Infiltrator most underpowered class?

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  1. FlameGankin

    The Infiltrator defiantly not UP. Its an easy class to play and you don't desperately require many certs to be effective, even easier if your NC. Infiltrators get good amounts of kills and plenty of certs the longer they stay alive. My only big gripe with the class that if we are intended to be more supporting to allies and disrupting of enemy forces, then we don't have to many ways to go about that. Something like hacking deployed sundy terminals, or scramble enemy radar are two things i would love to be specific.
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  2. ShayeUK

    In no way is infiltrator under powered, I get 30-40 kill streaks quite oft... wait, they're UP please buff
  3. Scatterblak

    Ok, I saw this earlier, it made me chuckle, I figured it was worth a try. Certed up the 40, made the mag bigger -- poof. Instant death machine. MY face is still hurting from laughing. All you inf's out there - get yours before they're nerfed to oblivion.

  4. LonelyTerran

    When people tell me that infils are underpowered.
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  5. Sumguy720

    Hello guys. I just wanted to let you know that the OP isn't saying that infiltrators are underpowered. Feel free to not read this post either.

    I started out playing infiltrator, got my XM98 and did NOTHING else until BR29. I got pretty good at sniping, and, while the kills were good when I found a good location, getting to a good position where you have enough enemies that are standing still at any point is really difficult. It's way easier to get points and help out a team with every other class. Through my time playing this game I have systematically gone through certing into each class, and every single one is more effective than infiltrator EXCEPT:

    • When spearheading small squad attacks on bases/outposts: Hacking terminals for allies to switch classes and spawn suderers
    • When counterhacking terminals in defense situations
    • When playing alone when you're tired of all the super intense battling. You want to find a nice camping location to shoot guys who aren't moving and to finish that sudoku you were working on.
    All of which have very VERY small payoffs. Too small to warrant their use if you're interested in getting points. Hacking base terminals can be critical in an operation, yet an infiltrator gets like... 30 Xp for it. and even then they only get it three times before being cut off. SOE is like "Woah, hold on there tiger. I hope you didn't expect to get a whole cert from hacking these five terminals!"
    I like the class, it's fun. It's about as good as every other class (maybe a bit better) in it's niche situations, but otherwise it's not very good.

    Also, I don't like infiltrators with SMGs. I don't want the class to go in that direction, it's stepping on the light assault's role too much. I think SMG infiltrators are actually pretty good and competitive, but they're lame.
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  6. Jalek

    Just pair up with a LA, I see people who must spend all their time in nearly empty bases hacking terminals, turrets, and destroying generators. They're there when I log out and still around when I log back in.

    Hailstorms must be gaining fast on the killboards.
  7. iller

    The word the OP failed to properly describe the situation with: "Under-utilized". ....not "underpowered".
  8. m44v

    Infiltrators are purposeless.
  9. Jaloro

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  10. Gisgo

    Infiltrator is fine, and not just on a wraith, if they spent more time harassing behind enemy lines and less time sniping it would be better. ;)
  11. Astealoth

    inf = the most insanely OP class. i love inf so much heheh

    armistice creeping, claymore trolling, .50 cal counter-sniping. can't beat the infil toolset for having fun
  12. Vintorez

    I like to punish people who dare to stand still.
  13. InterSpectra

    Infiltrators are trolls in the darkness:

  14. WalrusJones

    Most infiltraitors I see don't put nearly enough emphasis on hacking terminals...

    I have seen bases get taken from one or two hacked vehicle terminals, with the infantry terminals all either smashed or hacked as well.
  15. AnuErebus

    For gaining pro certs? Sort of, they aren't great at it but if a person applies themself they can still hold a respectable gain.

    As a killing machine in the hands of an average new player? Yes, class takes a little getting use to. The cloak especially is problematic with its lovely assortment of routine bugs and annoying usage and without a good knowledge of the game it can be hard to position oneself to a point where they can be useful. And without good positioning you're gonna die due to the reduced health. [See next paragraph before commenting on this.]

    As a killing machine in the hands of an experienced/good player? No. Just take a look at BR 40-50+ players who main infil. There are a lot of players with 2+ k/ds. Between the bolt action and SMGs we have tools for every range and a player who utilizes the class well will have no trouble going on lol inducing killstreaks.

    As an asset to squad/platoon operations? Yes and No. They can hack terminals and turrets and that can be a major asset but as soon as that's over they're done with their job. They also don't have a really good role when running directly with a squad. Within a group they're just another gun but with 100 less health and no utility that really makes up for that. Infil's one possible asset, the recon dart is surpassed in effectiveness by any vehicle.

    Against vehicles? Yeah, they have nothing that works in that field. Should this change? Sure, it'd be nice for Infils to be able to do something when there are vehicles around. I've always been a fan of an EMP gun which gives Infils a single target ability to remove a player/vehicle's HUD and or completely shut down a vehicle for a moment or two. Only thing that would be stupid to see is something that directly damages vehicles, anyone who's seen an armor fight knows other classes have plenty of options for destroying vehicles.

    As for scout rifles getting a buff to make them semi-viable. They have the same problems they did before the update. Recoil reduction is nice but it was projectile velocity and damage output that made them worse at range than other weapon types. Those things haven't changed. They're still decent rifles, there's no such thing as a "bad" rifle in this game but they aren't quite on par with other weapon types. Certainly not at their intended ranges.

    In short, Infils are not underpowered in terms of killing. Our killing problems mostly come from the buggy/annoying cloak mechanics and the reduced health which could easily be ironed out to make the class more usable. Our weapons have the widest variety of any class from extreme long range sniper rifles to SMGs and while our scouts still could use the kinks worked out of them, they are usable. Outside of killing infantry though we just don't have enough to do, hacking can be relatively unrewarding and that's really the extent of an infiltrator's usage.
  16. Gisgo

    Infiltrators are the only class that can use the wraith: one of the best (and by far the cheapest) tank killers in game.
    In fact im killing more tanks with my wraith than with my AT mines and AV turret.
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  17. HellionX

    you might be drunker than me! sneaks with smg's = nighmare. not to mention terminal hacks ect. oh and did you also know cloaked snipers ..... Neat !
  18. sunjo

    I main Infiltrator and I don't think the class is underpowered or overpowered. In the hands of a skilled player, they can be very deadly. They are very useful when assaulting bases due to being able to hack equipment and vehicle terminals. One of the most satisfying things to do is to sneak in a base by yourself, hack the vehicle terminal, and spawn a Sunderer and Deploy it nearby and have all your teammates start spawning on it.!/5428010618020743601/stats
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  19. Torok

    the infiltrator is really good, just requires much practice and tons of certifications to max out skills and tools if you want to play him for cqc, instead making a sniper loadout is much cheaper
    the Flash wraith module is the best present devs could give him, that thing is awesome! :D
  20. AnuErebus

    True, but the wraith bomb requires another class to work. Infiltrators on their own have nothing.