Infiltrator name change?

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by RogueComet, Apr 14, 2013.

  1. McDonaldsMaster

    Wow, I see what you're saying! I never thought about that.
    I agree! Hacking a terminal / turret or hitting up a generator is not such a big deal! There isn't a strong reason to infiltrate.

    Well first of all....there isn't much meaning in anything!
    Even capping a base. So what? Because it's so temporary. I don't feel sad at all if my base gets captured because I know in a couple hours we'll just get it back. I don't care about defending my base, killing is why I play this game.
    The only reason why I'd protect my base is if someone paid me real money to do it. Otherwise it isn't fun. I'm just here for blood.
  2. Sockpuppet

    amen OldMaster80. Back in PS1 my favorite moments are from the times I snuck past the entire defending company or platoon and dropped the courtyard shields, or when I snuck to an enemy AMS and hacked the vehicle, then stole it, slowing down an enemy assault long enough for my faction to get defenses set up, or reinforcements to arrive. You might not get mad xp for it, but you knew the reason the assault went off, or the defenses stood was because of YOU.

    A few times I'd sneak into a base that was hacked, creep past the AI max guarding the core and hack it out from under them to stall the base turn over...OMG heaven.

    I had 3-4 friends and we'd all go infiltrator and move ahead of the zerg to weaken enemy defenses, or spawn an AMS in an enemy base and allow for a redeploy zerg. God, I miss those days. Right now infiltrator is nothing more than a thug in pajamas.
  3. McDonaldsMaster

    You could hack AMS?! That's amazing!!!!!!! Would be so cool to hack unattended vehicles!
  4. DeathSparx

    Welcome, my fellow infiltrator, to the discussion. Essentially, the general gist of what everybody is getting at is purpose and the tools to carry out such a purpose...and right now, the infiltrator has neither except an unnatural craving for blood and brains with their claws...get what I'm getting at?
  5. Baracuda

    The infiltrator class is laughable at best, just a class to use a long range rifle or be a massive annoyance. A light assault can continuously outperform an infiltrator and effectively engage armor. CQC Infiltrators calling their kill streaks 'infiltration' is laughable and that's coming from someone who has almost 3k kills on the Cyclone, it's just running around and learning to flank. The infiltrator needs the tools to actually do what the name says, infiltrate.

    (let me hack vehicles so when the tankers think they are safe I can deny them of their cradle)
  6. ShopTrain

    This would be very nice indeed. The roadmap says that the classes will be getting revamped in the future, so this is probably what we are going to get later on. Right now the infiltrator class can kill people differently than the other classes but it's still missing the Infiltrating and Scouting part. Right now the classes look like placeholders for the real thing (if they ever come).
  7. Sockpuppet

    If it could be interacted with, you could hack it. The higher levels of advanced hacking sped up the process, and I THINK you had to have a minimum level of 3 to be able to hack every kind of terminal, but yea, you could hack anything at all.

    Old infiltrator tactics:

    1: Hack stationary enemy vehicles:
    a: steal them, and use them for your side to use.
    b: steal them and deconstruct them immediately
    c: steal a magmower and start running over everyone looking the other way. Easily wipe out enemy platoons.
    2: sneak past defenses and hack a core
    a: this would freak out most inexperienced or unorganized groups, the defenders would all rush back to the core to save it, and would allow your side a good minute of total chaos to push in.
    b: if you're defending and they've hacked your core, you could sneak in and hack it back, delaying the territory change. It was their own fault for being complacent.
    3: sneak into a base, hack a vehicle terminal and spawn an AMS with a ton of guys waiting to redeploy there. Course respawning in the first one was different than started off with no real armor etc and had to use the terminal to get your loadout.
    a: this could still be done, but you'd have to have people be READY because now vehicle terminals tend to be highly visible, and not always off to the side like they were in a lot of the PS1 bases.
    4: Sneak up on enemy vehicles, maxes, or troops and lay down AT or remote det mines.
    a: Yea, since we had Combat Engineering we could pull that kind of thing.
    b: I miss decloaking just before hitting that detonator...right in their field of view so they knew for a split second they were F'd.
    c: I miss combat engineering :( :(
  8. Ztiller

    There are also plenty of things that Old infiltrators couldn't do that we can do now.
  9. Sockpuppet

    sure, they can snipe and snipe
  10. issuemanthingguy

    I find it very EASY to Infiltrate as, you guessed it AN INFILTRATOR, i think where allot of you guys are getting off if that the infiltartor cloak is not perfect, you can't just go running in like a heavy or max. and IMO infiltrators work best in large battles where every one is trying to kill the heavy's and maxes where an infiltrator can easile flak the enemy
  11. Astraka

    Personally I find that running in like a Heavy or MAX is really the only effective way to Infiltrate aside from abusing the Ejection Seat or Galaxies.

    I feel that you have to play it like you're a Blockade Runner - go quickly & do not attack anyone. Your objective is to be lost in the crowd of people shooting at each other. Unfortunately in my opinion there is no way to completely remove luck from the equation. Sometimes there will someone between you and your objective who can see through your flimsy cloak and at that point you'll probably have to bail or juke them. It's also really important to become intimately familiar with base layouts like Towers & Major Facilities so you know where you can hide and where you can lose people if you get caught.

    Of course there is always a chance that you'll get seen, shot at, and killed no matter what you do - but this game is all about death not making a difference so worrying about those times is pointless.
  12. issuemanthingguy

    i find it easy mainly because my outfit usually fits around the same areas
  13. Trenyt

    They definitely need to bring back some, if not all, of the old infiltrator abilities from Planetside 1. The later inclusions of viral uploads added a very interesting and funny twist to combat along with the numerous hacking scenarios.
  14. Scan

    Maybe in due time... step by step this game is incorperating some old PS1 mechanics, such as the lattice system and the MAX abilities.