, and they retain that damage for far longer.
    • At range NS SMGs will have higher DPS than ES SMGs, not only due to better damage drop off, but also due to better accuracy.
    • 30 rounds per magazine, not 25.
    • Magazine, not clip.

    Define "stronger". Higher bullet damage? Higher DPS? Objectively better weapon overall? You probably meant DPS, but it's better to not be ambiguous.
    Cyclone and Eridani have 25 rounds per mag, Armistice has 30.
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  8. Jawarisin

    :/ I was actually told about the magazine thing, I forgot to correct it.
    That is indeed nit picking though. I've been using a general vocabulary a bit. It's true I should of said DPS, but "damage" can be associated with the same thing just as a general therm. But yes, you are right.
    NS SMG having a slightly better DPS at range would be pretending they got a use. If anybody wanted to go for range, the scout rifles would be WAY better. Not only that, but the difference in DPS is insignificant, because in all the cases, if you could kill it with the PDW, the odds are you would of killed it with just about anything else. It also just doesn't fit the infiltrator; so there's that.

    Armistice/hailstorm are actually the ones I've never had the change to use yet. I'm going to start working on my TR a bit more soon enough. Thanks for the precision though, I should of double checked. Wish I could edit it.

    And stronger here mean't "Objectively better overall". Their DPS/TTK is lower, it can be with higher damage (cyclone, eridani) or higher fire rate (armistice). But in the spirit of keeping it concise and simple, "stronger" is fine there in my opinion.
  9. ezaroo

    Actually it implies you walk when you are being detected... Aka when the sensor shows on the map. With sensor shield 2 this doesn't happen until you are only 20 m away when sprinting.

    A good example is sneaking around towers and point buildings. As I said it is very useful, I wouldn't run any other implant on my smg infi also run it sometimes on my close range sniper loadout.

    But please try things before just saying "no" unless you don't want advice then ok :)
  10. Jawarisin

    Yes, so when you are not being detected, it's completely useless. There's some things that are just not worth going over and trying for an extended period of time, and that is one. Trying it a few times sure, and I've had it. But will I ever use it? only for chargers. It's just not that useful otherwise.

    Mind you though, if you really want. List the pros/cons of both battle hardened, compare them to each other, and make a little post here. You'll quickly come to the same conclusion, or I can always help and add a bit to it.
  11. ezaroo

    Battle hardened: reduced camera shake and flinch - only really noticeable when adsing
    SMG - get in touching distance and press m1. Flinch and camera shake don't really get involved you don't ads with most smgs.

    Sensor shield: makes you undetectable.

    When are you likely to be detected? When near other people... Someone always places a sensor. Maybe not on your server? Maybe you just don't notice? But there are always a few round the important bits of fights.

    And on your point "when your not being detected it's useless" applies equally to all implants "when it isn't doing its job it is useless" battle hardened "when you aren't being HE spammed or shot in the face it is useless" neither of those should happen all that often to an smg infi.
  12. Jawarisin

    One usually ends up dying from bullets to the face, so it happens often enough to be something you can improve.
    As far as sensor shield, it makes you undetectable WHEN WALKING or slower. Consider the radius on that, no, you walking is simply a huge handicap.

    Not only that, but if the sensor was just placed and you were running even half a second before you saw it on your screen, the other infiltrator saw the dot/arrow. And it's too late, he knows you're there so sensor shield is becoming mostly useless again.
    It's just not worth it really, crippling your mobility for something mostly superficial is an extremely bad idea.

    There's also the sad fact that most players don't use their minimap.
  13. day ofm one

    Guide to SMG Infiltrator in 5 seconds:

    - don't engage Heavy Assaults with the PDW or MKV, they'll just turn around and kill you
    - be sneaky and attack from behind
  14. Jawarisin

    Bubble guns yeah... had "fun" with those. As far as anything else though, no, I did kill plenty of HA face to face with those weapons. Or from the back, all the same.
  15. I_am_the_kiwi

    I racked up close to 10k kills on my rams before i switched to SMG infiltrator, now i can't seem to put down my SMGs. Good guide sir, on my alt i went med kits, emp nades and recon darts asap. SMG infiltrator is quite frustrating at times, perhaps this guide can help players who want to enter in the CqC world.

  16. Jawarisin

    Hopefully it can help you :) It might be a bit convoluted, and there's so much more to say though. But I tried putting the basics down. Feel free to hit me up though if you ever want to run together.
  17. Mootar

    SMG Infiltrator guide - Abridged version:
    1) Cloak.
    2) Flank enemy infantry.
    3) Uncloak.
    4) Instagib enemy from behind.
    5) Drool on keyboard.
    6) Rinse & repeat.
  18. Jawarisin

    Guide on how to be the best player in the world in every single shooter. Every single vehicle.
    1) Aim.
    2) Shoot.
    3) Drool on keyboard.
    4) Rinse & repeat.
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  19. RaivokasMagma

    I haven't played game for a while, but I'll share my thoughts anyways.

    My implant of choice is Safe Fall. Sure I could use terrain to mitigate fall damage, but it sure is fun to run away in tower fight and jump down without dying.
  20. Jawarisin

    you can already do this using the gravity lifts or if you know where to jump. safe fall is completely useless for that reason.