Infiltrator most underpowered class?

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  1. SinerAthin

    Infiltrators are definately not underpowered.

    But they are quite hard to learn how to use.

    If there is one improvement I'd like to make to the Infiltrator class though, then that would be allowing them to do more unique stuff related to Infiltration to help their factions.(and also give them some extra XP for doing so).
  2. Hoki

    Everyone is surviving headshots now that tanks were nerfed everyones running nanoweave.
  3. LT_Latency

    Yeah, i think one shot shot guns are more powerful then the sniper 1 shot
  4. Mustarde

    Me and my 21,000 headshots disagree with you.
  5. Tommyp2006

    I hope by under utilized you mean that people are playing infiltrator wrong, and not that there aren't enough of them. Because i can't count the number of infiltrators that I've seen walk right past enemy turrets, and especially vehicle terminals. Any infiltrator that doesn't hack a vehicle terminal is doing it wrong, it's one of the most effective things you can do. You can get your team sunderers up on the spot, at any base. Sniping is not the infiltrators most useful trait. In fact it's probably it's least.
  6. Rudette

    I wouldn't say we're terribly underpowered. I probably wouldn't say we're underpowered at all.
    What I would say is that we feel.. Incomplete.

    I'd like to see more cloak variations(particularly a movement speed one), more recon tools, more utility options. Something new that feels meaningful to spend to certs on. Our current pool of upgrade pathes and cert-able options feel rather shallow.
  7. iller

    Tommp2006 ... 13h on inf or 3% of total playtime. :rolleyes:

    And any HA with a shrike who doesn't one-shot their own terminal before the inf got to it was doing it wrong first.

    No by under-utilzed, I mean they simply don't have the utility to compete on SPM with all the other classes that specialize in things the INF only generalizes in. IE: Vehicle & AV weapons are better for "sniping": longer range, better hit registry, splashes usually, and most importantly, decent sized collision hulls. Yeah we can do it a bit "sneakier" than Vehicles can but the guy we took 30 seconds of sneaking towards to headshot will only respawn in 5 and then come looking for us anyway.

    Then there's eveything else: LA is much faster at scaling uneven terrain and out-sneaks inf b/c even most ESP'ers forget "to look up". ScoutRadar leaves our Darts in the DUST and the vehicles using it don't show up on radar unlike our position when we fire those limited nearly useless darts. HA smokes us everytime in CQC unless we get the drop on them with a bluestreak of headshots. We're still the only class with no answer of our own at all to vehicles. And now that new Commiserator pistol?...yeah we're the ONLY class in the game that dies to two body shots from it and anyone who unlocks it for one class, gets it for every class. Medic is also just plain faster than us on Cert farm while also having better stock CQC autos AND survival.

    Anyway... one last point about the vehicle terminal: it's only a fight changer when more than one sundy is pulled from it. Almost every single fight these days no matter how small, always have some roving LA + ESF looking for a sundy to C4/pod. And anytime you pull one from the base's own term they're guaranteed to see it 75% of the time so a back up needs to be pulled while you take the diversionary one somewhere down the road. A lot of times the only reason I'd pull one was to lead them AWAY from my platoon's spawn beacons.
  8. Sumguy720

    So true. But I do that with an engineer/radar scythe. It's actually a bit better.
  9. Chiss

    Just because something is underplayed, does not mean its underpowered.
  10. Tommyp2006

    Right. Because that clearly means I don't understand how the class works...

    The only time I play the class, is if I need to be unseen. Like sneaking into a base, hacking terminals, then switching to a more powerful class immediately.
  11. Czuuk

    The fact that anyone knows we exist.
  12. The King

    The scout rifles are being outguned by other shorter range guns.
    The OHK isn't always happening after 100m because of little bit of NW.

    The flash isn't that great like you see in the video.
    If the enemies tried, they could have killed Buzzcut. Though, it didn't seem like they tried or bothered.
    The Artemis and the ='s are not that great. It doesn't have enough ammo in the clip or it doesn't do enough damage. You may run out of ammo before killing the enemy while they can easily kill you in a second even at some range.
  13. NC_agent00kevin

    After playing many hours of Heavy Assault I turned to Infiltrator with a silenced SMG. So much win. It does take a lot of Cert ivestment but once you get him all set up, the Infiltrator can be very dangerous. My favorite thing to do is engage an enemy after placing some mines, then cloak and run so they follow. If they have Flak maxed, its still puts me at an advantage. Its probably the most fun class to play IMO.
  14. Hickbilly McFreedom

    The infiltrator isn't really underpowered, but at the same time, it really doesn't have a place between the other classes.

    Sniping infiltrators can get the occasional kill from a distance, but it means little in any sort of fighting.

    Sneaky infiltrators can gank a few people and hack some terminals, but their kill rate is too low and terminals too easy to rehack for it to mean anything, especially in large scale fights.

    Infiltrators should have the option/cert path to either be sneaky or sniper. Both roles need a more meaningful and direct way to contribute to the fight. Hacking could be a lot more than it is now, like planting viruses or disabling vehicles. New equipment would be nice too, like a jammer to **** with enemy radar and electronics. Maybe give rifles the option of spotting scopes or being able to mark (but not destroy) targets. They need to be able to contribute some way other than just getting kills and shooting the occaisional recon dart.
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  15. Kupcake

    People only say this for one reason:

    Infil is like LA. Both are enormously useful in skilled hands. But ****** players are far better off rolling HA, engi, or CM.

    You don't need any particular kind of intelligence to hear "need more batteries" and drop an ammo pack. Same deal with seeing a dead guy icon and pulling out your heal tool. And HA bring vehicle deterrence, which is a huge amount of team utility. Even newbies spamming rockets can help a lot.

    With stuff like Infil or LA, you really need to have very specific ideas about what you want to do with their tools, whether that be a cloak, jetpack, or sniper rifle. If you're not willing or able to devise those tactics, you're just a generic guy with a gun who will probably either get himself killed with his tools or waste his presence by sitting too far out of combat.
  16. Zetamancer

    My main class is infiltrator. I would argue that they are underpowered, but not by much.

    I love sniping, it's mostly what I do, but dear god infiltrating as an actual infiltrator is beyond broken.
  17. iller

    no, everything I posted under that is what proves you should have atleast asked someone who understands the intimate intracacies of it before you just assumed people are unhappy with it because they can't "aim". There's plenty of us who are crack shots with 80%+ and over HS:K's find it very lackluster as a real tactical solution to "modern combat" and support
  18. ColdCheezePizza

    If you think Infils are UP, than your doing it wrong, they are one of the scummiest class when played right. SMG/Comiss, OHK snipers, wraith fury flashes, unidentifiable camo's, mines, recon darts, terminal hacking, suprised butsecks turret hacking......

    LA's are the ones in need of a major revamp
  19. Zotamedu

    They are in no way underpowered. It's a hard class to play well but once you master it, you can be an extremely effective killing machine at all ranges.