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Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by iPug, Dec 16, 2019.

  1. iPug

    I'm still relatively new to the game but I've found the Infiltrator to be one of the most frustrating classes if trying to hack things. I tried hacking an ANT farm, but couldn't. I managed to stay alive. I tried hacking a Sunderer and I couldn't. In fact, with a cloaked enemy Sunderer my cloak made me visible. The Infiltrator is supposed to be an annoyance to the enemy. Instead, it's been an annoyance to the player who wants to do more with it. Stabbing people is not my thing, I tried it and just can't manage to stab anybody with success. I don't think that's a great feature of the Infiltrator or one that the Infiltrator should be famous for. I want to do scouting, sniping, as well sneaking around causing havoc; not just stabbing people. Also, the primary weapon shouldn't be disabled for the Infiltrator class when using stalking ability. To me it seems pointless since you can see the Infiltrator when the person is walking or running anyway. As well. darklights, recon devices, as well just randomly shooting around the room or area makes it easy to find Infiltrators. BTW, Minor Cloak is a joke. I have it and its pointless. End Rant.
  2. Scroffel5

    Dude, you can't have a primary and infinite cloak. That makes it a direct upgrade to the Hunter cloak. And yeah, you can only see them while they are running, but why run when you can sit still and just shoot them? Stalkers are already a problem, at least to me. Revovlers are too meta and they need to be nerfed in one way or another. I do agree that we should be able to hack more things, like vehicle, which DBG teased but never actually did. I agree with you.
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  3. Cymoril

    They should implement the drones for them. They had em in beta. The catch should be there is a tether to the inf. He can't use it in the spawns and just spawn kill from the inside out. If he deploys it out in the field his cloak should drop or flicker every so many seconds like a pulse (no matter the suit he is wearing)
    Types of Drones:
    Standard- short tether
    Seek and destroy drone- single target harasses the target til it goes out of range or it is killed.
    AOE/INF drone. 1 use then crashes- AOE options- EMP, concussion blast, firebomb
    AOE/VEH drone. 1 use drone drops White Phosphorous over its targets for a DOT effect.
    Defensive- Bot acts like a protector of the inf and follows him around and defends him once the inf takes damage from the first target. This of a pet class type setup in a true mmo rpg. A passive/defensive/agressive combat stance for the drone for the INF.

    3 min timer when the drone is shot down or destroyed.(this could be adjusted accordingly)
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  4. Scroffel5

    I like this idea. You should make your own separate post based off of this as a suggestion in the main discussion page. Just copy and paste it.
  5. TommySharks

    Those drones are too much that is why we don't see them anymore xD

    But giving drone-launcher pad as primary slot for stalker that will launch a spotter-drone would be really fun and synergies with stalker well. So you launch a drone and your view changing to drone camera so you can fly this drone while your stalker operator sitting or standing still in cloak. They keys are same as ESF just without afterburner (oh.. but it could be fun if they could lol). So idea is to fly around for a given amount of time (or battery chargetime in this case) and spot people with pressing Q but the drone will pronounce visuals instead of your stalker.
    This will resolve stalker spotting issue. Seriously, stalkers just can't press Q like literally ever. Once they do - they often get shot. But in this case your drone will draw attention instead of you. Simple as that. No affects on balance. Stalker-mode is all about awareness and giving him some extra awareness compared to other infiltrator tools will make him little bit more helpful as recon while other modes are more like a snipers or cqc-fighters. Also this drone will resolve a problem with infiltrator tools which giving motion sensor readings but you get a 2-dimentional map without knowledge are those readings comes from area around you or lower/upper levels - with your drone you can get visual confirmation.

    As alternative idea i would like if devs would implement idea from Rainbow:Six Siege. There was an operative (i forgot his nickname) who cold use a special tool as his ability. Using it you could hear a heartbeat of close surrounding enemies. In that game it seems pretty balanced (there are far more powerfull abilities from other operatives) so here it shouldn't be an issue too. You had to wield that tool in order to read heartbeat scans and that means if you abuse it too much - you will eventually will get caught holding it instead of your weapon and die before swap into your sidearm. It fills a stalker title to this mode, you are like vampire - a mythical creature stalking humans for their blood hearing their heartbeat pulse xDDD This is some extra awareness too because you can not only spot a moving targets but also find some clever bois that standing still to fool your recon darts/motion sensors
  6. PlanetBound

