Infiltrator most underpowered class?

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  1. Dragonblood

    Just to add some weak points:

    -You don't win any fair fights against the other classes.....and that counts sadly even for ranges between 75-150m since automatic weapons with 6x zoom that just mess up your aiming, when you get hit by them.
    -Infiltrators need a controlled soon as a battlefield gets crowded with players being everywhere, it's hard not get drawn into a firefight that you can't win.
    -Sniping at long ranges serves no purpose other than annoying other players and at close ranges you need to OHK your enemy or you get killed.
  2. Gisgo

    Wraith bomb? :confused:
    All it takes is two people with a fury wraith to "oneshot" (sort of) a tank from the back.
    A good driver can do it alone with two passages.
    Lightnings are a joke to kill, like 1/2 MBTs.
    No need of suiciding ;)
  3. Dragonblood

    yeah, they are not.....if they have full health and don't drive around alone.....or pay attention...and yeah I destroyed a lot of tanks with a wraith, but it's only really useful to finish off tanks......
  4. Gisgo

    Upgrade your fury ;)
    Get behind tank, unload 9 rounds, hide, drive around.
    Do it a second time, they are dead.
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  5. Dragonblood

    My fury is maxed....and my best tank killstreak with a single wraith was 4 vanguards......but attacking a tank alone is just too risky......especially those with a gunner on top.
  6. Gisgo

    No wait, you killed 4 vangs with a 25 resources veichle, with virtually no retime.
    Basically you are agreeing with me ;)
    You are right 2/2 MBTs are an almost impossible kill, but you can harass them, get their attention and someone else will kill them.
  7. Bloodmyth

    Hah, I was ready to reply with wtf l2p nub etc etc, I agree that we are certainly not under powered, even the newest of Infs can get some easy kills, and we have all had those lucky 20+ kill streaks in short time at a good fight and we can be a right pain with smgs, the problem lies with nanoweave negating our most expensive weapon when sniping at range (and some find it hard to aim with our seriously life threatening asthma but that does get easier with practice) and I like many tend to find LA's easier and more fun to actually infiltrate with, sometimes as an inf I feel very slow when in a squad, like I'm the last to get things done but that could well be my old age lol. I must say hacking a vehicle terminal then pulling and deploying a Sundy is an often underused great ability.
  8. Dragonblood

    Still I required the help of HAs that diverted the tanks.....
    Anyway I heard they will buff the hitpoints of tanks. That will probably be the end of this.
  9. Gisgo

    Only against infantry :D
  10. Dragonblood

    Meaning.....they get damage reduction against rockets and not a hitpoint-buff?
  11. Gisgo

    Yes thats what Higby said.
    Tanks will only get buffed against infantry, not sure how.
  12. Bad News

    I think we have too many snipers already, if they could do that stuff also then everyone would be a sniper :/
  13. Paperlamp

    Infils aren't underpowered. Bolt actions are one of the deadliest AI weapons - only issue is nano screwing us over occasionally.

    SMG + cloak is also kind of overpowered in some environments, it's kind of a broken ability because they aren't willing to commit to 100% invisibility, so CQC infil becomes dependent on luck with enemies - some will see you from absurd distance easily, others have utterly no chance. IDK if it's graphic settings still.

    Personally I think they shouldn't have made sniper and hacker into the same class, so they don't have to balance cloak for both long and short ranges.
  14. Advanced Darkness

    Well you beat me to it. Yeah I've no clue why people don't get the Planetside "2" part , meaning there was a "1" but yeah infiltrator used to be a very smart direction of play. I can say class because we werent limited by class back then.

    Being able to cloak just to do what someone else already does doesn't seem thought out at all. When infiltrator was a suit option and you combined it with adv hack and engineering that was hours of fun.

    Anyway. Too late now.
  15. seamus2008

    Give us a bolt-action rifle that can OHK with torso shots. Problem solved.
  16. Mustarde

    One thing that hasn't been said in this thread is that infiltrators were horribly underpowered at the release of this game. I have mained infie since day one and let me tell you, our class lives in a different world today. Lets briefly review:

    - SMG's, our first viable CQC weapon
    - wraith cloak for flash, some of us know how godly it is, others are just now figuring it out
    - Scout rifle balancing, I think more could have been done but they are much more viable
    - the great HE nerf was a godsend to a class with 100 less health, especially since we are often chilling in some perch until some ****** flicks on the NV scope and EZmodes a kill. I die a lot less to HE now.
    - NS pistols were a great addition for us, since infies often depend on their sidearm. I already have 400 kills with the commissioner

    There are some outstanding grievances the community still has that are valid, regarding cloak and FIX RENDERING TURRET HACKING. But if you imagine infiltrator before all of these changes... Yeah we were basically unfinished. That's where it became common knowledge that we were UP.

    Now, we are pretty balanced, I consider infie a higher skillcap class that can reap rewards for those who master it. My next mission in this game is to convince all of you boneheads that sniping isn't useless. It's another myth that people keep repeating until it becomes "common knowledge". There are useless snipers, just like useless HA, useless maxes and whatever. But sniping itself isn't useless. Just ask the 17k people who have died from my SR-7
  17. giltwist


    I just noticed for the first time you are on Mattherson. I'm coming for you!
  18. Mustarde

    Haha I've been here since the soltech merge (RIP). It has been EZ farm mode ever since I got here... So many people to kill...
  19. ThePackage

    You guys are probably the outfit I have the most fun fighting against. Some of our battles during the last double exp weekend were incredibly epic.

    Every class has access to one hit kill weapons, it just so happens that infils get the least effective of them.

    Infiltrator is in a good post right now. There are few outstanding issues that need to be addressed, such as regening shield while cloaked and a few others. But overall it has the highest skill cap in the game, which is good, and it is by far the most effective class to have a full squad of.

    I've heard through the grapevine that the Infil changes coming are going to be some of the coolest additions to the game thus far. However the health discrepancy isn't going to be addressed. Which isn't really a huge deal.
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  20. Dragonblood

    Well, about xp issue. Trolling a hardly defended base by destroying their generators has never been more rewarding.