Infiltrator killblocked by vehicles :/

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by Xaragoth, Nov 29, 2012.

  1. Xaragoth

    In the last few days I have had a very bad time with Infiltrator. We only have access to Sniper and Scout Rifles, which are good for long distance shooting ... but since everyone and their moms started pulling vehicles whenever they can and every infantry you could shoot camps inside the facilities, it becomes very hard to actually do a good job. Mostly because our weapons are pretty bad for these places and we should be more outside. And we all know that most of the Exp comes from shooting people, not other activies like hacking. And if we can't shoot things, it becomes quite a problem, I'd say.

    I doubt we will get back the Shotguns (sadly) but maybe we could get access to Assault Rifles? I'd like to use the SABR-13 :p
  2. aR2k

    Heres what I do.

    Make a loadout with a bolt action rifle, be the first one on the scene, use your flash to get to the base before anyone else.
    Find a good vantage point that overlooks the base, start sniping people standing still, repairing or scouting for incoming assault.
    When your main force hits the base, and all hell breaks loose, cloak up and advance inside the base, avoid contact unless you get behind someone.
    Hack their infantry terminal, switch to a semi auto of your choice, lay down a proximity mine near the A objective (its usually A), and camp the spot, you should be able to get atleast 1 kill from the mine and 1-2 others simply from the element of suprise, now you can use the infantry terminal to switch to any class you want, medic if you want healing, MAX to protect the area, light assault to bounce around and ambush people. You can even do this directly after placing the mine, it will still stay there.

    Once the base is underr control, switch back to the bolt action, scout the area and take out incoming enemies, and then move on to the next base.

    3 hours yesterday, 205 kills, 36 deaths and a ******** of points/CRT
  3. Xaragoth

    Still, I feel we need a better gun option and while I prefer shotguns, I can understand those not returning. Last I hear we were supposed to have access to carbins or battlerifles in return. Not to mention the Cloaking needs to be improved, everyone can see you >.>

    Doesn't feel much like infiltration if you can't shoot somebody when you get the chance :p

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