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Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by Ozrik, Nov 22, 2012.

  1. Ozrik

    Anyone know whats included in Infiltrator Bundle they have on sale in market? I all ready have Alpha Squad, wondering if that will get me anything new.
  2. Bags

    Hit purchase and it shows you a preview.

    IIRC it's a gun, a camo pack, composite armors.
  3. Ozrik

    Great! Thanks for quick reply.
  4. HvcTerr

    I'm a little annoyed at the "purchase to preview" functionality. I can understand why they may have done it that way, but it makes me nervous that I'll mis-click something.
  5. deusex2


    The gun iron-sight bolt action sniper rifle(Ghost and alike), which is a complete waste of money.

    The camo skin only makes you more obvious and in VS case the helmet is EXACT same as the basic one.
  6. ReptilePete

    lol infiltrator bundle. What infiltrator? SOE don't have the balls to implement a proper infiltrator class, too scared it will frighten all their free to play 12 year olds away, willing to spend their pocket money on pointless upgrades and camo packs.
  7. RobotNinja

    The iron-sight bolt action isn't bad although I would have preferred a semi-auto in the bundle, being NC. The Composite Helmet is NOT the "EXACT same as the basic one.". The default helmet is a BMX Dood type helmet. The Composite helmet is what you see on my player avatar.

    I have to admit I'm disappointed the Stalker Cloak, Speed Cloak, rapid-fire pistols, flak pistols and anti-material (vehicle) ammunition are nowhere to be seen even though they were all in the beta but not unlockable. All the other classes got buttloads of new and actually useful stuff and Infiltrators totally got the shaft on release.
  8. RamserX

    the vanu helmet is the exact same for NC and TR it is different
  9. RobotNinja

    If the Vanu composite helmet is in fact the EXACT same as the default helmet then I would recommend creating a thread to report it as an issue, submitting a support ticket, and/or emailing and explaining the issue.
  10. Serval

    It's not exactly the same, it just has a tiny amount of extra stuff added to the sides and back.
  11. deusex2

    I've been looking for that tiny extra stuff vary carefully and I just couldn't find it lol.
  12. Apina

    One of the best mid range weapons, ideal for real overwatch playing. Im rocking with it anyway. Good rate of fire and great damage, can 1-shot lighties, soften up heavies and still get critical dmg XP bonus.
  13. Hagnar

    I can't understand what is the purpose of a Bolt Action Rifle, which is supposed to be a very long range weapon, that has a bunch of mid range scopes to attach and no long range scopes.... how am I supposed to win against a full automatic weapon?
  14. Vepo