infiltrator class is to strong

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  1. AlterEgo

  2. Shatteredstar

    Easy way to not care about infiltrators anymore. Get in a MAX suit. Now they generally can't threaten you much without you eating their face. Unless you stand outside hoping to be run over...but why are you standing outside in the open on the ground anyway doing nothing but waiting to be run over?!
  3. SupaFlea

    Even though its mostly used for sniping at a safe range, a lot of good Infils play with their squad and support them from a closer distance. If a Infil cant defend themselves atleast slightly in close quarters then perhaps they should keep to long range MBT squishy farming.

    Cloakers are generally easy to deal with, I myself am better at Cloaker Hunting/MAX Busting than against regular folks lol. That said Cloakers with SMG are a pain and are 1 of the 2 styles of play i hate because its just like Panic Button HA's needing maximum tech advantage in every situation to look and feel like a skilled player. Was even worse back when Cloakers had access to Shotguns for that short time.

    As I said, the only 2 kinds of Cloakers you should have trouble with 1. SMG Infils and 2. Skilled Infils
  4. LordMcZee

    That's just pure bs.

    I would like you to stop posting.
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  5. Jackplays17

    Infiltrator isnt a sniper though. If it was it would be called a sniper. Its an infiltrator. Its meant to provide recon for the team and take out targets one by one.
  6. Scatterblak

    I play inf almost exclusively -- when I'm playing cqc, if I depended on my cloak to be invisible, I'd be dead. You have to use the cloak in conjunction with the environment and the lighting, and good inf's don't expect it to make them invisible - we expect it to give us maybe a 1 or 2 second jump on an enemy, and to make us a little harder to hit on approach. Keep in mind that your character in game has a *lot* less peripheral vision than we do in Real Life™ -- you can generally walk right up to someone from the side and they won't see you, cloak or no cloak. inf's with a high h/d or with good streaks are very selective with the targets they engage - a target of opportunity is a player who isn't moving around much, isn't using cover, isn't staying close to teammates, is hanging around someplace where we have a covered approach, etc.; come in from the back or side, get a jump, shoot first - win often. We can even use the cloak for misdirection -- approach a door to a base on the east, uncloaked, fire a few shots, show up on the enemy map, then hit the cloak where they can hear it - but immediately turn around and come in the south door. It's all about managing perception - and it doesn't matter what class you're playing - if you leverage the tools and use your head, you're going to win more than you lose. You can petition for the inf to get nerfed (just a year ago, people were saying it was too weak, and nothing happened to improve it), but there are plenty of people who feel the same way about other classes. Your best bet is to avoid being a target - keep moving, use cover (even when you see no need to), stay close to your teammates, make sure you've got friendlies behind you, keep your back to a wall inside, and don't just start shooting when you hear that sound - that's the time to squat in a corner and keep your eyes open -- like Hatesphere said, the cloak is basically useless in cqc - our only hope is to shoot first, and if you're watching and deny us that, it's a fight we're not going to win.
  7. The Rogue Wolf

    People keep using this word when they really mean "catering to my skillset above all others".
  8. Campagne

    Not in the least!

    In the example in question, the opposing HA could absolutely dominate me with five consecutive headshots in less than a second and it would still be fair, because we both would have had a roughly equal capacity to kill each other in terms of equipment. I.E. both having a heavy overshield and a SMG.
  9. Drag0

    The one shot at range head shot kills for sniper rifles really needs to go! I think with all the future armor and shields we can prevent one shot kills at insane ranges.
  10. MarkAntony

    less than 300m = insane range. oh well.... learn to wasd
  11. cyb_

    OHK headshot range is at about 180m depending on the used rifle anyway. If the target is farer away, all you will get is a *pling* and a target running for cover or vanishing.
  12. Plastikfrosch

    lets say ALL walls. never met a wall that was able to stop the magical darklight.

    dont forget all the trolls that think it is funny to crouch down behind a friendly stalker in deepcloak to use him as flesh shield and to provoke the enemy to shoot at him (by the way, i started to kill those trolls with my OHK knife if they keep following me when i switch posiotions because of them).

    also a moving infiltrator (even while crouchwalking) is easy to see within 30-40m

    I love the stalker infiltrator but sometimes its just frustrating with all the bugs.

    and too all the people saying: "but they have access to SMGs which is an extremly strong cqc weapon class" - all classes have access to smgs and to even better weapons. i would give away all smgs just to get carbines for my infiltrator.
  13. Plastikfrosch

    but the fact that all classes can (and a lot of people i know do use it on all classes) means that the overall HP difference will not change the slightest.
    The shields of the infiltrator should at least depend on the cloak he uses.
    - hunter cloak (meant for the sniper or mid to midlong range scoutrifles): -100shields
    - stalker and this nano shield cloak thing: the same overall HP/shields as any other class
  14. Campagne

    Lots of players use advanced shield capacitors over nanoweave though, not to mention one of the other suit sots. And an enemy would need at least level four(?) nanoweave to be equal with an infiltrator with level five nanoweave.

    Meh. I've never really had a problem with reduced shields, but I wouldn't have a problem with gaining the minor increase back.

    I might be able to accept SMG infiltrators as "balanced" if perhaps their use required a different type of cloak with its own disadvantages to make up for the greatly increased firepower, but such is not likely. I seem to stand alone with my ideology on the mixture of SMGs and cloaks.
  15. Pixues

    I feel like infiltrator should have been two classes.

    Infiltrator and sharpshooter.

    Infiltrator gets cloak, scout rifles and smgs
    Sharshooter gets [some skill], scout rifles and sniper rifles
  16. Jubikus

    Smg and cloak is ok for ambushing people however i seem to have an easier time with jetpack and carbine plus i get the added bonus of C4 for maxes/ groups and i dont get jipped 100 health.
  17. customer548

    That supposed "greatly increased firepower" can be easily canceled by the fact of listening to the game's sounds. Infis are way more noisy than the other classes. No need to make them weaker than they already are.
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  18. iller

    Infiltrator's fine.
    It's SMG's which are too versatile and have needed a more tightly defined range role.

    Commissioner could probably stand a nerf too ... I admit I abuse it a lot as inf... but NOT UNTIL headshot multiplyer on Automatics are also lowered so that pistols used properly in flanking can still compete in the IVI domain against those players who face no consequences for non-stop ADADADAD'ing around with said bullethoses
  19. Mustarde

    3/10 troll.

    I'll give you a point for each page that this thread goes before getting locked
  20. Baracuda

    What's that? Someone complaining about getting their shot to hell by an infil because they have the situational awareness of a tree stump? Better complain about how OP the infiltrator class is even though it cant kill tanks or aircraft, has 100 less HP, and no general purpose weapon. BUT WAIT IT HAS A CLOAK (that can be heard up to render range and easily seen with 50m)! SO OP!

    Sarcasm aside, the infil is the weakest class in the game by a wide margin, no AV, no anti-Max, no AA. Just a cloak to hide from people which every class has a counter to now (flashlights). On top of having 100 less HP than every other class, all infil weapons are very selective on their purposes, meaning that you cant just pick up one gun and be fine with almost every engagement. Sure you can snipe and ruin people that are standing still, you will get destroyed by anything that notices you. You can also SMG infil, but anyone with any situational awareness will mop the floor with you because the cloak is absolutely horrid and stupidly loud. If you got completely wrecked by an infil even though that you might be half decent, there is a good chance that player would walk over you in any other class as well. Stop being whinny bad players and just pay attention to what happening around you or go back to your safe cuddle box