Infiltrator most underpowered class?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Eclipson, Apr 26, 2013.

  1. Eclipson

    I have hear many people saying this, and begging for a class revamp. And really, I have to disagree. The infiltrator is my second most played class, and its defiantly not underpowered. OHK long range weapons, smgs that can be used very effectively with infiltrator cloak, scout rifles recently received a buff making them semi-viable, proxy mines, a tool that shows you enemy locations on the map, hacking, and most of all, this:

    (Disclaimer: Yes, the video is made by Buzzcut, but I think it shows some really good gameplay of the Wraith put to its full potential. Mute the video if you have to. Please do not sidetrack this thread.)

    I'm not sure what so underpowered about this class. Its an insanely fun class to play after some practice, and very effective when mastered. I'm just curious about what you infiltrators want revamped? The cloak is good, though it could use some touching up on low settings. And hacking is really good once fully ranked up. You can support your team by picking off targets to far out of range for your teammates to kill, and can take out priority targets with and smg. Its also the best class for obtaining capture points. I really think the class is quite good as it is. All it needs is a bit of touch up, but certainly not a major revamp.
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  2. yama

    Ever since we got SMGs life as an infiltrator got a lot more fun.
    But it is very much "run and gun". Playing an offensive infiltrator can tire you out quickly.

    The problem most of us have is with the actual infiltrating part. You don't actually get to do meaningful stuff.
    Some people don't like it if we mention PS1 here but you kind of have to to fully grasp this.

    In PS1 I was able to blow a generator with devastating consequences, could input a virus into enemy systems to aid the empire or place remote spawn points (router pads - more like transporter beacons) inside a base. Bases also had many entrances and vitals were tugged away far enough off the beaten path that taking them out meant relocating assets.

    Working slowly and deliberately was encouraged.
    Today's infiltrators pretty much have to hustle doing everything.

    Oh sure, a class that primarily uses a weapon that can get a OHK is totally underpowered.
  4. giltwist

    While I readily admit infiltrator has some awesome moments, a quick perusal of the infiltrator forum will provide a great deal of important information:

    • Our most expensive 1000 cert BARs cannot OHK in many instances if you've spent a whopping 11 certs on Nanoweave 2
    • Infiltrators earn XP about 30% slower than all other classes.
    • Only medics get fewer kills than us
    • All classes earn more score than us (as much as 10x more for engineers)
    • Last I checked, the highest ranked infiltrator in the entire game was #48 on the top 100 list. Even if you exclude all the engineers, he didn't make the top 10.
    • The class is frequently quite buggy with core mechanics. Remember those fireworks people were getting all over the place a couple updates ago? That was happening every time an infiltrator hacked a terminal.
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  5. PieBringer

    Ladies and gentlemen, a classic example of a poster that reads only the title. /offtopic

    The cloak is only really anywhere near that effective against the type of players that can't grasp how to counter it, or are simply oblivious to the danger. In that video, Buzz did very much demonstrate how effective it can be, however you should note how often the guys he's killing aren't really too keen in detecting, much less hunting him down. (Not that it's easy for someone who DOES know how.)
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  6. GraphicJ

    The recon tool for infiltrators will start granting XP soon!
    But no, Definitley not an underpowered class IF USED and CERT-GRADED CORRECTLY.
  7. HadesR

    Just needs small touches like making cloak the same across all settings
  8. Sebyos

    No the class is not underpowered and I hate all these kids running around ganking people with SMGs.
  9. jjruh

    so many people who didn't even both to read the post before commenting :eek:
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  10. Gary

    Think the problem is majority of Infiltrators play them purely as sniper and then they complain when they cannot snipe... infiltrator is great, it could use a new ability or perk same way the light assault could :)
  11. PieBringer

  12. GraphicJ


    I was agreeing with the OP, just so you know. The only less than useful thing about the infiltrator is the Recon tool - whilst it works, it could be better - certs for it to provide, for example, 3D spotting at the penalty of reduced range would be rad.

    Still, the point stands. It's not UP.
  14. Eclipson

    Most of these have to do with it being the least played class. This is primarily due to the fact that it is the most difficult class to get into. You start out with a sniper rifle, and many players are not keen on sniping. Fully decking out the infiltrator to its fully potential takes time. I myself didn't start liking the infiltrator class until I picked up a scout rifle (back before smgs). Many try out the infiltrator, fail horribly trying to snipe, and just put it off as a bad class, and go to play the other classes which are much more accessible. The xp gain thing is primarily due to the fact that we don't have a very good xp gaining tool. This could be fixed by just buffing the amount of xp you get for hacking different things.
    The infiltrator has a number of accessible to them, they just are not readily accessible like the LA, HA, or Medic. The only thing the infiltrator could really use that would make it better at infiltrating then say, the LA, is a personal shield diffuser. This would drain extremely fast, and have a long recharge speed, but allow you to really infiltrate into an enemy base. Obviously this would take some work to figure out what you could and could not do, but it would be quite cool. I wouldn't be over powered either as sunderers, and soon the Harrasser have the ability to do this.
  15. PieBringer

  16. Civenge

    I would like to see the recon dart have another option of say, a ranged terminal disable (5-10sec?), or possibly a remote camera that I could use to scout.
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  17. VSDerp

    I don't think we're underpowered but sametime i hardly have time to complain on forums im to busy sniping people.i honestly think we're fine but more tools would be nice and different looking sniper rifles for once.
  18. Pr0ph3tx

    Same here.

    I love being a sniper.

    I kinda roleplay when I play this stuff because it makes it more entertaining for me. I focus more on self-preservation as I would in real life and I find it adds a cool layer to the game.

    Infilitrator is psychological warfare. I find it takes a 'different' type of person to play it well.

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  19. Syphers

    Not underpowered at all but expensive to be viable and not as straightforward as the other classes. Better cloaks is all we need really, tools sure anything that could improve the fun without being OP and I'd like a NS repeater pistol just like the TR TX1 to fight heavies on a fair ground as I roll with my snipe and pistol most of the time. Flash 100 meters wide radar need a big nerf too.
  20. Eclipson

    OOh, a placable camera, could be quite cool for getting enemy intel