    If you are within the cloak of an enemy sundy you are very visible.
  7. Nakor

    Infiltrator is great at scouting, upgrade that scan dart tool, it can make a huge difference. The hunter cloak and primary weapons are mostly about getting position and ambushing enemy players. The stalker cloak is largely for being an oxygen depleting purple person in the middle of nowhere camping a vehicle terminal, pulling sunderers out of the enemy's own base or hacking turrets to shoot vehicles in their backsides. Stalker is also really good at defending and taking cap points outside of zerg fights. In big fights you probably want to stick to sniping and hunter cloak or auto-scout rifles and emp grenade spam.
  8. Demigan

    They had them in beta? I think you are confusing something. They did test them out at one point but it wasnt in beta.

    I think a drone should work like a Phoenix missile. In fact it should in many ways be exactly like a phoenix missile as that would circumvent the problems the tested drone had (mainly that it was a literal vehicle that you entered and then could roadkill people).

    If it is a phoenix missile design (with a different damage model when it detonates) it would solve a lot of problems:
    - you dont want players continuously in Drone mode from a safe position, especially Stalkers would be nightmarish. Using limited range (300m max) and limited time active on the drone you can make the Drone a useful temporary tool.
    - the Drone would be vulnerable to fire, which throws it off-course and potentially into things that make it explode. Potentially it could receive health so its not weird it can tank a 150mm shell and keep flying like the Phoenix.
    - the phoenix missile isnt a vehicle but it is steerable without being inside.
    - it could suicide itself to deal damage to certain targets.
    - primary fire would fire the drone even if you are already in one due to game constraints. But like c4 detonates on its in-world position the drone could fire a light gun/injector/whatever with the secondary trigger (or turn this around like C4 has where secondary launches the drone and primary fires it). The weapon could have multiple purposes like a scanpulse, creating infantry holograms on the Drone to distract enemies, creating false spot checks on the radar to attract enemies and distract them from your position, a small suicidal EMP or explosuve burst, firing a very low-power weapon to distract people or destroy deployables etc.
    - it uses ammo, so you cant be throwing these indefinitely. Would be nice if they made 1 drone cost mutliple ammo ticks so that an ammopack cannot allow someone to throw these non-stop.
    - when used from a spawnroom there is a high chance it will collide with it upon passing the shield.
    - it should be possible to make the drone steerable without needing constant forwards motion.

    On the OP's topics:
    Hacking vehicles would be fun but only when its controlled. Hacking a Sunderer spawn would be OP as all hell for example. It should take plenty of time and only be possible with empty, non-deployed vehicles.
    The reason you are visible inside a stealth bubble is because it is nigh impossible to see any specific shimmering while in/near a stealth bubble because everything already is shimmering. Its balance to prevent easy trolling that you are after.
    The pimary weapon should be disabled for the Stalker as the Stalker can guarantee to have first strike. Infiltrators are easily the best class for any weapon type if you arent right in the middle of a frontline and that is before they equip the permanent cloak of the Stalker. Giving a Stalker access to a sniper or SMG would be easy-mode OP.

    Darklights are attachments that should bring you joy. Someone has sacrificed a far more useful tool for their weapon for the edge-case of meeting a stalker (no need for Darklights against regular infiltrators most of the time). The darklight then reveals the user to everyone making them easier to avoid or engage and it is a literal tunnelvision device with an extremely short range. If you get caught and killed by a Darklight you have failed as a Stalker. When a Darklight comes in and is about to discover you is the best chance to strike your opponent in surprise and it easily offsets your use of pistols.
    Recon devices should be non-issues for the Stalker, quite literally the only class that benefits from crawling as it keeps their stealth shimmer down (you are new: the faster you move the more visible your shimmer becomes), crawling also prevents you from showing up on recon devices and if I'm not mistaken decreases the energy drain.
    If people find you by randomly shooting you are doing it wrong. Despite the amount of Heavies in the game other classes still outnumber them and random firing will deplete their magazines too quickly. On top of that if someone is randomly firing they are vulnerable as it takes more time for them to hear the decloak and find the exact direction your shots come from! And with how little hits you score even if you have a rough idea where stealthed player is I suspect that these people arent firing randomly but that you are simply hiding in obvious places that someone will check with a bullet or two.

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