Infiltrator needs rework or team-oriented improvement

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  1. drNovikov

    Invis? You mut be kidding? It is not invis. Not at all. It is perfectly visible. Also, the 'cloak' farts louder than a jetpack!
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  2. Bambolero

    It's absolutely positively totally invis to a vehicle driver...
    LA and HA can destroy a vehicle yes but I see them comming means I have a fighting chance.. not easy to flank me or come behind me..
    Think before you ask for unreasonable things.
  3. Brendan

    After playing that class,

    I can tell you that we are the only class that weren't fully released .

    The first time i saw a door that was closed i was tottaly sure that we could hack it, and spent 5 minute before noticing, that feature is still not implemented.

    After playing the long range infiltrating aka Hunter and sniper i spent again 25 minute trying to find where is my cloak for close range infiltration cloak + scout rifle. ho it's not realease yet.

    Our scout rifle have the worst ROF of the game and some has sway because we are not meant to fight in front fo people. But none of the tool that can allow you to infiltrate is released atm.

    We mustn't ask for reveamp but for a complete release to that class.

    Atm devs can't release, them because we are the proof that this game has been launched with only 30% of the content. Sad to see this game is empty. A stealth calss is the on that put fear and prevent zerging; just imagine what a TF2 spy could do to the regular zerg you see all the days.

    The core of the problem is that everyclass lost an huge gamplay potential when they forgot to release us totaly.

    No class should do 25% that they has to do in a launched game that a fault.
  4. Vaphell

    wait what? you mean you don't use imbavision 24/7?
  5. Bambolero

    Actually, the Infiltrator is the best balanced class of PS2.
    However, you can only see it through a non-biased team play oriented eyes.
    instead, all I see is single player atitude that keeps asking for crutches and unreasonable things that would completely break the game.
    Keep dreaming though, what do I care...
  6. Brendan

    That the problem. Players can park their tank unguarded , unprotected and fear nothing and spawncamp..
    They can move without covering they back without fearing nothing.

    Infiltrator should be the class that prevent you to act stupidly aka zerg like that. ho btw you know you have thermal vision too ?
    No you do'nt because why would you use it ? it's useless. :)

    To have depth you must be punished each time you don't play efficiently.

    You stay out of cover for more that 2 sec? Headshot inyour face!
    You want to avoid that? get in a vehicule.

    You park you vehicule don't move and camp ? C4 in your back!
    You want to avoid that ? keep moving while firing or gett a safe position. while you move, you let My Has teamates position themself so they can take you out!

    You and your ten friends move in a base without protecting the entrance? stabbed/shotgunned to death !
    You want to prevent that? protect your back and get some ppl with IR/ scope or recon device!

    ATm player can do all those thing because they fear nothing.

    That cause mindless zerg and playr cry about it!
  7. Bambolero

    What was your point again?
  8. MasterCheef

    "wahhhh, i want infiltrator to be an all around good at everything class..AND be invisible while i do it!!!"

    Thats what i hear in this post. Some of you are asking for reasonable improvements, but the rest are just asking to be invisible, super hacking, stealth killing machines.
  9. Brendan

    My point

    Either you ae totally blind or either you don't play the game, if infiltrator are so needed at those point, it's because they are so only class that have a chance to get out of that sticky situation. i don't recall how many times i was a ble to get off a spawncamping even after dying 7 time in a row but couldn't do a **** just after. A HA/LA/engi don't have a chance to move after their spawn is camped. we do even if it's a small one du to an horrible cloak.

    Not at all cloe hey have the worst time to kill in this game. +2 seconds just to remove that cloak +1 sec each knife stab or fire arm+knife combo = 4 sec

    So if you think valve added an instant kill to spy it's not for nothing. a sttealth have to take out their enemie very fast because they loose their protection each time they attack. wich isn't the case with infiltrator atm.
  10. Takoita

    Sticky movement ala Aliens in AvP would be nice.
  11. Rhinzual

    So umm, I can get a couple hundred XP if I hack every terminal in a base or tower at best, provided they aren't already destroyed.

    As a medic, I can simply revive people and top them off for I believe at least 150 xp total w/o double xp weekend. As an engineer, I can just drop an infinite ammo box near a group of heavies and watch my resupply xp just flow like a river.
  12. Wobberjockey

    if you're going to make that assertion and have anyone take it as anything other than a troll attempt, you are going to need to back that up with something stronger than "change you perspective and you will see what i mean"
  13. Exidius

    And just to make something clear we don't want to be able to do all posted above at once, we'd like to have LOADOUTS with DIFFERENT specialisations and uses. If we have to decide between C4 and proxy fine but only proxy? is C4 too heavy for us ? Dammit even MEDICS carry it around.
  14. fish998

    Make them able to spot silently.
    Make the cloak go down much slower when stationary.
    Make the cloak/uncloak noise about 40% of the current volume.
    Make the radar gun work through walls.

    Then add the fact that they're getting SMGs and they'll be more viable.

    I don't agree with them being necessary to capture points though, that would slow the game down enormously. Chat would be constantly full of /y Inf needed to cap X base. It's already bad enough needing engies to defend anywhere with generators.
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  15. fish998

  16. KiddParK

    I'll sign onto this as per the OP. I'd like to see the Infil hold more of the place it held in PS1.

