Infiltrator Jump Height

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by Zsoldos, Nov 22, 2012.

  1. Zsoldos

    Hi there everyone!

    I was thinking about that they changed the jump height for every class and every class has the same jump height (as far as I know - except for MAX) which is unlogical in my opinion.

    I would suggest Infs to be able to jump higher since they wear lighter armor and is crucial for them to be able to position themselfes. Im not thinking about a superman jump height, just adjusting it a little bit.

    For me it was a high advantage in bio-labs that I could jump up to the tree next to the defender spawn point, which gave a huge advantage whether we've been attacking or defending (nobody really bothers looking upwards usually...) On mass attacks it could mean around 40 kills in 20 mins (before decrease of ammo count for bolt actions) and was able to turn the tide of battle once in a while by simply putting down enemy turrets and medics and those who camped for example the doors of the spawn location.

    Now jumping that tree is possible, though became extremely difficult to do.

    Other then that on rocky terrain it would be also nice if we were to be allowed to navigate easier on such environment - after all we get a sniper/scout rifle which is best effect if we can position to a good spot.

  2. Rune

    I would be even more happy if they increased the slope climbing degree.
  3. Thanatar

    i guess for terrain advantages there are LAs. infiltrators get cloak. :)
  4. Daejin

    THEY DO!? SINCE WHEN!? I must investigate!

    I still smack crouched cloaked infils with ease... Granted there are certain shaded corners in the bases that I can't see them in.
  5. Ymaros

    This has already been said a lot before.
    IMO I agree with the op, we're not asking to jump over a wall, even to climb a mountain 80°
    Just something a little better, so we can still go in some place we want. Also LA is an assault class, the jumpjet is for all these walls in a facility. Increasing the jump or the climbing degree will change thinks outside bases, so it would not influence the LA job.
  6. m44v

    I would prefer that Infiltrator could outrun an angry Heavy Assault.
  7. iller

    Atleast 2ft higher jump would be fair without breaking anything. I'm tired of getting stuck on 4ft high Railings that I can easily jump over in real-life. 60 degree slopes are also a pretty stupid encumbrance for a class that absolutely relies on catching its enemies off-guard .... are the Devs a bunch of "Intelligent Design" nuts who don't believe we evolved from one of the most adept climbing species in history?
  8. Kalocin

    I think that infiltrator run speed needs to be increased which would by also probably make the jump a little higher. It would make sense for the class in general since we are supposed to be scouts....Can't give much intel if the light assaults reach the same place at the same speed (or faster due to jetpacks)
  9. TheJoda

    Two words, and i think it would be fair item for inf to get, GRAPPLING HOOK!......would allow us to scale or move up and down using our cloaks power "too keep it fair!".............lets get it!