Infiltrator name change?

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by RogueComet, Apr 14, 2013.

  1. RogueComet

    Silly idea... I've seen all kinds of people complain that the Infiltrator isn't really able to infiltrate. I agree that it is extremely difficult for them to do so. Personally I see the Infiltrator roll not to infiltrate but instead to scout. Guns that shoot a long ways with ultra high powered scopes. Recon darts, recon = scout. Scout Rifles themselves have the word scout in them. The ability to hack terminals behind enemy lines.

    Why did SOE not just name the class "Scout" instead? All fixes to the class aside, it seems that SOE's vision is for the INF to be a long range (mostly) SCOUT.

    Why not change the name to scout? (Then do a few things to also fix it to become a bit more viable too.) Honestly, it isn't an infiltrator.
  2. Dr. Euthanasia

    Because we still want an Infiltrator, maybe?
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  3. OldMaster80

    So, as SOE totally forgot to develop a part of the game, changing the class name should fix it? [IMG]
  4. Astraka

    Class perception probably counts for more then you know, at least for new players with no history with Planetside. If I have no idea that a class is supposed to be able to 'Infiltrate', why would I be upset when it can't do it? Not saying that this would fix things by any means but it is interesting to think about.
  5. McDonaldsMaster

    You guys, you guys. This is not the first time someone has brought this up!!!
    Nobody said infiltrating is easy!! Infiltrating is a set of skills the player needs to have!
    You don't simply press a button and "it happens"!!! That's what makes this game great, it goes that deep!
    For those of you that have low morale or are losing hope watch my vids below!


    I have done this a billion times. Infiltrating is not as easy as pressing one button!

    It's about jukes.
    Look at the vid " PlanetSide2: Why I PASSIONATELY Hate Land Mines!!" and go to the time code: 0:33
    I totally juked him. I went right, then he assumed I was there and went in my direction, then I ran toward him. At 0:39 I could have ran away and moved on but I chose to stay because I wanted some blood! :)
    Keep watching, there are tons more jukes which includes their multiple bullets. At 1:06 I escape 5+ soldiers spraying their bullets and even picked up a kill! Do you see what I'm saying? It takes skill, experience, and some creative problem solving! You can't press a button for the game to do those types of things for you! Same vid at 2:20 I could have ran away but I wanted blood.

    It's about map awareness.
    To have "infinite" cloak you must think on your feet. Knowing when to activate or deactivate your cloak will serpeate the pros from the rookies. It's about hunches! In the vid "PlanetSide2: 1 Infiltrator VS 1,000,000 Soldiers!" go to 1:28! You see?! I used their beloved tank to "disappear". I do this all the time and it gives me "unlimited" cloak. It's exciting! Do this for hills, walls, trees, bushes, anything!

    It's about being a great fighter
    When James Bond or other cool Rambo characters infiltrate, don't they have conflict? Don't they have to 1v1 someone or have to fight/kill the enemy to proceed? You see? You'll also need the ability to be a great fighter. I have demonstrated that multiple times in my vids above. Can you win a 1v1 duel? Has your cover been blown and there are 3 moving targets headed your way? Can you kill a moving target? Can you kill the enemies asap to not draw attention to yourself? Work on your marksmanship.
    Watch my "Best Sniper Shots" vid below:

    Being able to take out an enemy in under any circumstance will increase your chances to infiltrate. Look at it this way; what if you caught an infiltrator in your territory and he kills you?! Exactly. You failed to catch him. You add that + juking + map awareness and you will be extremely effective.

    I have noticed that my performance is constantly improving!
    To those who feel uneasy about the Infiltrator class, there is good news!
    Infiltrating is an exciting skill that can be developed!
    Have fun!
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  6. Oakwalker

    Thank you McDonaldsMaster, Finnaly someone who shows the whiners that the class is fine.
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  7. McDonaldsMaster

    I could go on and explain way more things, but I think you guys get the point. They even got buffed. Infiltrating is much easier with having the ability to STEALTH YOUR 4 WHEELER!!!!
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  8. Ztiller

    You know me, and a few others are with you on this point. The infiltrator can infiltrate, and it is extremely lethal when it does.
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  9. McDonaldsMaster

    I was thinking maybe SOE can feature players videos on their Youtube. "Video of the week". It will stimulate the community, destroy the myth that infiltrators can't infiltrate and inspire and motivate players. It will also advertise how amazing their game is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm serious. This game is so deep that the better the player, the more they get out of this game! Those who lack skills are missing out! If you watch a pro do something then it's like "Wow, I wanna do that too!". When people know a task is possible and if it's above their skill level then they're more likely grow ambition. Without ambition productivity is hindered.


