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Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by ISKNausicaa, Jul 24, 2014.

  1. ISKNausicaa

    I'm surprised no-one has posted this already but it seems we are getting variants of our T3 bolt actions, these rifles have baked in attachments, including stuff we havent yet seen on a bolt action such as the compensator.

    Quite a few folks on reddit have stated that BASRs are a bit dull and asking for alternatives to the new ones (phaseshift, trap, railjack).

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  2. Moz

    What about the SMG's do we know anything about those yet?

    In terms of Bolt actions, will it have short range scopes? If so i want its! If not i let you keep it :)
  3. ISKNausicaa

    well atm the the Parsec has a baked in x7 scope, a compensator (!)

    Statswise it has 30 more velocity, worse hipfire and a shorter effective range (lower scope for one, then 400dmg @ 330m vs para = 400dmg @ 400m)

    I'm not sure the compensator will actually offer the rifle anything, much like the forward grip (i know the forward grip does free up screen space) as it deals with recoil which isnt really a factor with BSARs.

    Of course this is all subject to change
  4. Gemenai

    New sniper rifles o_O ?
    Gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme :eek:!
    But looking at Parsec ( which ia a long range weapon lokking at the description) with only 7x scope?
    If i go high end long range then i´m talking about 12x !
    And pls some other weapon models. Copy & Paste is boring.

    But the idea it self, i like :D
  5. ISKNausicaa

    higby has stated that they are weighing up allowing us to chose the scope

    another thing to note it'll have those funky glow in the dark skins, take that as good or bad as you will
  6. SCreech

    Higgles tweeted some stats on other weapons. For those interested.
    SMG's seem to go with a longer range loadout.
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  7. SpionBref

    They look cool, but a compensator on a BASR? With a 150m mini-map dot? Lol. Counter sniping will be fun.
  8. Get2dachoppa

    I'd rather they just buff some of the ESSR's than give us even newer ones. If they really want to give Infiltrators a shiny, new weapon how about a new auto scout rifle? Only have one of those for each faction. With sniper rifles we already have 4 BASR's + 1 ESSR.
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  9. ISKNausicaa

    i wish they would as well, but given this is tied in to this directive stuff its more than likely going to happen.
  10. ISKNausicaa

    even with straight pull on the rifles, im still wondering what benefits the compensators will give to them (given we have never had them on BSARs before) or are they simply there only to push the minimap reveal range to 150m.. which is lol to say the least
  11. HlllBllly

    Compensators will decrease recoil, which will only be worth a hoot with the supercooled coil/NCorTR versions but also gives the larger autospot on minimap

    i like the idea of new BASR, i for one like the x7 scope. x7 is great for aggressive sniping rather than hiding away 300m+ away from the fight.

    will these auraxium infused items be awarded to Previously earned medals?
  12. SCreech

    I think they said its retroactive, i just hope i don't need to aurax 5 snipers to get the new one, like with lmg's (too lazy :p, plus semi-autos/Phase**** yuck :confused: )
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  13. CuteBeaver

    We has more information based on the Higby. I might have to try the new SMG with the crossbow as a secondary for fun. Yes from my understanding if the player stats track kills and medals they will be awarded accordingly to your previous triumphs. I am sure some things will slip through the cracks but from what I understood they intend to make as many things retroactive as possible. Ahaha Screech beat me to it ! <3
  14. ISKNausicaa

    The issue is the fact that the BSAR rifle aim settles well before you can actually fire again, i suspect its there soley to increase the autospot range, but i can hope.

    If you want aggressive BSAR sniping your probably better off with the XM98, V10 or the Ghost, you'll have a shorter time between shots, better reload times, much lower autospot range and access to a silencer.
  15. STR1D3R109

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  16. Moonsugar


    I always knew I was SOE's favourite.
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  17. turingmachina

    Its kinda silly that the unlock for the Scout Rifles includes the Eidolon, and the reward is...a Battle Rifle instead of a scout rifle? If my infiltrator can use it, no problem.
  18. Lightwolf

    my phone can't load past the second column, what's the battle/scout rifle look like? That's what I'm interested in.

    Semi-auto snipers?
  19. CuteBeaver

    I am actually kinda excited for the immortal... I don't normally run the Beamer suppressed because - drawbacks. So having the longer ranged downsides removed from a suppressed style beamer could be a nice little treat. Granted the Beamer is not my favorite pistol to use because my hands end up hurting after an hour. But regardless its still very useful for hitting moving targets.
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  20. Ripshaft

    For those who dont really get the idea of directive weapons... these weapons are intended to be "elite" weapons... ie they arent better than alternatives, in most ways they are worse - it's just that it gives you a tiny bit of room outside of the current range of available stuff, trading alot of what you're used to for it.

    That said, I'd much rather see an auraxium variant of the actual default weapon, the spectre.

    Though it's understandably hard to please everyone with these directive rewards, as there's so many different weapon types within each class and everyone's likely to like one or the other... in general the default gun is the best way to go though... but obviously with the sniper rifles there's diff defaults per empire... I'd have much rather they just gave the default still...

    I know lots of people think semi auto snipers suck but I love the spectre, it's a badass gun once you take the time to learn how it works. With the hold breath implant now it's pretty scary, though I'll need to use it more to get a better idea on just how scary it is now.
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