Infiltrating bases? How about sneaking by aircraft...

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by dudethe82, May 24, 2013.

  1. dudethe82

    Not sure what happened recently maybe it was released in the pages of patch notes, but as of late I know I am getting spotted and summarily executed from aircraft MUCH more often. They used to pass over and I remained unseen, now I am being hunted down and killed quite easily from overhead, even when cloaked. (Good luck running from a plane). I dont use the recon darts too much, I havent adjusted my gameplay, did all of a sudden pilots get good at spotting cloaked infiltrators? I mean this is kind of a problem, considering I cannot do ANYTHING against an aircraft, or vehicle for that matter. Vehicles and aircraft should have a harder time spotting infantry. Especially since there is ZERO infiltrator counter to it, unless you just happen to be around an under-powered turret. I know they got night and thermal vision, did that get buffed, or their radar? I pretty much play strictly infantry and only do long range sniping.
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  2. Ztiller

    Maybe the new Base-layouts have gotten to you? I know that they have impacted my gameplay somewhat. I have to figure out the new hiding spots, the parkour is different etc.

    To my knowledge, no changes have been done to the Infiltrator-Air balance.

    I would suggest playing a few more days, try to adapt to the new changes, and see if the issue remains. I certainly haven't had any problems with air since the patch.

    The Vehicles shouldn't have a harder time spotting you by default. It is your job to make sure that they have a harder time spotting you. Use the abilities and tools you have to make sure of that.
  3. Dr. Euthanasia

    Unless SOE messed with our cloak again to make it show up on thermal and/or NV optics, the only times that aircraft should be able to find you are when you aren't cloaked. There, you'll light up just like everyone else does, and their 200m scout radar (if they have it) will pinpoint your map position for as long as you remain visible. Some pilots can be annoyingly persistent about hunting us down, especially since they know about the 12 second limitation on Hunter Stealth, but as long as you turn it on just before they get into position to start spamming rockets... well, they can waste all the time and ammunition they want trying to find where you went.
  4. Wampa

    FYI I never had any problems with aircraft before this patch. They could never find me with proper usage of cloak. Unfortunately since the last update, I've had 3 different TR from the same outfit able to see me while cloaked and moving from what appeared to be about 50 meters up. They managed to kill me with the nosegun while my cloak was up and I was sprint juking around rocks.

    Again this is anecdotal. I don't know if they just got lucky and could see me for some reason against the Indar backtextures or what. Are you sure they didn't introduce a new glitch with infiltrator textures on accident?
  5. Ibuprofen

    I'm not one to call "hacks" just because I feel like someone killed me with relative ease, but do you know what outfit it was? Because some of them have a bit of a reputation, so if all 3 were from the same outfit and it's an outfit with that reputation, you've probably got your answer.
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  6. HellasVagabond

    Has happened to me a lot.....With mossies actually not Scythes.....Could be a bug.
  7. iller

    I've actually started "Scouting areas" I plan to run my Infil out on... with my Hawk Heavy first.
    Hawk just got a lot cheaper too apparently so I'd recommend everyone get one.

    No it's not a "fair solution" but work-arounds are all we ever get so you might as well.
    And yes it's pretty god****ed obvious which ones are ESP'ing. That's the great thing about the Hawk...
    ...When you see a flare come out, that's how you know they're not just "finding" you with Scout Radar.
  8. dudethe82

    I am getting absolutely owned by aircraft now. To me it seems they are able to spot me much or night. Something has changed. Cloak or no cloak, hiding behind rocks, doesn't matter, I'm getting hunted down like a dog by aircraft. What am I supposed to do? Throw rocks? Even our "high damage" sniper rifles wont even chip the paint off anything in the air.
  9. Get2dachoppa

    Not sure where you are getting caught by aircraft, but I'd recommend going from point A to B via Wraith Flash. You can cover ground quickly while cloaked to escape the scout radar range of the ESF. If you can make it to some kind of shelter, I tend to redeploy because most flyboys running scout radar will camp you if the skies are empty.
  10. Linheru

    My favourite method of insertion has always been scyhte+ejection system. I usually find more success in sneaking into a tower from the top rather than the bottom =)
    And if enemy ESFs bugger me too much, hacking a terminal and pulling a burster max works pretty well imo.
  11. Wampa

    Hey they were from Kok1, TR Connery.
  12. Hoki

    Scout radar is a bit OP right now. Pinging infantry that aren't moving within a huge radius when not even our recon darts do that, pretty F'd up.
    Eventually this will probably be made less powerful, especially for flashes it is really ridiculous.
  13. RoMoronik666

    I've been caught out by aircraft a few times recently.... I put it down to radar... but perhaps it is something else.