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  1. typnct

    years after years after years we are forced to be pummeled to the ground in the open fields because of cloaked people that you need to be an iguana just to spot around you

    FOR ALL THIS TIME we have been given 0 counters to fight against them(don't even brink the flashlight, it is bugged for over 2 consecutive years now working only in between 8-13 m and for some even worse between 10-12m)
    this is the only class that can ignore A2G, Hesh, other infils, maxes and the entire open map without any precautions beside their cloak running dry...

    we need SERIOUS and not half ***** counters for them - scopes than can track them, anti cloak fields, sniper rifles for medics/engineers

    it is getting ridiculous on how far has this went on for - LOW SKILL HIGH REWARD LOW EFFORT HIGH EFFICIENCY CLASS... this is just wrong... players with 400ivi that lose 10/10 fights non infiltrator are suddenly gods in with this class... when im too lazy to play and i have a pizza in one hand and the mouse in the other - even then i can wreck the enemy team - WHY IS THIS A THING?

    they are given the strongest nade in the game, the strongest ability that can hit them up to LITERALLY HEAVY ASSAULT AMOUNT OF HEALTH(either 900/950/1000(carapace) - with 35% dmg mitigation you get: 1384/1461/1538 HEALTH - WHY?!!)

    one hit kill weapons or extremely high dmg, no drawbacks to cloak, extremely fast regen on the ability and with combination with some implants they can maintain themselves at full health all of the time

    in all honesty, this class needs to get the hell out of the current meta - as it starts to plague the game, MOST OF THE TOP RANKING PLAYERS AGREE that this class needs to go
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  2. DeitaChan

    Difference between nanocloaking and overshield is the infil has no offensive ability, heavy can continue to output damage. You may not consider it but having the only ability that disables all offensive ability while active has its drawbacks. Additionally it is the only ability whos effectiveness is drastically altered based on where in the day-night cycle the map is, whether you are running potato.ini. Infil can also be 1 shot by many weapons that the other classes do not need to worry about. Now, I do agree there should be more counters. Give engineers a utility that is a darklight lamp that can be placed and both offers light in dark conditions and reveals infils (as a directional light).

    How did you get 1538 health? 1000+(1000*0.35) is 1350, 1305 with base hp. If we wanted, disable the shield while cloak is active, (which would subsequently remove the shimmer) however increase the users base movement speed by 35% (stacking with modifiers) and the shield comes back up without audio or visual cue when uncloaked. For hunter cloaking.

    While we're at it why don't we fix the wielded melee so it actually has the same hitbox as quick melee, oh and fix potato.ini while we're at it! Also the fact that your own teams darklights can reveal friendly infils.
  3. VV4LL3

    No counters, just have to pay the infiltrator tax.
  4. typnct

    it doesn't work like that in ps2, it removes 35% dmg - meaning you get 0.65x dmg
    the Effective HP then is 1000/0.65 = 1538 health

    if you take a weapon that does 250 dmg - then you can hit the infil(if he has carapace) with 3 headshots and he should have 38HP left, when infils had up to 1050 health it was 1615 health(pre additional shield removal)

    the counters i think we should have should be much more drastic - specific equipment that is meant to counter snipe infils, sniper rifles for medics, hardened helmets - HS(sniper only) do only 1.25x damage
    removal of cloak from infils that have primary equipped etc... the current darklight counter makes no sense in a war that has lasted for so long, people would eventually make something to fight against it and would race to find a solution - after all --> they 100% emit a massive amount of energy while cloaked - and if they do not then they do emit something that is tracable
    a darklight is a joke... and a horrible at that
  5. DeitaChan

    Hear me out then. Decloaking and cloak is affected by current cloak charge. If it is below 33%, a radar ping is emitted equal to the full primary weapon if fired, half if suppressed, and is a directional dorito. There is also an additional 1.5 sec decloak time, and you light up like theres a darklight on you.The decloak sound is also 100% louder. You are also visible on irnv scopes.

    In exchange the cloak is now 75% less visible while above 34% charge, 50% quieter decloak, visible at half the distance on recon tools, invisible as usual to irnv.

    You are rewarded for good cloak management, you are harshly punished for poor cloak management.
  6. Necrocio

    Ok medics,you cannot heal,engies you cannot repair things,light assaults you cannot fly,heavy assaults you cannot put your overshields up. Lets turn this in call of duty game but with different thematic and history. Devs read what this op thread says. He wants your game turn into call of duty game but with the daybreak mark.

    Man,if infiltrators are a problem dont run like a crazy in outters,i blamed heavy assaults in the past when i was playing infiltrator cause in frontal attack and 1 versus 1,the infiltrators have disadvantage. Just a reminder.
  7. OSruinedPS1

    Cloakers were more balanced in Planetside 1: They had less health, could carry far less in their inventory, were limited to 1 pistol slot which was actually a weak-*** pistol not some 2-headshotter, they made a low humming sound when they were cloaked, and darklight wasn't a lame flashlight that barely worked in one narrow direction.

    Still in PS1 you could be more creative with your cloaker. You could fill your inventory with ACE-mines and lay down minefields under cloak, you could load up your inventory with EMP grenades to take out enemy minefields while under fire, you could load up your inventory with grenades and become a cloaked grenader, but what you couldn't do was be competitive with agile or heavy infantry class with your weak-*** pistol unless you were hunting another cloaker. See how it can all work out? No? OK, y'all are hopeless.
  8. OSruinedPS1

    Anti-sniper stalker-cloaker is pretty effective.
  9. Gorkdork

    Stealth is just a bad and very abusable mechanic in any PvP game. Not to mention not fun to play against.

    I don't expect class to be removed or anything that drastic. It has it's place in combined warfare but it should get some nerfs like internal cooldown between activation/deactivation of cloak that is more punishing. Extra constant sound when cloaked would also be a solution. There just need to be more.

    At the moment, it is a griefer class. Favourite class for people who just want to make others rage and don't care for over all state and health of the game.