    There's so much it could be doing and does not currently have the tools IMO.
  17. pootietang1986

    so basicly you want to be a one man army that can kill several people on its own? well get some skills instead of asking for the game to be changed so you are able to. if you want to be the apex predator that makes 10 people be afraid then work on your hiding and shooting skills....
    there are already classes that deal with vehicles. giving a class that can cloak itself the ability to take out a tank is just silly.

    the light assault class can do what you described much better but is (next to) useless in mid to long range combat and yea of course it can't cloak itself (it's called balance). where would be the challenge in hunting tanks with C4? also tanks have enough worries already (tank mines, C4, heavies AND rocketpodders). try to see things less egocentric.

    if you wouldn't be so focused on making your favourite class absolutely overpowered you would see the beauty of planetside 2 which lies in being able to use several classes and not being stuck using only one. if a sunderer rolls into your base switch to engy and take out their sundy. then switch to infiltrator and mine the cap point. after that switch to light assault and create some confusion and divide and decimate them. finally go heavy and blast in and take the rest out.

    the infiltrator is what the name says. you can go into bases and hack stuff which is incredible valuable and if you use it creatively can be totally rewarding. you can basically make a base be taken A LOT quicker by preparing it properly. not to mention being able to use enemy turrets or spawning tanks/sundies on hacked terminals. sadly i don't see many people doing it because they play on their own.

    you sound an awful lot like someone that plays alone most of the time and gets frustrated when he gets owned by an organized team. there is no class for every situation in ps2. and i see all classes played a lot and i get killed by them all (and yes there are many skillful cqc infiltrators). the one thing i don't see very often though is hacked terminals and cannons......:rolleyes:
  18. Lausk

    Like in several other games with hacking or slicing capabilties. The act of hacking should enable shortcuts or small advantages that can turn a fight, but don't necessarily decide it's outcome.

    For example you can hack a turret, but at the same time it can be destroyed. This may provide a temporary advantage to your team, and the act can be reversed by the enemy.

    There are many situations where there are closed door hatches in certain bases that should have the ability to be unlocked for another strategic vector. Perfect for say a door breach with max units to flank out an enemy position.

    Silent spotting is a good idea, any future infiltrator should have the ability to network that kind of data without screaming at the top of their lungs.

    Also I don't think the cloaking sound for TR and VS are that bad. They sound pretty cool and they are a subtle noise. NC cloak noise (original sound) is a very noticable sound.
    VS - Organic congealing sound
    TR - Smooth sharp sliding sound
    NC - Like someone mentioned before a digital fart.

    Right now I think the sniping aspect of the infiltrator is really dialed in. You can be heavily rewarded for position yourself in a flanking position where people can not see where you're shooting from (ie. from behind). You can rake in loads of headshots where you are granted a kill bonus, headshot bonus, and usually a streak bonus if you're on a roll. Would love it if they added a distance indicator so you know how awesome your shot really was for bragging rights in your squad.

    But we both know Sniping is not a totally team oriented class. We have all played plenty of FPS to know this- where sometimes objectives are never accomplished because half the team is chillin' on a hill farming. They are not concerned about winning because all the points they're netting from headshots are making up for lack of objective play.

    The real focus here is allowing the infiltrator to be a contender in close quarters. The fact that I have to hipfire a bolt action, followed with a knife to "assassinate" my targets seems a little non-intuitive. If we already have the ability to gib people from behind in this matter, an assassination mechanic is necessary.

    Right now the infiltrator has a very hard time infiltrating and completing tasks without anyone finding them or detecting them
    - Cloaking noise is easy to track, and often alerts unaware enemies. The range this sound is heard needs to be severely reduced so you are not alerting your enemy, but at the same time if you're popping out of cloak you give your enemy a split second to react to being killed from behind.

    One suggestions is instead of having a toggle sound, you implement a very subtle sound that is emitted while the cloak is active. This technique has been used in the tribes games and battlefiled 2142. If you brushed past someone they could hear you while you were cloaked. This both punishes you for being reckless with where you're walking, but also rewards you for also being able to infiltrate while you're cloak is recharging.

    In a team-oriented situation you cannot be relied on to successfully infiltrate because of all the things stacked against you before you are even close to making it to your objective.
    - Cloak is not a true cloak while moving, and it draws the eye to it very quickly with it's distortion.
    - Cloak does not revert to 95% cloak unless you are crouched and side step an inch to engage it (this is not 100 consistent).
    - Vehicles and aircraft can have scout radar that will pick you up often before you have a chance to cloak, or will eventually catch you when your cloak loses charge.
    - You are visible to IR scopes when cloaked. If you ask most people whats the best scope they say IR scope. Evading aircraft looking for you is near impossible.
    - No ability to detect traps to aid your teammates with tight quarters navigation - its a matter of time before u hit a claymore, and sometimes those badboys go through the floor.

    I'm sure you guys have more to add to that category above.

    Essentially the infiltrator has a ton of potential to aid teamplay in a meaningful and impactful way, and if it gets addressed, I'm very excited to team up with my outfit in an effective way.

    - Hacking to add extra paths of attack.
    - Disarming infiltrator traps and possibly land mines (without just shooting them and giving yourself away)
    - Ability to relay important information that will appear on friendly HUDS w/o compromising position

    I like this video because it's kind of a fantasy of what infiltrator should be, but we all know it really doesn't work this way.

    I'll probably have more ideas later.
  19. Coz

    Agree... I play my infil (to very good effect) as a spotter. Infantry/vehicles spotted by an infil could perhaps stay marked for a longer period of time.

    I wouldn't mind a laser designator that could be used in conjunction with certain vehicle weapons either (as an alternative tool to the sensor dart).
  20. Sminky

    I dont find any problems with inf, can run both roles (base sabotage, and sniping) , fun class to paly especially when you ninja in, hack a turret and take out a zerg from the rear.

    The whole problems with the render distance at the moment however.....