    I don't think they'd want to change the name! By naming it "Infiltrator" that will encourage people to infiltrate!
    They want people to infiltrate!
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  10. Aimeryan

    Bah, I simply can't be bothered to put much effort into arguing right now. All I am going say at the moment is that other people's idea of what to infiltrate means (and the accompanying playstyle) does not necessarily equal another's.

    People are aware of what the class can do, whether you call it xyz or zyx. However, there are people that want a playstyle that is missing, and that is the playstyle they refer to as infiltrating.
  11. giltwist


    I watched the land mine one. How the heck are you surviving that many shots?! I'm almost universally one-shotted by things. When I'm not, I'm almost certainly dead before I can get to the nearest door/object.
  12. McDonaldsMaster

    I am just fortunate to be at the right place at the right time. ;)

    Stealth + Jukes are also helpful!
    Knowing when to activate or deactivate your stealth separates the pros from the rookies.
    Infiltrator is all I really play on here! Most exciting class ever!!!!
  13. Dr. Euthanasia

    I don't think SOE would be too keen on officially featuring footage of Infiltrators running through crowds with and without their cloak active to the same effect, over and over again. It's humiliating to the entire non-Infiltrator playerbase that a majority of people let us get away with even half the stuff these CQC "Infiltration" videos showcase on a regular basis.
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  14. giltwist

    I'm not even talking about the evasion part. In sheer number of times you clearly got hit yet did not die, I am stunned. In order for me to win a fight against another player, they have to not fire their gun basically at all.
  15. zaspacer

    I think the class fails at being a Scout. From the lore it says, ""relaying critical information to their empire", but we really don't have any good way to do that which is unique.
    * Spot, /yell, and /region are all universal ways to communicate information that everyone else has
    * We don't have "Scout Radar". It's on vehicles. And the vehicle that is configured for Infiltrators (Flash) with a Cloak, can't use the Scout Radar at the same time as the Cloak, cause it's in the same slot.
    * We do have Recon Dart, but it has a short duration and very small number of uses

    While I can understand your wanting to change the name to fit better, I don't think Scout fits either. "Snipping Infantry Annoyer" or "Optional Generator Destroyer" would seem to be better fits.
  16. McDonaldsMaster

    Oh. I get hit but don't die. Yeah, that's evasion. They hit me once or twice, but by then I'm out of their crosshair.

    Wow. Hmmm, so are infiltrators over powered?
  17. Dr. Euthanasia

    There's nothing class-specific about running an inch in front of an enemy player and having them ignore you. It happens with and without the cloak, so really, you could do it as any class you wanted.
  18. giltwist


    That's what I'm saying though. In the vast majority of my encounters, one to two shots is sufficient to kill me. I don't know about your server, but Mattherson is chock full of Trac5-S's, Pump Actions and other very low TTK weapons.
  19. McDonaldsMaster

    Hahah okay. Shot guns? Maybe they wren't using slugs and only a portion of their grouped bullets hit me. ;)
    All I know is the moves I made back there saved my life.
    And I don't have bonus HP or armor, I go with ammo belt ;)

    Maybe they have bee head shottig you?! And they're not doing that to me?!
  20. OldMaster80

    Guys when people says that "Infiltrators cannot infiltrate" and "Devs forgot to develop part of the game" they DO NOT MEAN THAT INFILTRATOR SUCK OR IT CANNOT BE A GOOD KILLING MACHINE.

    Main complaint about this class is there is no reason to sneak behind enemy lines but killing more people or hacking a turret / terminal, which is a very trivial way to harm our enemies. What devs didn't create for this game is what players had in Planetside 1: a good way to scout enemy positions, do intelligence for the team, and lower enemy defences in a tricky unexpected and "infiltresque" way.
    In Planetside 1 having an Infiltrator inside your base could be a real problem as they could really cause a mess: cutting off base power supply, placing remote controlled explosive like traps, deploying a teleport pad right behind your back and so on. A good Infiltrator could make the difference and lower enemy pants before they even realized what was going on. In Planetside 2 the best thing an Infiltrator can do in enemy territory is 1) killing people 2) spawn a sunderer that it's likely to be destroyed a few minutes later.

    The part of the game called "infiltration" refers to stealth, sabotage and intelligence and it's totally missing in Planetside 2. What we have today is fine, but it's just killing. All the tactical depth we had in PS1 is gone.
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