Infiltrator Abilities

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by Wampa, Nov 20, 2012.

  1. Wampa

    A couple of questions from beta. What ever happened to stalker cert and all those charge cloak while sitting still and stuff goodness that were around to be introduced during beta? Did they just give them up and make us into a pure sniper or what? Also, are proximity mines as bad as they were in beta, or are they decent now? Meaning people can't just sprint over them and not die?
  2. Wampa

    FYI the rebel pistol is almost useless. It seems to not hit when it should, even on a non moving target.
  3. Thanatar

    well i like the rebel. nice damage, two hit headshot kills. aiming well is essential. it has the same accuracy as the standard pistol afaik
  4. Wampa

    I switched back to the normal pistol, it's 4 hs kills but for some reason due to lag or something else the I get twice as many hits with it.
  5. Daejin

    The alternate cloaks for the infiltrator have been temporarily removed due to issues with their mechanics. The Stalker Cloak I know will return, not sure about any others aside from Huner Cloak still being active.