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Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by Radiation, Nov 20, 2012.

  1. Radiation

    im playing as a inf lately and i wanna know if i should get nano-armor or hunter cloaking. anyone know whats better?
  2. Incarnadine

    Dont bother with either really... the nano if you want to focus on infiltrating, but for the most part cloak isn't good enough to focus much into and if you're using it for snipe covering then the default is more than adequate. Infiltrating wise it's simply way too visible to be used consistently, you will have the same general luck infiltrating on anything else as you would an infil.
  3. Crocobutt

    Stalker camo that was there before could've proved to be very useful in infiltration (limited to side-arms and a knife) since the cloak wouldn't run out when you're still, and recharge once you get higher certs. Right now, this class is a sniper or a weak light assault with a camo and no jetpack. I was very saddened to see infiltrators stripped.
  4. Sphinx

    Trust me that at night or dusk ... your cloak is pretty neat to infiltrate but they time, it's pointless. With the new release , many new people aren't use to that cloaking feature and tend to shoot on sight, friendly or not. Quite annoying when you're uncloaking to hack a turret and the new guy freaks out and spray away ...
  5. Thanatar

    was killed by a bunch of friendlies yesterday, while hacking a terminal. i guess they wanted the 100xp...
  6. Radiation

    i thought the idea of the forums were for those who knew the awnser to the questiones not for ppl looking to make chitchat
  7. Thanatar

    i think the hunter cloak is fine atm. with nano armor, stealth deplenishes to fast imo. is that enough of an answer?
  8. Skaylay

    Don't buy either of them, save certs, some of beta ones should return in time.
  9. Kalocin

    Hunter cloak is better because if you get attacked in stealth you're going to die anyways...Quicker recharge = Can get around faster.

    Either or, it's really on the back-burner of upgrades imo.

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