Infiltrator is nearly a broken class. Here's why...

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  1. gregfox89

    It's simple, don't stand still.
    And even when I am dumb enough to stand still and get shot in the head, I can just pop a medkit and laugh it off. I remember when I actually used to be afraid of snipers. It should be that way, snipers should be something to be feared but they're not.
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  2. Topher

    Nice bugs and points, though you forgot the one where you try to reload right after cloaking and it uncloaks you. That right there basically drops survival chances to about zero. Also, no other AV options other than the EMP grenades getting some added effects (see my post "EMP Grenades Should...").
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  3. Topher

    Not very frustrating actually, it's one's own fault, and maybe you're just frustrated at yourself for letting someone headshot you.
  4. Topher

    If you don't mind, may I make a thread about this?
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  5. Iridar51

    Go ahead =) Just mention my name somewhere.
    Feel free to add more ideas, like that in order to disable/damage more sensitive tank areas infiltrator has to line a perfect shot through two different points, like the base of a tower and the forward body part.
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  6. DeathSparx

    Random idea: Wouldn't it be interesting to be able to shoot drivers and pilots out of their vehicles? For example, that pilot of a low-hovering esf is clear in your sights...*bang* headshot and the ESF falls out of the sky. Mind you, I haven't given much thought as to how powerful this could be but it could add to our "assassination" role.
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  7. Iridar51

    This would make them play less cocky, which is a good thing, but people will complain endlessly, calling it OP and battlefield rip-off.
  8. Stinneyt

    1) They are not invisible. All factions have infiltrators with 12x scopes.

    2) If you're on the receiving end of a 1-hit headshot kill, especially at long range you are incredibly unlucky, or the sniper that got you is extremely talented. Don't be frustrated. Infiltrators are not frustrated when they're shredded by shotguns at close range.

    7) I agree. The ability to hack terminals and turrets is massively under appreciated and underused. Infiltrators don't need any more ways to interact with vehicles.
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  9. Mustarde

    I think he's responding to the fact that the OP wanted special rendering to see targets down his scope. And the problem with that is in large fights, the server needs to decide a fair way to render targets. If I want to be able to scope up and see a target 300m away in a big fight, that target should also be able to render me. Otherwise I'd be sniping players with no ability to even spot me, much less return fire. Currently the server tries to make sure that rendering is mutual - if I can see them, they can see me. So for point #1, it's much more complicated than what the OP would like.

    I would say infiltrators are not a broken class. But many of the bugs that he points out frustrate all of us, myself included. I hope that with optimization and the infiltrator update, at least some attention is paid to cloaking mechanics. I am tired of reloading while cloaked to try and escape a sticky situation after a nice kill, only to decloak and get cut down.

    We are in a better place than release. Scout rifle buff, wraith cloak, changes to AP mines, SMG's, recent buff to nano armor cloak. There are several problems remaining. Buggy cloaking, nanoweave vs. BASR's, turret hack render bug.

    There are also several things on my wish list
    - removal of IFF cloak colors (I loathe that change and still get TK'd all the damn time so just get rid of it SOE!)
    - ability to stay off of any radar while cloaked (make it a suit slot, or an implant, or just an inherent ability - nothing is sadder than killing a cloaked infiltrator because I could watch him on the radar - where's our stealth ability!)
    - cloak noise decrease (volume and distance)
    - Get rid of the hostile recon dart showing up on minimap! It's a glowy ball makes noise - we don't need MORE ways to detect infiltrators!!!
    - Another round of buffs to scout rifles and semi-automatic sniper rifles. Particularly, I want a 30 round mag in the ASR, and decreased recoil and quicker re-center time with the semi-autos.

    In spite of all this, I still have more fun as an infil than any other class (and I do try them all out!). Hang in there fellow infiltrators, it's not all doom and gloom. You too can still have fun :)

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  10. Plague Rat

    I personally feel a lot of this long range render distance stuff is something of a moot point. Infantry gunplay in planetside 2 works in such a way that it draws enemies closer to one another than in other FPS games. I feel this is an intentional design choice due to the 'open world' quality and lack of enforceable boundaries around battle locations, not only for the sake of 'balance' but also to be less taxing on the system since infantry combat is by far the most densely populated compared to vehicles.

    As such most standard infantry weapons aren't particularly effective past a certain range, and because that the actual need to be at extreme distances as a sniper is hardly necessary. Or rather, and more to the point, it's almost always a case of 'wanting' to do it as opposed to 'needing' to do it, because anything short of another sniper isn't equipped to actually return fire against a sniper 100m-150m out let alone 300m and beyond.

    In my 10 month career as an infiltrator this was something I realized early on, even before nanoweave became popular enough to be a presence, when I was working out how sniping was different in PS2 versus other games, and the only reason there was to really do it was to be that far out was self indulgence. It was ego points and the ability to say, "I landed a headshot from 300m," but no real benefit to either me or my team for going that extra mile. My threats were the same, my ability to hide was the same, but there was an obvious detriment to my ability to make successive kills and reposition as the flight changed, so personally, I just stopped doing it.

