Infiltrator Montage, "Hunter" [Video]

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  1. Klondor

    I originally posted this in the infiltrator class discussion, but it hasn't been getting a lot of traffic, so why not try here?
    Here's a short montage of me sniping with the SR-7, my first auraxium'd sniper rifle was actually the Rams .50m, unfortunately i spoiled myself with it, so using the other sniper rifles feels a little underwhelming. That's not to say they don't have their uses, I personally find the SR-7 to be the perfect mix of 1 shot kill range, bolt cycle, and reload time, it's quickly overtaking the Rams .50m for my favorite, but that will probably change once i unlock the Bighorn .50m lol.
    Hope you enjoy watching it as much as i did making it. ^ _^
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  2. Rikkit

    there is only one reason to use the auraxium sniper rifles: To tell your oponent, that you're a long time sniper.
    If you don't feel like announcing that, the bighorn and it's counterparts aren't that great.
  3. Gutseen

    ffs, get a new computer. ****** graphics are 2 damned ******
  4. Liewec123

    the tribal-esque drum music goes really well with the hunting theme :)
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  5. breeje

    i see you use the emperor, try out the inquisitor. i think the inquisitor will be a better fit for your game play
  6. Klondor

    Oh my, you're quite the gentleman aren't you? I apologize for noy uploading in 4k resolution to please your masterful eyes. Mind the pixelation, youtube's compression is an unfair mistress. You have a wonderful day
  7. Klondor

    Ah, i'm using the emperor now because i've already got the auraxium on my Inquisitor, i love that sidearm to death. Since the update that allowed us to attach reflexes to our sidearms, i've found the emperor to be much more suited to my sniper loadout, Hit hard once, and follow up with a few shots from the emperor and i have nothing to worry about ;)
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  8. Klondor

    Thanks, i'll take that into consideration, i'm mostly trying to get it because i'm a completionist, so having a goal to work for spurs me on regardless, unless the reward was 100% garbage, i wouldnt continue, but it has its benefits.
  9. Gutseen


    nois nois, u d0 dat
  10. Klondor

    I was always warned not to feed the trolls, but today i'm feeling risky.

    Your parents must have hated you. : ^)
  11. Gutseen

  12. Klondor

  13. Gutseen

  14. Klondor

    Well I wasn't trying to go THAT far, but you did it anyway.

  15. Ximaster

    Good video,needs some action music.
  16. Klondor

    Needs action music? The music itself is actiony enough, i felt. Sniping is a careful kind of combat, something you take your time with, so i felt the hunting drums were good enough.
  17. FailureOfEngineering

    Nice shooting, good choice of music, beautifully done editing and transitions. Brass is impressed, good work!

    Interesting choice of sidearm by the way. Why did you pick an Emperor over the Commish or Repeater?
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  18. Klondor

    I chose the Emperor because i am more confortable with its method. Sure the inquisitor is hands down better, but the emperor is more satisfying to use. I actually dislike the repeater, i feel its not my preferred style of sidearm, yeah it spits a lot of rounds down range but i dont like how much ammo i have to put down range to kill someone.
    Im sure that when i move on to the auraxium medal for it, i'll grow an appreciation for it.

    As for the commissioner, i have a "No NS policy when i play, as stupid as that sounds, i like my faction weapons more because NS weapons are too easy, they dont have a playstyle because theyre good at everything which makes them boring and copy+paste. Not to mention since they are ao good, people flock to them in droves (NS15M i'm looking at you), plus i find the commissioner too powerful, there should have been empire specific revolvers instead.
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  19. LaughingDead

    Personally I don't see much reason to only use the rams. I try getting the midrange bolter, like 2 levels above cq snipers, one below top. The rechamber time KILLS me.
  20. Klondor

    I hear you on that, that's why i'm falling in love with the SR-7. It has the best combination of all traits a sniper should have.
    • Good muzzle velocity
    • Good rechamber time
    • Good reload time
    I like the Rams for the longer range headshots, but this is also another reason i want the Bighorn 50m, its basically the SR-7 with better muzzle velocity.