infiltrator returning to the game after 8 months

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by ArcKnight, Dec 13, 2013.

  1. ArcKnight

    so what all changes hit our most squishiest class :D
  2. Plague Rat

    Welcome back.

    Well we're looking forward to imminent balance changes. Next week nanoweave is being rebalanced and no longer offers any protection to the head, so it won't stop OHKs. But sniper rifles are having their ranges tweaked to limit to their OHK range. 300m for the Longshot, 200m for the SAS-R and 250m for everything else. On top of that, while not explicitly mentioned in any notes, the iron rail sniper variant have had their sway removed entirely.

    Beyond that:
    -EMP grenades once again remove HUD on effected targets. At some point the radius feels like it got a little bigger too.
    -Nano-Armor cloak has had it's timings touched up so it's actually a pretty viable option now if it suits your play style.
    -A bunch of suit certs got cheaper to make loadout diversity a little bit better.
    -Everyone got access to new empire specific side-arms. NC got the desperado which is a burst fire pistol.
    -Camo coverage was reduced in certain areas on infiltrator armor so some faction color shows through. Looks a little awkward at first, especially on NC so brace yourself for it.

    For the recon tool:
    -Enemies can see the scanning areas of recon darts now but you no longer ping yourself on the mini-map when firing it so it doesn't give away your exact location. Just that the area is being scanned.
    -Position of enemies scanned by the dart is now broadcast to all allies within 150m, making it useful to some more ranged gameplay and overall group support.

    For other detection methods:
    -Scout radar now only works if a target is manning the vehicle equipped with it, so parked and abandoned scout flash's are less of a concern
    -Prox Radar for vehicles can now detect cloaked infiltrators BUT it only detects movement (like our dart) and only reveals it to the vehicle occupants, the range is fairly limited, and it's in competition with some other useful certs, so not the end of the world there either.

    Anyway, that's what I can pick out off the top of my head. Again, welcome back.
  3. Jawarisin

    peoples die as quick as ever. less terminals to hack.
  4. ArcKnight

    do EMP's make the screen static again ?
    they can see the scan area, how are supposed to sneak around with it ?

    I'm NC so Q_Q
  5. ArcKnight

    did the devs remove the terminals ?
  6. ZillFattak

  7. ArcKnight

    alright whose the genius behind this fiasco ?
  8. ZillFattak

    If i remember it correctly, they said they removed them because they caused performance issues. I don't know the person who removed them. Want to send him/her flowers? Would you please also deliver this small package with them together? Don't mind that ticking sound, it's just an alarm clock.;)
  9. ArcKnight

    with pleasure :cool:
  10. Plague Rat

    EMP does cause static but not like how it used to be. The static is... well... static. It's no longer stronger or weaker based on proximity. If you're 12m from the blast's center you have the same effect as the guy that got hit in the face with it. I think it was largely from when they streamlined the grenade mechanics to reduce the number of checks they do. As for the actual graphic not being quite as disruptive, I've heard a variety of reasons for it ranging from system resources, crash problems, to triggering seizures, but nothing beyond speculation. It's no concussion or flash, then again it's nearly half the price too. Still great for ambushes at any rate. Try popping into VR training and EMP yourself to get a look at it. (interesting fact, it gets worse with a second EMP if you want to equip grenade bandolier and go that route)

    The dart REALLY doesn't impact sneaking much. Yeah it might indicate an infi is in the area, but no more than the audio from suppressed gunfire and cloak sounds. Which IMO is preferable to the 'unsuppressed weapon radar ping' that would let anyone in 40m know exactly where I was. I toss them around like rice at a wedding and haven't really felt like I've suffered at all from it. If anything it helps me out as an infi because I know I'm being revealed, which was info that used to come a muzzle velocity, so now I feel like I can at least respond accordingly.

    As for the camo, the worst of it gets covered up if you wear composite armor, which I think just looks snazzy anyway.
  11. ArcKnight

    I'm not in a position to buy SC, 1 USD is 62INR in India