    There's nothing wrong with 'wanting' to do it, but it's just not needed so I don't expect to see the game changing in significant ways to support it. The single change I want to see here is to apply the same render distance to the user/rider of turrets and light vehicles so they render at the same distance to the object they're using.

    As for the bugs we have now, they're still not as bad as the bugs we used to have, and like those, they'll be fixed. That's MMOs. And the recon/minimap changes while they may seem weird and make no sense to us, they must make sense to the people who both possesses and painted the bigger picture, and put in the time to make those changes. We are on the verge of having the recon game change, and at the moment it feels a little like having all your screws switch to phillips heads when the only driver you have is a flat, but hopefully the correct driver is in the mail. :p

    Just bear with it, this is the first time the game has ever been static because of the focus on optimization putting a hold on everything else, but progress will continue. In a few months the game will be in a different state and we'll all have something else to complain on the forums about.
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  11. Stinneyt

    I disagree with this. Ever time any opposition is killed, by sniper or otherwise, they are out of action until:
    - They redeploy
    - Are rezzed by a medic

    So each time someone is sent to the cloner they are out of the battle for that time and they're pushed back to a location.
    Send enough of them back and take them out faster than they can re spawn will lead to an inevitable victory.

    The only time it doesn't feel like its helping is when things are evenly matched or not enough people on your side are sending enemies to the cloner.
  12. Plague Rat

    That's not what I'm saying at all, You misread. It's not about the value of sniping to personal or group benefit. Sniping in and of itself isn't bad and most definitely serves a purpose. But there's nothing a sniper can do at 300m they can't do at 150m with all the same range related protections. More range =/= more benefit, in fact it tends to be the opposite.

    Some people might find it more fun or personally challenging but to say the class is broken because of it simply isn't true.
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  13. Leivve

  14. Dr. Euthanasia

    Wrong. Happens to a lot of people. The time it takes for those players to render is simply inconsistent. If you want to "safely" hack someone out of their turret, you have to hack it from the side and use the front as cover until the ejected player becomes visible, otherwise the game may leave them invisible and unable to be targeted long enough for them to realize what happened and kill you. You can even jump in the turret yourself only to exit it a second later to abuse the same broken mechanic.

    And yet they all are, except for the infiltrator. What do we have in return? Don't even bother trying to tell me it's the cloak, either.
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  15. Rohxer

    The only hope to fix this is in the optimization patch. Otherwise it'll probably never happen.

    Even though I rarely snipe, I'd have no problem bringing back 1 shot kills to those who haven't learned that standing still isn't a good idea. If you can hit moving targets in the head from that far away then you deserve it imo.

    This also will only be fixed in the optimization patch, or not at all, imo. But even if it's not, you can still hack just fine. Drop a mine beforehand, then move around to the front while hacking. You can even hop in the moment the hack completes, allowing you to hop back out and turn the tables, becoming the person who takes longer to render. If I'm in a turret, and a competent infiltrator sets up to hack me before I realize it, I have no chance to survive.

    Only happens a few times a night to me, and rarely causes a death. Could certainly be fixed though.

    Wait, what?

    First time I've heard of this. Just spent 30 minutes searching the forums. Source?

    Yet, they still work fine. I auaxium'ed my betties after the change. I still run over well-placed claymores. It's a good thing the VS on Waterson don't use theirs as often or I'd die even more.

    Yeah. And for good reason. It's so easy to get close to them.

    However, that said, I see no reason for the following two changes not to happen:
    1) EMP grenades disable vehicle weapons for 10 seconds.
    2) Allow Sunderer infantry terminals to be hacked. Yes, I can then spawn another class to destroy it - BUT it the sunderer is that unprotected that I have time to do all that, I could have spawned any other class before running over there and done the same thing with less hassle.

    Despite some nagging issues, it's still my favorite class.

    My biggest gripe is that the ridiculous IFF friendly fire glow hasn't been removed yet. I hate that. I still get shot at multiple times a night by friendlies when I run into a room with my giant glowing blue aura. The change only helps enemies ID you easier.
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  16. Good_Kitty

    First off, Infiltrator is only broken in one area and that is the fact our HP is lower than everyone elses.

    If sniping is your problem quit using Bolt action. The semi auto snipers are far superior and don't require you to re-aim your shot. Give it a try!
  17. DeathSparx

    It actually is a battlefield ripoff. I thought of the idea because I remember getting shot out of my helicopter by a sniper (who's helicopter I just destroyed) in bf3.
  18. Topher

    Made a thread about that on suggestions already, got mixed feelings.
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  19. OldMaster80

    Because LA can be sneaky only in builded areas, where they can reach rooftops. In the open field they're very spottable so their job is feasible but not easy at all. Instead having the game full of invisible players destroying sunderers that would imho be a little too much.
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  20. Littleman

    The only sniper on this board worth a damn as far as I'm concerned. Instead of whining that his bolt action can't one shot, he considers the alternative option that actually beats nanoweave in the hands of a skilled user, else they get in close with their bolt action and assassinate targets at ranges NW won't save them.