[BUG] Infiltrator Cloak don't make a Sound anymore

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    Yesterday my Outfitmembers and me were playing PS2 and I realized that my VS Infiltrator doesn't make a noice anymore.....neither does wraith cloak on Flash or Cloak Sunderer.

    Kf you won't fix it I am perfectly fine with it ;)

    most silent cloak/decloak sound alongside with T7 Mini-blame gun is the main reasons why you chose TR 4 years ago
  3. Pacster3

    Amazing. To report that during an event where you need to do 100 knife kills in 10 days. =)

    I don't need a silent Cloak, I need fixed bugs, even if it does not profit myself.

    I want a good game FOR ALL PLAYERS and not just for my Faction or Class

    I would get a Stalker with Crossbow and the Knife...sneak to enemy, shoot crossbow once snd then instantly knife after shot. Easy as that

    Me as Person or do you mean You in the Meaning of the reader?
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  5. AlcyoneSerene

    I noticed sound effects were missing quite shortly after maintenance, and I think there's more that have been identified beyond stalker cloaking, which are indirect and major buffs that needs fixing.